“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

6 a.m.

Casper had to try and drag herself awake out of bed. She lifted her head and squinted through the darkness. She shut her eyes again. A low groan next to her caused her to jerk her eyes back open. The hippie froze with a nervous fright. Please don’t tell me…

Against her better judgment, Casper turned to her left. An older man lay asleep next to her. The hippie felt her stomach turn.

Not again… Time to try and get rid of this guy. Suddenly, he flinched awake. Casper looked on with a lump in her throat. The guy looked up and saw her. A big toothy grin spread across his face.

“Hey!” he said. Casper forced a nervous smile on her face.

“/Hi…/” she mumbled. The man reached up and tried to touch her face. The hippie tried to back up. The man still smiled at her.

“Last night was great!”


The guy quickly sat up in her bed. “Let’s do it all again.”

Casper really froze up. “/What?/”

The guy sat up and tried to kiss her on the lips. The hippie’s heart raced into panic. Oh shit!

A scream filled the morning air. The guy fell out of bed and rolled down the stairs.

“/GET OUT!!!/” Casper yelled. The guy sat up, blinking.

“What’s your problem?” he asked. Casper stood at the top of the stairs, panting.

“/GET OUT! GET OUT! JUST GET OUT!/” she screamed. The hippie threw his clothes at him. The man quickly put up his hands.

“Okay, okay,” he said. The man got dressed and left. Casper breathed out and shut her bedroom door.

Subject: Casper

Casper lied back on her bed. She closed her eyes and reflected on her life since Simon’s accident in 2009. She shook her head to herself.

Oh bloody hell, she thought. What has happened to me?

It became a tangled mess. One man after another. She shouldn’t stopped a long time ago. But why didn’t she?

Always the same thing. She goes out and party. Gets a drink. Hit on some cute stranger. Never led to sex though. Or least she tried to not let it go to that point. Then, there are times like last night…

Casper shook her head. It’s not supposed to be like this! She reached over for her phone and looked at the screen.

One missed call.

She didn’t have to listen to know who it was already. I can’t face him now. Not like this…

Simon still wanted a chance with her. It couldn’t work out. She shut her eyes again.

Not yet. Not just yet.

With that thought in mind, she reflected on her week in summed up ways.

Monday Night:

Glitter lipstick. Love beads. Pink fingernails. She has to dumb herself to get men to notice her. It works… too well. But really, she just wanted to be alone tonight. So, Casper hid in the back of the bar and listened to Simon’s voices messages again.

Tuesday Night:

Not much to do that evening. Casper wanted to get away from her mother and her new boyfriend. The hippie just wandered aimlessly around the city. It didn’t matter where she went that night. She did see Simon again. But, the hippie didn’t pursue him.

Wednesday Night:

Pretty much the same as the other nights. Two guys almost fought over her for her number. Casper didn’t pay them any mind. They only like my tits, she thought. The hippie looked at her phone once again that night. He’s called again. But, she doesn’t call back. The drinks and pills banging in her head drive her to take the subway home. Casper spent the ride just staring at the multiple texts sent from her friends.

They wouldn’t understand.

Thursday Night:

She went out late again. Out with a bottle of sake and a pack of smokes. Her wavy brown hair mixed with the green grasses below. She didn’t bring her phone out today. What’s the point? She still wasn’t ready yet. Jefferson Airplane calmed her thoughts down in her head back to sleep again. Only he sit in the center of it all.


Last Night:

Casper tried to block that one out. What possessed her to bring that guy home? He was just… ugh! But when alcohol comes into play…

Yeah, yuck.

This morning, Casper ripped open her eyes. No more! Time to clean up and stop slumming around for the hell of it! Casper got off of her bed and cleaned up her room as a start. After a shower and getting dressed, the hippie checked her phone once more.

Nothing. Nothing but that one missed one call. Casper shook her head at the screen.

Simon, she thought. I will be back, I promise. Wait for me.

But first, she had to cleanse herself again. Casper went through the house screaming down to her underwear until she got to the pool. The water blocked out her much needed screams until she swam back up to the top ready to fix her bond again.

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