“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

Emma received a nasty little surprise the week before midterms. It all started with a knock on the door. Arisu awoke from the living room floor and wandered over to answer it.

“I’m coming, I’m coming,” she mumbled. The young woman pulled the door open wide. A middle-aged woman stood in the doorway in a stuffy suit. She held a year-old sleeping baby in her arms.

“I am here about this child,” she said in a rushed voice. Arisu looked at her with a funny face.

“Wha?” she asked. Arisu shook her head. “Oh no, no, no. You are seriously mistaken! I may be crazy, but I would never be having any children with anyone other than my son! So, I don’t know what you’re getting at, but…”

“#Arisu?#” a tired voice asked behind them. Emma walked to the door dressed in her underwear while her eyes.

“#What’s with all of the noise? I’m trying to…#” she asked. The Aussie stopped mid-sentence when she opened her eyes. The woman at the door sighed.

“Oh, finally!” she said. Arisu turned to her. Emma stared at the woman and baby with big eyes. Oh shit…

Subject: Emma

Arisu held the baby in her arms. “So this is your son?”

Emma held her head down. “#Yes…#”

“And you put him up for adoption?”


“Then, why is he here?”

Emma pressed her lips together. “#His adoptive parents are dead. Car accident. So…#”

“Oh…” Then, Arisu paused. “Does Fujisaki know?”

Emma quickly shook her head. Arisu made a curious face at her.

“He doesn’t?”



“#What will I do?#”

Arisu cuddled the baby. “Well, he has to know.”


“Why not? Is he the…”

“Am I what?”

Both girls quickly looked up. Fujisaki stood in the doorway, rubbing his eyes. Emma turned to him with a worried face.

“#Sugo-kun!#” she gasped.

“Why are you up this early?” he asked.

“#Uh…#” she said. Fujisaki looked over at Arisu.

“Why is she still here?” he asked. “And why does she have a baby?”

“Oh, him?” Arisu said. “Well…”

Emma trembled a bit. “#He’s my son.#”

Her boyfriend froze. “What?”

Emma looked up at him with worried eyes. “#He is my son!#”

The keyboardist showed nothing on his face at first. Then, he turned and walked into the bathroom. Emma’s face fell into worry.

“#Babes?#” she asked as she ran after him. She came to the locked door.

“#Babe!#” she cried as she pounded on the door. “#Babe, listen!#”

“Go away!” Fujisaki yelled. Emma pressed her lips together as she drew in a deep breath.

“#Babes, I didn’t really intent on telling you about my son,#” she said. “#I know that I can’t really take care of a child. I can’t really take care of myself. That’s why I gave him up for adoption.

“Then why is the baby here?!?”

Emma looked at her feet. “#His adoptive parents are dead…#”


“#Car accident.#” Emma shuffled her feet. “#Look, I love you and I didn’t mean for this to go down like this.#” She looked up at the door. “#You’re not mad, are you?#” Silence on the other side at first. Fujisaki finally opened the bathroom door. He still looked cold at her. The young man walked right past her. Emma looked confused.

“#Sugo-kun! Where are you going?#” she asked.

“Out!” he yelled.

“#Out where?#” she asked.

“Just out!” Fujisaki yelled.


“Leave me alone! You’re making me mad!”


“LEAVE ME ALONE!!!” The door slammed shut behind him. Emma sank down to her knees. My heart… It hurts…

Arisu just sat on in silence with the baby in her arms.

Emma sat in her room against the wall, smoking a joint. Her heart wouldn’t stop aching. Her eyes even looked so blank.


Why did this happen to her? Everything always blew up in her face. She tried to keep it from happening that way.

Why does this happen to me?

Her mother left her. Her father didn’t want anything to do with her. She lost many other jobs before. Seiguchi forced her to finish her education in Sapporo while she was pregnant. And now her son had returned to her.

Smoke floated before her. Where does it end?

Outside, Arisu stood cradling the sleeping baby boy. She looked at his tiny face.

“Your mommy’s having a rough time right now,” she whispered. “But don’t worry, she’ll be fine soon.”

Suddenly, Emma’s cell phone buzzed. She glanced down at her hand and picked it up.

“#Yeah?#” she asked.

“Hey Emma,” Shuichi said on the other line.


“You seem Fujisaki today? He hasn’t come in for work.”


“Is he sick or something?”


“Hm. I guess I’ll keep trying his cell.” Shuichi hung up on the other line. The phone fell out of Emma’s hand.

They have had some happy times lately. Things had been quiet lately. Bad Luck had been making great progress on their third studio album. Work had been going smoothly for Emma. The couple even had been lovey-dovey lately. Okay, Arisu moved in with them to keep things from being too perfect. Even that was rather interesting. Emma worked so hard to do right by Fujisaki. But this latest screw up…

Emma tightly shut her eyes. Can’t I even begin to try and fix this?

There came a knock on her bedroom open. Emma glanced over at the sound.

“#Yeah?#” she asked.

“Don’t you have work tonight?” Arisu asked on the other side. Emma quickly sat up.

“#Oh shit!#” she mumbled. The stressed Aussie got up and started to get ready for work.

By midnight, Emma came back to her apartment.

“#I’m home,#” she mumbled. The hostess looked up and sat Fujisaki sitting up in the dark living room, staring at her. She nearly jumped in shock.

“#Sugo-kun?#” Emma asked. “#You came back!#”

“At least tell me this,” he said.


Fujisaki leaned in closer. “Who’s the baby’s father?”

Emma looked away nervously as she shook her head. Her boyfriend frowned.

“You don’t even know that, do you?”

Emma looked him right in the face. “#Come out with me tonight!#”

“Why should I?” he asked.


The keyboardist rolled his eyes. “Fine, whatever! Where?”

She gave him a little grin. “#The apartment roof. I want to show that I can fly.#” The Aussie grabbed him by the hand before he could ask why.

One in morning on the apartment. Emma lied beside a silent Fujisaki in discomfort. I really need to say something…

She turned to him. “#I really do try to do right by you. I really do.#” Silence. He didn’t even look at her. Emma swallowed some. Quick! Think of something!

Then, an idea struck her.

“#Hey, I can fly, you know?#”

He glanced at her, still silent. Emma sat up with a little smile.

“#Let me show you.#” She rose to her feet and walked over to the ledge and held out her arms. Fujisaki sat up, curious. Emma grinned as the street lights from below reflected on her body.

“#Look!#” she said. “#I’m flying!#” For once since yesterday, her boyfriend managed a little smile.

Around three in the morning, Emma and Fujisaki came back to their apartment. She led him all the way back to their room. She sat down on the bed, smiling at him. Fujisaki stared at her.

“But I’m still mad at you,” he said.

“#I know,#” she said. “#Please kiss me. Just once at least.#” Fujisaki dropped his shoulders.

“Fine,” he said. Then he walked over and kissed her on the lips. She kissed him back as she pulled him down on top of her. Emma didn’t care if he was still pissed at her; she just wanted the attention. She reached up and rolled off his shirt. He pulled her obi loose as she unzipped his jeans. Their clothes littered the floor as Emma spread her legs for her lover. Fujisaki grabbed her by the hips as he bucked into her over and over again. There was not much to be felt tonight. They still had the baby problem to tackle.

Near five in the morning, Emma picked Fujisaki’s phone from the nightstand while he slept and turned it on. Judging by the number of missed calls on the list, he must have had it off all day. She scrolled through them until she came across Seiguchi’s number. She stared at it for a long moment. They still were not that close. But still, he deserves a little explanation to his cousin’s behavior yesterday. She pressed the call button.

After four rings, she got an answer.

“Cousin?” Seiguchi asked.

“#No, it’s me,#” Emma said. “#I just wanted to say Sugo-kun’s fine now.#”

“What? Put him on the phone.”

Emma didn’t speak. She just hung up the phone and crawled back into bed with Fujisaki. She lightly tapped him on the nose.

“#I love you,#” she whispered. “#I love you and I won’t leave you.#” The Aussie lied awake beside him for the rest of the morning.

By sunrise, Emma opened her eyes and saw her boyfriend standing near the bed, fully dressed. She sat up, confused.

“#Sugo-kun?#” she asked. Fujisaki kept a serious face.

“I’m still angry at you,” he said. “But I will stay with you. We still have to talk. We’ll do that after school.” Emma nodded quickly.

“#Yes, yes,#” she said. “#Yes, of course.#”

“I have school now,” he said. “See you this afternoon.”


Then, he headed out the door. Emma lied back as he stomach did a flip-flop. Please don’t leave me, she thought. I love you too much for it to escape me now!

Her baby cried from across the hall. Emma shut her eyes. Time to try and get adapt once more.

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