“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

Darcy planned to go out today. Nadine invited her downtown. She needed a little help with another job on a picnic.

“/It’s a really sweet job,/” she told Darcy.

“/What?/” her friend asked.

“/You’ll have to see./”



“/What’s the bonus?/”

Nadine gave her a little giggle. “/Guess./”


“/Add onto that./”


“/Add onto that./”


“/One more./”

Darcy smiled. “/Rave next Friday?/”

“/Hell yes. Pick you up at seven?/”

“/Yeah, sure./”

“/Meet me at the park./”

“/Sure, bye./”

They both hung up. Darcy turned to see Simon sitting on the couch looking at her.

“/I’m going out now,/” she said.

“/Okay,/” he replied. Darcy gave her brother a little nod before heading out the door.

Subject: Darcy

Nice day out in the open field. Darcy looked around at the bright green. Children drowned the autumn day. Too many to be frank. She didn’t really care.

They won’t be so innocent in a few years, she thought.

“/Darcy!/” she heard someone yell. The girl looked up to see Nadine flagging her down. Darcy smiled as she watched her race over to her. She put her hands on her hips.

“/So, this is it?/” the girl asked.

“/Yeah,/” her friend said. “/Gonna make that money somehow./” Darcy nodded a bit.

“/I see…/” she said.

“Nadine!” a woman yelled at them. The girls looked up and saw a plump woman racing towards them in the grass. Nadine took a step forward.

“/Yeah?/” she asked. The woman caught up to them. She paused to catch her breath for a long moment.

“This isn’t social hour!” she barked. Nadine shrugged at her.

“/Yeah, yeah, yeah!/” she said.

“Don’t ‘yeah, yeah, yeah!’ me!” the woman snapped. “/Get back to work!/”

“/Okay, alright!/” the younger girl said. The woman eyed Darcy.

“And who is this?” she asked. The other girl walked forward.

“/I’m the new help for today,/” Darcy lied. The woman only made a face at her.

“Whatever,” she said. “Just get to work.” The boss walked back to the tots. Darcy gave her a little wave as she faked a smile.

“/Don’t do that,/” Nadine whispered. “/You’ll encourage her./”

“/What’s with her?/” her friend asked.

“/She’s just an annoying bitch,/” Nadine replied.



The girls got right to work. There wasn’t much to do out here. The kids just played games to themselves. Nadine and Darcy sat in the grass watching them. The latter turned to her party friend.

“/So what do we do out here?/” she whispered.

“/Nothing,/” Nadine replied on her back.


“/That’s right./”


Nadine pulled out her iPod and turned it on. Darcy pulled out her phone and began texting. The kids still played on. Not much to see here.

“Lunch time!” the head teacher yelled. The kids all raced to her. Nadine quickly sat up.

“/Duty calls,/” she said. Her and Darcy walked over to the kids. The kids all got their meals and sat down at the picnic table. Darcy looked at the bento trays.

“/So healthy,/” she said.

“/Uh-huh,/” the other girl said.

“/All green./”


“/Rice balls too./”

Nadine nodded “/Yeah!/”

Her friend made a frown at her. “/You listening to me?/”


Darcy still made a face at her. She turned completely to Nadine.

“/Are you a slut, Nadine?/”


Darcy pushed her over. Nadine stumbled to keep her balance. Her friend took out one of her earbuds.

“/What was that for?/” she asked.

“/Pay attention when I talk to you, k?/” Darcy asked.

“/Whatever,/” Nadine mumbled. She put her earbud back into her ear. Her friend only shook her head. Figures…

Time for more planning. The older teachers of the group did most of that. Darcy and Nadine stayed with the kids again.

“/This is all you do?/” Darcy asked.

“/Yep,/” Nadine said. She lied back down on the grass. Darcy frowned to herself. This better be worth the rave Saturday!

Something, she felt like someone was watching her really closely. Darcy’s eyes trailed over to her left. A little girl with a heart-shaped fat face looked at her. The older girl blinked at the child.

“/Yes?/” she asked.

“We’re bored,” the little girl said.

“/So?/” Darcy asked.

“Sing to us!” she almost yelled.

“/Huh?/” the older girl asked. She slapped Nadine on the thigh. The other girl sat up and looked at Darcy.

“/What?/” she asked.

“Sing to us!” the little girl said. Nadine took out her earbuds.

“/What?/” she asked.

“Song!” their little “friend” yelled.

“Song! Song! Song! Song!” the other kids chanted. Nadine groaned aloud.

“/Fine,/” she said as she rose to her feet. “/Any requests?/”

“The Village Blacksmith!” the kids yelled.

“/Okay, okay,/” Nadine said. She looked over at Darcy. “/Ready to do this? Follow my lead?/”

“/Right,/” Darcy whispered back. Nadine prepared her fake orchestra.

“/Three, two, one! Sing!/” she said. Their little voices drowned out the warm sky.

Ah, just about time to go home. The head teacher did a quick head count. Nadine and Darcy stood by to make their escape.

“/This will all be worth it by Saturday,/” Nadine insisted.

“/If you say so,/” her friend replied.

“Oh no!” the teacher cried aloud. Everyone jolted upwards at her.

“What’s wrong?” one of the older volunteers asked.

“We’re missing a child!” the teacher cried. Whispers flooded the group. Nadine chuckled to herself.

“/Show time,/” she whispered to Darcy. Here began the search party. Everyone looked around for any trace of the missing child.

“Remember!” the boss yelled. “No one goes home under the child is found!”

“Right!” everyone yelled.

“Keeping looking!” she yelled. Everyone complied with such speed. Darcy and Nadine already knew the answer.

“/Three,/” Darcy whispered.

“/Two,/” Nadine whispered back.

“/One!/” they said. The girls dashed straight into the woods without being noticed.

“/So, how do we do this game?/” Darcy asked.

“/Remember the spot, dash, and keep up in good time without being noticed!/” her friend replied.

“/Roger!/” the other girl said. And the hunt began to the music of Nadine’s iPod. In five minutes, they found the missing child, Kyoko, and returned her to the group all according to plan. The other volunteers looked on with a great sea of relief with the teacher looked in with suspicion.

This is the eighth time she’s done this!, she thought as she watched Nadine and Darcy bid the children goodbye along with the other volunteers.

By Saturday, Darcy and Nadine were ready to hit the rave once again.

“/Told you it was worth it!/” Nadine said as the security guard let them in.

“/Right…/” Darcy replied. “/Whatever you say…/”

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