“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

Dreamy. Cassie lied on her bed with a soft smile on her face. She clutched a daisy in her hand. One whole month. She and Nick had been together for a whole month. It had been… Well… An adventure. Nick still tried to ignore her in public. He also talked down to her. He even cut her down constantly. But yet, she didn’t care. Nick proved in his own way that he loved her. They even soared to new heights in bed. Plus, he looked after her when she was down. Nick was just a confusing man.

Cassie fondled along the white petals in front of her. This seemed childish to do, but she just couldn’t resist. She reached forward with her other hand and clutched a petal. Cassie gave it one tug. The petal became separate from its mother flower. She dropped it on the pinkish lilac carpet below. As she plucked the petals loose from the flower, Cassie began to reflect on the past week with her boyfriend.

He loves me.

Subject: Cassie


Cassie woke up alone that morning. She glanced around as the dull light met her eyes. The girl looked at the empty space next to her. Nick had already left. A dull smile came onto her face. She had an understanding with him. Nick came home with her, spend the night, and left in the morning. Cassie clutched Nick’s pillow in her arm and breathed in deep. Nick…

Her cell phone rang behind her. Cassie reached out and grabbed it. She buried herself under the sheets with her phone.

“/Hi mum,/” she said.

“/Hey sweetie,/” her mother said. “/How are you?/”

“/Good, good./”

“/And your boyfriend?/”

Cassie smiled to herself. “/He’s good./” The rosy autumn haze bubbled in her chest. She clutched the slept-on pillow closer to her skinny body.

“/Is he good to you?/” her mum asked.

“/You can say that,/” Cassie replied.

“/I see,/” the woman said over the phone.

“/How’s Lee?/”

“/Good. He’s a busy little beaver./”

Cassie giggled. “/I miss you, mum./”

“/I miss you too, babes./” A giggle came over the other line. “/Tony! Stop it!/” More giggles followed behind. Cassie smiled to herself.

“/I’ll let you go now,/” she said. Cassie hung up the phone. Her mind trailed back to Nick. He could be an arsehole, but yet he did have his moments. Last night at the bar, some boys were hassling Cassie. Her boyfriend chased them off. After that, Nick ignored her for the rest of the night. That was until she took him home with her.

Remembering all of that, Cassie got up and got ready for school. I can’t wait to see him there. Of course, he was going to ignore her once again. That didn’t bother Cassie. She had a secret weapon of her own.

He loves me.


Nobody understood there “relationship.” They always stared at the couple out in public. The other students were quick to voice their opinions about it too.

“Why do you love him do much?”

“He’s just using you for sex.”

“You deserve better, Cass!”

“Nick Trent is such a jerk.”

“There are better guys out there for you.”

“He’s no good for him. You should get a better boyfriend.”

Cassie would just smile and shrug at them. They just wouldn’t get it. I wonder if Marilyn Monroe had to deal with such bollocks when she was with JFK?, she wondered often when she and her boyfriend were alone. Then again, she was an actress and he was a politician. That really the same difference, now is it?

He loves me not.


Nick sat at his desk and sighed. What the f**k?, he thought. How the hell did this happen? He looked at the ceiling. One drunken night stand led to more shag calls and Cassie following him around even more. She even started telling people in Tokyo that he was her boyfriend. Nick shook his head.

I need to do something about that nutter, he thought. What could he do? Nothing sank into that scattered up head of hers. Between fantasy and love, he was amazed that she could even function like a normal human being. It was then a disturbing thought crossed his mind.

What if she wants me to move in with her?, he thought. The boy shook his head as he shuddered. Oh dear god to that thought!

“Something wrong?” a voice asked him. The tapping on Nick’s shoulder caused him to jerk his head back to reality. Shuichi stood in front of him, looking as if he was watching a new animal at the zoo. The English boy rolled his eyes at him.

“/What, Pocky?/” he asked. The vocalist frowned at him.

“Why can’t you even call me by my name?” he asked.

“/Don’t remember it,/” Nick lied. *Sweat drop on Shuichi’s head*

“After all of these years?!?” he whimpered. Nick rolled his eyes. Despite the muzzled voices he only heard now, Nick could still tell what was going on in front of him. Oh great, he thought. Pocky’s going to go into Big Girl’s Blouse[1] mode. Time to humor him and fix the situation.

“/What do you want, Shuichi?/” he asked. “/Happy now?/” Shuichi began to smile again.

“Thank you!” he said with a quick bow.

“/Whatever,/” Nick mumbled. “/Speak! What do you want?/”

“Huh? Oh right!” Shuichi replied. “You seem down about something. What’s the matter?” The boy narrowed his eyes at him.

“/Do I really have to answer that question for you?/” he asked. “/Do I really have to?/” The vocalist understood where this was going.

“Ah,” he said.

“/Yes,/” Nick replied. “/I’m still going to get you for setting her on me!/” *Sweat drop on Shuichi’s head as his young friend cuts him a cold glare*

“If you hate being with her than why do you stay?” he asked as he trembled. Nick sat back, sneering.

“/Sex,/” was all he said. Shuichi’s face just dropped.

“What?” asked. The younger English man shrugged at him.

“/Hey,/” he said. “/Ace may be annoying, but she sure is a fun shag./” He noticed that vocalist’s face.

“/You know, I am honest about people,/” Nick said. “/Listen at your own risk./” The Brit looked over his shoulder at the classroom door.

“/Oh bloody hell,/” he muttered. “/And look whose here./” Shuichi looked up and saw Cassie walk through the door with a permanent grin glued onto her face.

“/NICK!!!/” she cheered. Her “boyfriend” dropped his head back onto the desk. Here came the cycle again. Try as he liked to ignore the crazy little pretender, Nick was just going to end up back in bed with her once again. Why? He just liked it because it was just something to do.

As predicted, Cassie followed him around for the rest of the day. Around the city, into the bar, straight back to Wisteria House for another shag fest. This is turning into a habit, Nick realized as he was taking off Cassie’s thin white tank top and tossing it to the floor. Whether it was bad or not, he just didn’t care tonight.

I’ll worry about that in the morning, Nick thought as he pulled Cassie’s skinny legs apart before taking off his boxers.

He loves me.



“/Shut up, Cassie./”

“/How come we never go back to your flat?/”

“/I don’t want you there./”

“/Nick, I’m bored./”

“/Don’t touch me./”

“/When I a groupie for Jimi Hendrix…/”

“/Start with that fantasy bollocks and you’re leaving./”

Cassie opens her mouth to talk, but Nick holds up his hand.

“/Zip it./”


“/Shut up./”


“/Zip it!/”

“/But, I love you./”

“/Shut up or I’m going home./”

Cassie finally closes her mouth. Never really gets a chance to say though words that she really wants to tell him.

“/I love you, Nick,/” she whispered to him as he she next to her in her bed before going to sleep as well.

He loves me not.


“/So what are we doing today, Nick?/” Cassie asked him in class. He makes a face at her.

“/Why?/” he asked. She cuddled up close to him and held onto his arm.

“/Cause,/” she said. “/I want to spend my night with you./”


Cassie looked up at him. “/I just like being with you./”


“/What do you mean why?/”

“/Why me? I’m a jerk. I treat you shite most of the time. Hell, I probably wouldn’t want to date me./”

Cassie only gave him a little smile. “/I just love you./”

“/But why?/”

“/I just do./”

Her boyfriend just rolled his eyes and exhaled the last of his sanity. “/Whatever./” The old cycle between them started up again. After school, she followed him around the city while he took more pictures. After that, they headed out to another hidden bar in downtown Tokyo. The night ends, wherever, back at Wisteria House in Cassie’s bedroom.

He loves me.

Today was Saturday. Cassie looked at the last remaining petal on the daisy in her hand. This petal always ended in a “not” for some reason. She used to hate to pick this petal. But now, it didn’t matter. Once she picked that last petal clean, Cassie picked up another daisy from the vase and started to pick that one.

The first petal had just hit the carpet when she heard the doorbell ring. Her thin lips twitched to smile. Oh, he came here after all, she thought. Cassie got off of the bed and made it downstairs. She paced herself before opening the door. Five. Four. Three. Two. One. Cassie unlocked and opened the door. Nick stood outside looking in. His girlfriend smiled at him. Nick held up his hand as she opened her mouth to speak.

“/Don’t say a single word tonight! Okay?/” he said. “/Or I’m leaving./” Cassie only smiled at him and let him inside. Nick followed behind and shut the door.

In the early hours of the morning, Nick glanced over at a naked and happy Cassie lying awake next to him. His eyes rolled back up at the ceiling.

“/Jesus, what the hell do I keep doing all of this for?/” he mumbled to himself as he sighed. Save the cycle for tomorrow, boy. You’re going to need it.

[1] Big Girl’s Blouse: A whimp, wuss, pansy of a guy to the Brits.

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