Key Notes:

“Text”= Japanese talking

“+American English talking+”

“/British English talking/”

“#Australian English talking#”

Deep red-chestnut brown eyes closed in sleep. Arisu woke up in her clinic bed all alone when the sun rose. Her roommate lied asleep in the other bed on the other side of the room. Sid lied awake in his bed with the photo of Arisu that Shuichi had taken months ago lying on his chest. Once again, he had messed up with his dream girl. Casper turned over in her bed asleep. The cold pillow next to her just didn’t right anymore. At his bedroom window, Simon looked at a picture of his ex girl in her bikini on the beach two years ago. He missed her badly. Outside, Bill and Katie were taking Darcy to her private school. They still didn’t trust him that much with her. Emma lie asleep in Ken-san’s bed. Ken-san himself sat on his bed feeling guilty. His affair with the Aussie had gone on for months now. This had got to stop. Ando deeply slept in his bed. He was off in a good dream land.

“Mmmm,” he mumbled in his sleep. “Do that again!” The picture of Sopheap with her sickle rested on his chest. Suddenly, the phone rang. He slowly awoke and answered it.

“Hey Shuichi,” he answered.

“Happy birthday, Ando,” the vocalist replied in bed.

“You f****d up my dream, Shuich,” his former friend said.

“What was it?” Shuichi asked.

“Ah, the usual,” Ando answered. “Cambodian virgins.” He looked at the photo next to him.

“Good Buddhist boys don’t dream about virgins,” the vocalist pointed out.

“Yeah?” Ando asked. “Well, that’s where you’re wrong, Shuich. That’s all we dream of!” Silence came between the boys. The mood became serious. Ando just had to ask. “Will you come to my birthday party, Shuich?” he asked. The vocalist sighed.

“Did you tell your mom and grandfather about Yuki and I?” he asked. Ando sighed. They just couldn’t avoid the big white elephant.

“I don’t know!” he expressed in that tone.

“I can’t come unless you tell them, An!” Shuichi replied.

“Shuichi, it won’t be right if you don’t turn up to my birthday party!” Ando argued.

“Sixteen, really?” his friend asked. “This is the year of telling the truth. The truth, yes Ando?” He hung up the phone. Ando hung up the phone and lied back in defeat. This was stupid now. Why couldn’t they just end it and be done with it already? Just didn’t make sense. Ando climbed out of bed naked and walked over to the window. He stretched out some. Finally, his mom and brothers all rushed into his bedroom unannounced.

“Happy birthday!!!” they all yelled to him. Ando screamed as he tried to cover himself. The mom and brothers screamed out too. Ando grabbed the curtain and covered his lower part up.

“Mom, get out!!!” he yelled. The shouting, laughter, and chatter really fired up.

“It’s tiny!” one of the brothers remarked. They all hurried out laughing and chattering.

“Get out!” their mom yelled as she shoved them out. She turned back to her son! She screamed out again. Ando looked on shocked.

“Mom!” he yelled.

“A respectful boy at least wears something in bed!” she snapped as she threw a pair of boxers at him. Ando looked on at her in shock. His mom’s face softened.

“Happy birthday, Ando-kun!” she said as she pinched him on the cheek.

“I’m sixteen, I’m not a –kun anymore!” he protested.

“So it would seem,” his mom said as she walked out of the room. “Now hurry up! Everyone’s waiting downstairs for you!” Ando sighed as he shook his head and pressed his face against the window.

Subject: Everyone

Sid stood at his window in his boxers looking out. He was thinking about Arisu again. It became official. He just had to tell her how he felt. He turned around to his desk. The dullard sat down and picked up a pen and a notepad. He just right to work. “/Dear Arisu,/” Sid said as he began writing. No good, so he balled it up and threw it away. He started again.

“Hi Arisu,” the dullard said aloud on attempt two. No good there either. The note got balled up and thrown away. Take three. “/Hey Arisu,/” he said out loud. That didn’t work. “/Bollocks!/” Sid yelled as he threw that one away. He took a moment to think about it. Then, the boy got to work once again.

“/Arisu,/” he began a fourth time.

“Dear Sid,” Arisu began writing with her own letter. “It isn’t easy to tell you this, so that’s why I’m writing. Don’t try to call me, because you’re not allowed to here. Anyway, I don’t want to speak to you and there is nothing you can say to change this.”

“/I’m shite with words,/” Sid wrote on. “/Everything always comes out so… crap. But, I’ve been doing some thinking and everything is getting clearer./”

“My brother, Jin, thinks that things aren’t working out, so mom and I are going to Ulan Bator for the summer,” Arisu wrote on. “It’s in Mongolia. And everyone’s happy there.”

“/The thing is, Ari,/” Sid wrote on. “/I’ve woken up this morning and the sun’s shining through the window and it’s making me think of you! Arisu, it’s not right of you to be hiding away in that clinic. You’ve got to get out in the world./”

“They’re coming for me tonight,” Arisu wrote on. “And then, I’ll be gone and we won’t have to play this silly game anymore!”

“/Arisu, I don’t care if you think you’re a reject,/” Sid wrote on. “/Because I feel like singing when I see you. You’re beautiful and I’ve been such a f*****g chapstick these past few weeks. I know I want is sit on top of Tokyo Tower and hold you and tell you how wonderful you are and stick my hand down your knickers!/” He paused for a moment and crossed the knickers bit out. “/No!/” Sid said quickly. “/Jesus!/” He began writing once more. “/And…/” he said.

“And I wanted you to know that I really liked you, Sid,” Arisu wrote on.

“/And…/” Sid mumbled.

“And it’s too late now,” Arisu began to finished up. “Goodbye.”

“/I love you,/” Sid said out loud. He quickly got up and got dressed for his little love quest. “/For f**k sake,/” he mumbled to himself in the process. Arisu read on at her note while her roommate drink her word. Every word on the paper hurt. Sid rushed out the door and realized he forgot the note. Oh well, couldn’t worry about that now. He hurried out the gate and ran down the street to his muse. His shoes were mismatched, but he didn’t care. The dullard had a quest to complete.

At Ken-san’s apartment, the doorbell rang. Emma slowly woke up. “#Ken,#” she said. “#There’s someone at your door.#” The sensei looked up at her.

“Yeah,” he said quickly. He turned back to the window as the doorbell rang.

“#Ken,#” Emma spoke again. “#Are you ashamed of me?#”

“Of course I’m f*****g ashamed of you!” he replied.

“#Pussy!#” Emma replied. “#Right, I’ll just see whatever it is!#” She leapt right out of bed.

“No!” Ken-san replied. His girlfriend turned around to him. “Just stay there! For Christ sakes!” Emma watched as he walked out of the room. The Aussie shrugged at that one. Ken-san opened the door. He looked on in surprise.

“Oh Christ!” he said shocked. A buxom Japanese woman with flowers in her hand turned around to her. She grinned at him like a hyena.

“Kenisuke!” she replied. Ken-san stared blankly at her. This was the last person on the person he had ever expected to see.

“Yuko?” he asked. “When did you get back?”

“Now!” the woman replied.

“Yuko-chan,” the sensei spoke up. “You can’t just do this! We need to talk!” The woman walked closer and kissed him on the lips.

“Kenisuke, you know you miss me!” she said.

“This isn’t fair!” the man protested. Yuko looked on at him confused.

“Where’s the ring I gave you?” she asked.

“I threw it in the f*****g harbor, okay?” Ken-san snapped. Yuko looked on slightly disappointed.

“#Ken-san!#” Emma spoke up as she walked down the stairs. The former couple looked up at her.

“#What ring?#” the Aussie asked. She stared at the woman confused.

Ando walked down the stairs at his house. He could hear his family fussing in the kitchen. He sighed as he kept on walking. The front door closed. The boy looked up and saw an old man hanging up his jacket. He turned to the boy and looked at him.

“Where were you?” he asked.

“Sorry,” Ando replied. “Slept in.”

“Slept in?” the old man asked. “You explain yourself with an excuse like that?”

“Grandfather,” Ando defended himself. “It’s my birthday!” The old man walked on. Ando turned to him.

“Aren’t you going to say hello?” he asked. The man turned around to him on the stairs.

“I’m been at the stalls since three o’clock yesterday,” he replied. “Fifty two customers, not that you care!” Ando rolled his eyes and sighed a bit.

“It’s a stupid fuss over a birthday party!” the old man went on. “Does it give respect to Buddha? Does it promote peace?”

“No grandfather,” the boy replied.

“Does it help the poor? It’s a front!” the old man finished.

“So why do we have to do it anyway?” Ando challenged. “I don’t even want a party!”

“Because, I love that woman like my own late son! More than these legs I drag myself on.” the old man reasoned. “And whatever she wants, she gets. Already?” Ando looked down at his feet some.

“Shuichi here yet?” his grandfather asked. Ando looked up at him some.

“Um… no…” he said.

“We don’t see him these days,” the man replied. Ando looked over at him.

“We had a fight,” he said.

“A fight?” the grandfather asked. “You fight with your friends?” His grandson looked away again.

“Yeah,” he mumbled.

“What would you fight Shuichi about?” the old man demanded. “He’s a good boy! Knows what he wants in life, energetic, well-respectful, the best kind!” Ando sighed as he shook his head.

“Never mind,” he replied.

“Whatever it is,” the old man went on. “Forgive him and don’t be an idiot. Now tell them I’m sleeping, okay?” The old man went up the stairs. Ando sighed as he went into the kitchen. He opened the door and went inside. Everyone was talking and working hard.

“Auntie, can I have one?” one of the younger cousin asked Ando’s mom.

“No, you can’t! Now get out of my kitchen!” she snapped. Ando walked in further. His mother ranted on and on about the cousin. But then, she turned and saw her baby. Everyone squealed out in joy.

“There he is!” she called.

“Happy birthday!” everyone yelled at him. One of his aunt rushed forward to him.

“Hi aunt Ruka!” he mumbled to her. She kissed him and patted him on the cheeks.

“Aw, he’s got a mustache!” she announced. “Ando-kun’s a got a mustache!”

“I know Ando-kun’s got a mustache!” his oldest brother shouted back as he waved his pinky in the air. The men all laughed at that one. His mother stared on at him.

“Why aren’t you saying hello to auntie Chiyo and uncle Kazuma?” she demanded.

“Sorry,” he mumbled.

“+Whazz up!+” Kazuma yelled at his nephew.

“They came all the way from Washington D.C. and they don’t even get a hello?!?” Ando’s mother said. The boy looked a little nervous.

“Hello Uncle Kazuma,” he said to the uncle.

“Ando!” he said out loud as he walked over to his nephew. “So, twenty at last, huh?” The boy looked at him confused.

“Nah,” his nephew replied. “Nah, I’m sixteen.” Kazuma stared at him disappointed.

“What?!?” he asked. “He’s sixteen?!?”

“Yes,” the boy’s mother responded. “What’s the problem?”

“You drag me here, all this way—I paid money to ride the Bullet train! Money! Just to ride the train to come to a sixteenth birthday party?!? Huh?!?” Kazuma ranted. Awkward silence all around the kitchen. Ando swallowed hard. Kazuma burst out into laughter. Everyone laughed along with him.

“Got you!” the uncle boomed. “I had you going, didn’t I? Didn’t I?” He shook the boy around by the shoulder.

“That’s so funny!” the mother said playfully hitting Kazuma on the shoulder. “That’s so funny, big brother!” The rest of the family got lost in the laughter. Ando rolled his eyes to himself.

“Every f*****g year!” he mumbled to himself. Then, he walked out of the kitchen.

Meanwhile, back in the clinic, Arisu and her roommate were playing mahjong. Her roommate had won once again. Arisu stared on amazed.

“You’re just too good,” she muttered to her.

“Of course!” the roommate chirped. “I had to do something to stay away from the meth.” The girls sat in silence. Arisu’s roommate watched her.

“When is your brother coming?” she asked.

“Later,” Arisu replied as she looked down at the table. “He packed up everything already,” she went on. “Even momma’s empty liquor bottles.”

“Bummer,” the other girl replied. Arisu turned to her.

“You want to get out of here?” she asked out of the blue.

“Huh?” the other girl asked.

“Let’s go!” Arisu pressed. Her roommate giggled a bit.

“Uh… we’re not allowed!” she replied.

“Come on!” her friend pushed. “I want one last look before the summer comes!” The roommate shrugged a bit.

“What if we have craving for more drugs?” she asked. “There’s… There’s meth out there, you know?”

“Come on!” Arisu insisted. The other girl looked at her reluctantly.

“Huh?” she asked at last.

“It’s easy!” the first mental girl chirped. She leapt up out of her seat. Her roommate followed behind. They walked over to the front desk. Arisu smiled at the receptionist.

“We’re just getting a breath of fresh air,” she lied. “My friend thinks she wants to puke!” Her roommate pretended to be sick.

“Go!” the receptionist said quickly. “For crap’s sakes, go!” The girls hurried all the way outside. They made it to the taxi and climbed inside. The plan was a success. The taxi sped away as Sid raced up to the clinic building. He raced up to the main doors. The dullard pressed the call button.

“/Hello?/” he shouted into the speaker.

“Boko Mental Institution and Rehabilitation center,” the reception said on the other line.

“/Can you help me?/” Sid asked. “/I really, really need to come in! I know you don’t like it, but I need to come in! Okay?/” Inside the lobby, Sid said waiting. This place looked more like a museum than a clinic. Sid didn’t care. He just came to see his beloved Arisu. A nurse walked by him in the waiting room. She paused when she saw the dullard.

“Hello,” she greeted him. “How my I help you?” Sid stood up right away.

“/Yes, yes,/” he said. “/I need to see someone! It’s very important! There’s something I’ve got to get off of my chest and if I don’t, then I’m afraid that everything will totally go to shit!” The nurse looked on at him as he spoke.

“Right…” she said listening.

“/I’ve got something going on,/” Sid pressed on. “/And… I need to see someone. I’ve got something going on in here!/” He accidently patted Scooby-Doo on his shirt when he was touching his heart.

“Scooby Dooby Doo!” the shirt yelled. That only confirmed the nurse’s initial thought about the boy: he was just another loony that needed help.

“Okay…” she replied. “Let’s see if we can fix you up, shall we? Just you wait right there.” She handed away down the hall.

“/Aw, thanks!/” Sid said loudly. “/I don’t know what this means, but…/” Two large men all dressed in white came along and grabbed him by the arms. Sid looked around confused.

“/What?/” he asked. “/What’s going on? What are you doing? Let go of me! Come on! You don’t understand! ARISU!!!!/” The men hauled him away and locked him up in a white, padded cell. The dullard looked out of the narrow window still lost about what’s going on.

“/Hey!/” Sid yelled. “/I’m not mad for f**k sake! I’m fine! I’m fine!/” The doctor closed up the window. Meanwhile, Emma stood outside of Ken-san’s apartment having a smoke. She had just come to a bitter reality. Ken-san’s former finacee had returned and now she wanted what she thought was hers. Emma would not stand for this. No way, no how! Just thinking about it made her want to light up. She dug down deep into her jeans pocket and pulled out her lighter. The Aussie tried to light out with no success. The darn thing just wouldn’t light up. Even shaking the lighter didn’t work. Emma threw down the lighter in frustration.

“#For f**k sake!#” she shouted. Ken-san looked out the window at her. He opened up the ring box and took out the promise ring. It still looked as charming as the day he bought it with Yuko. He had a tough choice to make. Get back with the woman who left him or stay with the girl that he is ashamed to be with. Such a touch call to make. Ken-san looked out the window and saw Yuko heading over to Emma. Worried, the teacher picked up his cell phone and dialed his lover. Emma picked up the phone immediately.

“#What?#” she asked.

“Leave her alone!” Ken said quickly. Emma took offensive at that.

“#What the f**k Ken?!?#” she screamed. “#What the f**K?!?” She hung up her phone and stormed over to the other woman. Ken-san looked down at his feet in guilt. This would not go well at all. Emma trailed after Yuko as she walked down the street.

“#Hey!#” the Aussie shouted. “#Hey I wanna talk to you!#” Yuko didn’t stop and turn around.

“Talk away, hon!” she said without a care in the world. Emma caught up with her on the street.

“#Wha- Aren’t you going to tell me who the f**k you are?!?#” she shouted.

“I’m the finacee!” Yuko said proudly. Emma shook her head in disbelief.

“#Ha! No you’re not!#” she snapped.

“Yes, I am!” Yuko insisted. Emma shook her head again.

“#Since when?!?#” she barked.

“Since I asked him to marry me!” the older woman said confidentially. The Aussie didn’t know what to say at first. Her words came out all jumbled up.

“#Where the f**k did you come from?!?#” she shouted. Yuko stopped dead in her tracks and turned around.

“I’m Yuko, he gave me, I’m the love of his life, and I’m back!” she summed up. “Oh you don’t stand chance, bitch! Not even with that beautiful little crotch of yours!” Emma stared on in silence as she watched Yuko walk away down the street.

“#Wha- He… He told you?!?#” she asked.

“He tells me everything, girl!” Yuko shouted. “I can see into his soul. Now, do us a favor and disappear, okay?” Emma ran up to the other woman.

“#No, no!#” Emma protested. “#He can see into my soul!#” Yuko looked at her as if the girl had lost her mind.

“How old are you?” she asked.

“#Seventeen,#” Emma replied.

“You haven’t got a soul yet!” Yuko snapped. “And with any luck, you haven’t got crabs either! Quit while you’re ahead! And with that I bid you, sayonara!” Yuko walked away while Emma stared on in silence. She felt as if she had been bitch-slapped as her rival got into her car and drove off.

Darcy stared out at the view of the city on a park bench. Casper walked over and joined her. She turned to her little friend.

“/Hi Darcy,/” the hippie said. Darcy didn’t speak. Casper got set up a bit in her place.

“/You’re bro just called me,/” she said. “/We’re not speaking./” Darcy still said nothing. The hippie looked over at her.

“/I heard things got a bit out of control last week,/” Casper spoke. “/You feeling better?/” The young girl didn’t speak. Casper giggled a bit.

“/Is that why they sent you to a posh school?/” the hippie asked. “/You think that’ll sort you out?/” Darcy still didn’t talk. She did smile a bit. Casper laughed at the thought of Darcy turning into an angel. She went quiet and looked out at the view.

“/School on a Saturday?/” the hippie asked. “/Hardcore./” Silence still lingered on. Casper looked over at her young friend.

“/Why don’t you speak, Darcy?/” she asked. “/Doesn’t anyone ask you why? It must mean something?/” The younger sister turned to Casper and said nothing. The hippie looked at her.

“/Doesn’t anybody care?/” she asked. Darcy still didn’t answer. Casper looked away at the ground.

“/Simon really hurt me, Darcy,/” she mumbled. “/Why did he do that? Sometimes I think you are the only person in the world that Simon truly cares about. I thought maybe… Maybe he told you why he did that./” Darcy shook her head. Casper sighed.

“/If I trust him to tell the truth just once,/” the hippie went on. “/Then maybe I could…/” She went quiet at that thought. She sighed again. What would be the point? She turned to Darcy.

“/It was nice seeing you, Darcy,/” the hippie said. “/I’m glad you’re okay./” She gave the girl a light hug.

Simon watched his former bird on camera, Casper kissed at the lens. “/I love you, Si!/” she said.

“/You’re cute!/” Simon said to her. “/You’re going to be on Love Attack! next!/”

“/No!/” she said quickly. “/If you do that, I’ll kill you!/”

“/Yes, you are!/” Simon told her. “/You’re going to be famous! You’re going to be really famous!/”

“/But if you want to be famous, you have to have huge boobs and blonde hair,/” Casper reasoned with the hand motions. “/And I don’t have neither./” She smiled at him in a cute way. “/You like me like that, huh?/” the hippie asked.

“/I love you like that,/” Simon told her. His bird giggled at her him again.

“/You know what you should do,/” he suggested. “/You should do something wacky!/” Casper leaned in close in a cute way.

“/What?/” Simon asked.

“/Come to bed with me,/” Casper spoke in a flirty way. “/Please?/” Simon lowered the camera in defeat as the fun went on inside. Boy, did he screw up this time! He had to try and make it right. The charming bastard picked up his phone and began to dial her again. He waited while the other line rang.

“/Answer,/” he mumbled to the phone. “/You know you want to./”

“/Hi this is Casper, leave a message,/” the voice mail said. “/Except for Simon, you can just f**k off!/” The other line beeped. Simon drew in a deep breath to fight back the tears.

“/Please,/” he mumbled on the phone. Then, he hung up. The jerk began to cry. Boy, he really screwed up this time!

Night fell. Ando and his family were holding the birthday party downtown in the community center. Shuichi stood outside watching. He looked on at the big “Happy Birthday Ando” on the front door. It hurt him so badly inside of his heart. He wanted to be with Ando on his sixteenth birthday party. However, that damn elephant stood between them. Until they could deal with it, Shuichi could only watch on the outside.

A ‘10 Toyota van pulled up to the Community Center. Ando and his family all climbed out of the vehicle. His mother hurried all of his brothers into the building.

“Go!” she yelled. “Go step up all of the table and everything! Some of family will be late, I know!” Shuichi watched on at them all. Ando trailed behind looking around. Inside, the party had just started. Ando looked at the dancing crowd. Everything just looked so boring. Some of the people were getting food and socializing. Even his older sister, Katsuko, was acting well-behaved tonight. This party was turning out to be a dud already. Over in the corner, his brothers were laughing at a card that they had in their hands. Their mother came over to them as the record scratched.

“What are you all laughing about?” she asked. The woman took the card and read it. Ando looked up at the DJ booth. The DJ and Kazuma were messing with the equipment. His uncle smacked the DJ in the head. The birthday boy looked up bored. “Ando, you naughty boy,” his mother read. “I want to spank your…” She looked up offended.

“Who wrote this?” the woman snapped. “Who wrote that?” Ando turned around to mom and grandfather.

“Mom, why does Uncle Kazuma have to do the DJ booth again?” he complained. The parent and grandparent stared at him.

“Why on earth not?” his mother asked.

“It’s… just… mom please!” the birthday boy pleaded. The woman turned to her father-in-law.

“Are you hearing this?” she asked. “He doesn’t want big brother’s own gift of music!”

“Do what your mother says, you ungrateful wretch!” the older man said.

“But grandpa…” Ando started.

“Your uncle knows what’s respectable!” his grandfather argued.

“Grandpa!” Ando shot back.

“You’re foreigner friends have no restraint,” the old man added. “They don’t wear enough clothes, drink shout, fornicate, they puke in the back of stalls!” Ando looked at his brothers. The youngest of the older three nodded at him.

“We have proper tune for music,” the grandfather added on. “So the foreigners don’t burn the place down and have me arrested! That’s why your mother is right in all things! Now say no more about it.” Ando’s mother nodded at him. Ando tried to argue again.

“No more,” the grandfather said. The mother looked at her son smiling.

“Thank you, father!” she said. “Thank you very much!” She turned to her other sons.

“Come on, you three!” she said. The men all began stuttering out in protest.

“Is the meal going to do itself?” the woman questioned. They all walked to the back kitchen. The grandfather turned back to the DJ booth. Kazuma danced around on stage like an idiot. The old shook his head to himself.

“Kazuma is an asshole,” he mumbled. Ando looked at him confused.

“W-What did you just…” he began to ask.

“A complete asshole,” the old man added on. “At least he can’t grope the women up there!” The microphone screeched over the air. The grandfather turned and looked up.

“Casper! Fujisaki!” he cheered as two of Ando’s friends entered the room.

“/Hello Inoue- san,/” Casper greeted as they all bowed. Inoue-san looked at the hippie and the keyboardist’s clothes.

“Ah and nicely dressed too,” he said. “You see, respectful. You know, I keep asking Ando when Shuichi coming.” Casper and Fujisaki looked at each other nervously.

“He says that they fought, I said why would anyone fight a boy like Shuichi?” the grandfather went on. Ando shook his head nervously mouthing “no” at them. Casper and Fujisaki looked at Ando.

“Well…” Fujisaki began.

“I never see Shuichi, you know,” the grandfather spoke again. “He was such a wonderful singer. What a voice, huh? Superb! Soul-lifting!”

“Hm, yeah, we know,” Fujisaki answered.

“Anyway,” Inoue-san said. “Have some fun.” They he headed anyway to the other party guests. Ando turned back to his friends. They looked at him blankly for a moment. Then, Casper and Fujisaki smiled and hurried off to enjoy themselves. Kazuma scratched the records again. Ando looked at his uncle dancing around like an idiot in the booth bored. This would be a long night!

The car from the clinic pulled up onto the city street. The driver stopped the car. Arisu and her roommate looked out the window. They were right in front of Sid’s house. Neither one knew what to say at first. Arisu turned to the other girl.

“I won’t be long,” she said.

“Okay,” the other girl said softly. “Cool, but hurry back in case you want to get high again.” She unlocked the door and Arisu climbed out. She walked up to her crush’s door. She rang the doorbell. The lights turned on inside and the door opened.

“/Oh hi Arisu,/” Matilda said. “Come in!” The Goth-looking Japanese girl walked inside. She closed the door behind her.

“/Sid’s not here,/” Matilda told her.

“I know,” Arisu replied. She made it into his room and sat down on the bed. The poor soul seemed to still have feelings for the dullard. She took the note out and looked for a place to put it. Arisu laid her head down onto Sid’s pillow. How she just wished to be so close to him. Just once she wanted him to see her and not Casper. It was too late now. It was just too late.

“Bye,” she whispered to the pillow. She slowly got up off the bed. Arisu left the note on his pillow and left the room. Too bad she didn’t see the note he had written for her.

Speaking of Sid, he still stood in that padded room of his. He still couldn’t leave. It all just sucked for him at the moment. Emma used her school id to break into Ken-san’s apartment. She sat down onto the couch that she sometimes shared with her teacher/boyfriend. An alien life force was stealing her man and winning. The Aussie just didn’t know what to do.

Emma looked around the living room and turned on the light. She found a photo album on the side table. She flipped it open and looked inside. Pictures of Ken and Yuko blasted her in the face.

“#Oh shite!#” she mumbled to herself as she closed the photo album quickly and sat down on the couch in disgust. All proof that Yuko had leverage over her rival. But then, Emma thought about it for a moment. No use running from the truth any longer. So, she picked up the photo album and opened it back up. Each photo had Ken and Yuko acting all lovey-dovey together. They were all worse than the last. Emma turned the pages in growing sorrow.

“#F**k!#” she mumbled to herself disillusioned. “#F**k! F**k! F**k! F**k!#” She turned the pages so fast that she nearly ripped one out. The Aussie threw the album down to floor. She picked up the second album and began looking. More of the same thing, only worse. Emma threw that one to the floor as well. She sat on in sorrow until something caught her eye. A DVD disc that “Yuko” on it. Curious, Emma picked up the disc and put it into the DVD player. She turned on the TV and hit play. On the screen showed a younger Yuko dressed in all wild rainbow colors on a Basketball court.

“Good evening, everyone!” she greeted the camera. “Let’s take a look at what’s going on at the court of sunny Orlando, Florida! The girls on the team look super hot and ready to go!” Emma looked on slightly confused.

“However,” Yuko went on. “The other team looks just as fierce! It could good either way, we’ll have to see!” Emma fast forwarded through some of the parts as she watched the disc. After a few minutes, Emma realized something.

“#You’re gay!#” she exclaimed to Yuko on the screen. The Aussie chuckled a bit. She shut off the TV and found Ken-san’s ring box. She took the ring out and looked at it. The girl sighed and put it back into the box. She still had nothing. Suddenly, the door opened wide. Emma looked up and saw Ken-san standing in the doorway staring at her. He looked at her surprised. Emma looked down at her feet.

“#I broke in,#” she confessed. Ken-san shook his head stressed.

“That’s not fair, Emma,” he said.

“#No, you lied to me!#” she protested.

“I never lied!” Ken told her. “I just…” Emma slowly looked up at him. The teacher stared on at her. He sighed again.

“Yuko went away on a field trip to Chicago,” he explained as he walked inside. “For six months. Scenery change.” Emma stared on confused.

“#What, she doesn’t like Tokyo?#” she asked.

“No!” Ken replied.”Scenery change!” Emma still looked lost. “The f*****g trends are changing!” the teacher broke down.

“#Oh!#” the Aussie replied.

“Christ!” Ken muttered. “Did you ever pay any attention in school, Emma? We’re trying to f*****g educate you!” Emma stared on at him. She felt crushed even more.

“#Gee thanks, Ken!#” she said sarcastically. “#I appreciate it!#” Ken looked on at her.

“We had some issues,” he went on. “Well, Yuko did.” Emma didn’t say anything. Ken-san straightened up some.

“And now,” he said. “I’ve…”

“#Screwed around?#” Emma asked.

“You don’t know what I did!” Ken snapped. “You really don’t know that much about me, Emma!” The Aussie looked down at the floor. Silence flooded between them both.

“I need some time,” Ken-san spoke again. Emma looked at him offended.

“#Can’t you see it?#” she asked. She showed him the TV with the paused image of Yuko at work. Ken-san looked at her blankly.

“What?” he asked. Emma smiled and sighed out as she shook her head. She began to walk away in defeat. Right then, Yuko walked into the apartment. She didn’t look happy to see her rival at all.

“W-We’ve got some stuff!” Ken-san told her. “We’ve got some stuff!”

“#See ya, Ken!#” Emma told him. She shook her head and walked again. Yuko smirked at her.

“Can’t take it, huh sweetie?” she asked. Emma paused and looked at her closely. The Aussie winked at her bitterly.

“#Oh yeah!#” she whispered.

“Beat it!” Yuko ordered. Emma did so. Yuko turned back to her man.

Meanwhile, Kazuma still danced like an idiot at the DJ booth at Ando’s party. Ando looked around bored. Kat sat at the bar drinking heavily. Their boys were talking and joking with a younger girl before she walked away. Ando walked around bored as the young approached him.

“Hi!” she chirped. “Enjoying your party?” Ando looked down at her. He was surprised to see such a cute girl close to his age. The birthday boy didn’t know what to say at first.

“Um,” he said. “Do I know you?” The girl gave him a sweet little smile.

“I’m Ayako,” she answered. “Friends with Fumio!” The girl looked over at Ando’s older brothers. Fumio and the other two waved at her. Ando looked at them as well.

“Oh,” he said flatly. “Right… Um… have I met you before?”

“Like a million times!” Ayako answered. “I asked your brother to invite me here tonight.” Ando nodded quickly as he looked over at his sisters.

“Right…” he said. The birthday boy shifted his eyes slightly confused. “Why is that?” he asked. Ayako looked at him sweet and innocent at first. Then, she stood on her tiptoes to lean in close to his ear. Ando slowly leaned down to her.

“I want to tongue you senseless, big boy!” she whispered to him. Ando was surprised to hear all of that. He looked at her stunned. The birthday boy cleared his throat. Ayako smiled at him still. Ando really didn’t know what to say at first.

“I…” he began to say. “Just to check! You’re not my cousin, are you?” he asked.

“No!” Ayako said as she shook her head giggling. Ando slowly began to look excited.

“You’re not related to me in any way?” he asked her almost burst.

“Nope,” Ayako said, shaking her head smiling. “Happy birthday, Ando!” Ayako then turned and walked away back to his brothers. Ando watched on. He became really excited now. He looked up at the ceiling.

“Thank you, Buddha!” he whispered overjoyed. The boy forced himself to calm again. He was just about to follow her when the microphone screeched loudly over the speakers. The birthday boy froze in his tracks and turned around.

“Good evening everyone!” Kazuma boomed. “And happy birthday to Ando!” Everyone around clapped. The birthday boy looked around as the spotlight flashed on him.

“He’s the apple of my sister’s eye!” Kazuma announced. The mother smiled proudly as the applause became louder.

“A great-Buddha fearing boy!” Kazuma added. Ando smiled a bit nervous.

“So that is why we have thrown a party!” his uncle boomed. “To celebrate his birthday… and his marriage to his cousin who flew in from China!” He held his arm out as if to introduce this cousin. Ando looked confused on that last part. In fact, everyone was lost and confused there. Whispers filled the room. Ando looked like a deer caught in the headlights. There went his chance to make out with Ayako… Everything became dead quiet. Kazuma smiled.

“Ahhh!!!” he yelled joking. “Got you! Had you going!” Everybody laughed. Ando rolled his eyes. Once again, Kazuma pulled an annoying joke on him. He wasn’t the only one who didn’t find it funny.

“I’ll kill him! I’ll kill him!” Inoue-san yelled over and over again.

“Come on everybody, let’s dance!!!” his son-in-law yelled. Kazuma cranked up the music again. Ando stared on at him glaring. He went off to find Ayako.

“Oh yeah!” Kazuma yelled out as he danced some more. “Alright! Here we go! Come on everybody, to the dance floor! Come on!” Everyone began to dance. Ando’s mom tried to get her father-in-law to dance with her, but he refused. She wouldn’t quit and won out in the end. Inoue-san danced with his daughter slowly.

“Oh yeah!!!!” Jack yelled as he came up behind Fujisaki and Casper. “It’s a deep-way chill! Hey dis old gee is kickin’ some serious moves! You get me? You get me?” He calmed down some. Jack began checking some girls that were walking by. He stopped one of them and changed his tone. Jack quickly put his arm around Fujisaki.

“Hey,” the dealer said sounding gentleman-like. “My friend here and I would so like to dance. Would you?” The girls looked at him and rolled their eyes. They headed out to the dance floor. The boys followed them. Casper watched on feeling left out. She headed away outside.

Arisu and her roommate were waiting for a bus at the station. The roommates was smoking some pot mixed with a little meth in a bong. She got her drugs after all. The girl began smoking faster and faster.

“Oh god!” she said happily. “Oh god! It’s wonderful!” Arisu smiled on at her.

“It’s cool,” she said. “I’m glad. I think… there is one more place I want to go.” The roommate looked up at her from her bong.

“Not now!” she insisted. “I’m smoking!”

“Okay,” Arisu said softly. The roommate smoked on happily.

“I never knew life could be so good!!!” she squealed, slowly drifting to happy-fun land. She laughed aloud as she smoked on. Arisu watched her with a smile on her face.

At the clinic, the small window to the padded cell slid open. Sid looked to see Simon and a nurse looking in. The nurse opened the door and Simon went inside. The door closed normally. Simon turned to the nurse on the outside.

“/It’s okay,/” he said. “/I don’t think he’s dangerous./” The nurse said nothing and walked away. The charming bastard turned to his dullard best friend.

“/For the moment,/” he mumbled. Simon smiled at his friend.

“/Well, that’s another fine mess you got yourself into!/” he said boldly. Sid looked down at himself embarrassed.

“/I have to find Arisu,/” he mumbled. Simon shook his head.

“/She’s not here, mate,/” he said. “/She’s gone away again./” Sid looked at him confused.

“/What?/” he asked. “/Well… Well I’ve got to tell her something. Do you understand me? I’ve got to find her! I… I love her!/” Simon stared at him for a moment.

“/Well,/” he replied. “/Well, well. We better attend to that need with better dispatch, my friend./” Sid looked at him blankly for a moment.

“/Simon,/” he said. “/You’re my best friend. But, I really don’t know what the f**k you on about most of the time. See how that matters?/”

“/Sidney,/” Simon spoke. “/I think on balance, it helps./” He turned to the door. They walked out to the door.

“/I reckon we’ll spot her, yeah?/” Simon asked once they made it to Sid’s dad’s car.

“/Yeah,/” Sid agreed. “/That’s it. Let’s go for f**k sake!/” They both got in and belted up. Sid looked around confused for a second.

“/Si,/” he complained. “/This is my dad’s car!/”

“/Yep,/” the other boy said. “/I went around to get your clothes. Your dad was watching the football[1]. And I reckon we would get much faster if we nixed it!/” Sid looked on in shock for a moment.

“/Y-You stole my dad’s car again?!?/” he asked again.

“/Yeah, but I’ve got Darcy to worry about, haven’t I?/” the charming bastard asked. “/Suppose to keep an eye on her all of the time now that she’s a drug-fiend!/”

“/Huh?/” Sid asked as he looked in the backseat. Darcy sat in the backseat with her usual stoic face. She handed Sid the bag of clothes.

“/Better get changed, mate!/” Simon said. “/You don’t get the girl wearing Bermuda shorts, now do ya?/”

“/F**k it! Drive!/” Sid ordered. He took off his hat to change clothes.

“/A mission of love!/” Simon boomed as his best mate began taking off his shirt. “/Cool!/” He started up the car and drove off.

At the party, Ando and Ayako were making out as promised. Ando broke off the last kiss and stood up. He cleared his throat.

“God,” Ando mumbled to himself. “You are…” He cleared his throat again. “Totally… totally… fit!” Ayako giggled.

“I know,” she said. She pulled him closer to her again and they started kissing. Ando broke off and paused for a moment.

“I’m so sorry,” he said. “Somebody just has to meet you!” Ando quickly pulled out his phone and began dialing. He held up the phone to his ear. The birthday boy held up his hand to his fling. He waited while the phone rang.

Shuichi phone rang outside. He looked at it for a moment. The vocalist flipped it open at last. He heard it to his ear.

“Hi,” he said.

“Where are you, man?” Ando asked.

“I’m outside, An,” Shuichi answered. “It’s really f*****g cold.”

“Come inside!” Ando insisted. Shuichi shook his head.

“No,” he said.

“Just come inside, man!” Ando insisted. “You’ve got to see this!”

“No, Ando,” Shuichi repeated as he rose up to his feet. “It doesn’t matter, I’m going, okay?”

“Shuichi!” his friend pleaded. “Shuichi! I’m coming!” The vocalist looked up at the community center. Ando came right outside in front of him. The birthday boy found the vocalist staring right at him.

“Please!” Ando pleaded at him. Inoue-san walked outside to the boys. Neither boy could speak with the phones to their ears. Ando’s grandfather peeked out the door. He looked and saw Shuichi.

“Shuichi!” he greeted him happily. He pushed his grandson and walked over to the vocalist. He held out his arms to hug the young man. Shuichi walked over to him.

“Hello Inoue-san,” he said. The old man hugged the vocalist. Inoue-san slowly let go.

“You’re just in time for the food!” he cheered.

“Grandpa, Shuichi is dating Yuki Eiri!” Ando blurted out. The old man didn’t listen.

“We’ve got a beautiful sushi platter!” he announced. “My daughter-in-law made it because she knows how much you like it!”

“Grandpa!” Ando called. “Did you hear me?” Shuichi swallowed slightly nervous.

“And the gyoza are just so perfect!” the old man continued. “Not too hard, not too soft. You know…”

“I’m dating Yuki Eiri, Inoue-san!!!” Shuichi blurted out. “For almost a year, now!” Inoue-san went quiet as he stared at him.

“Famous romance novelist?” he asked. Shuichi nodded. The old man’s smile dropped a little bit. Ando looked on nervously. Inoue-san smiled again.

“It’s a f*****g stupid messed up world,” he said calmly. Shuichi looked on slightly odd. He looked over at Ando. His pal had the same expression he did.

“I’ve got Buddha,” the old man continued. “He speaks to me every day. Some things I just can’t work out, so I leave them be. Okay?” Shuichi nodded.

“Even if I think they are wrong,” Inoue-san summed up. “Because, I know one day he’ll make me understand. I’ve got that trust. It’s called belief. I’m a lucky man!” He turned to his grandson.

“Right?” he asked.

“Yeah!” Ando agreed smiling. “Yes, grandpa!” Inoue-san turned back to Shuichi.

“Come Shuichi,” he said. “The food’s ready.” The old man headed back inside. The vocalist looked over at his friend. Both boys relaxed. Crisis adverted, problem solved. Ando’s family accepted Shuichi’s relationship with Yuki after all. Someone sighed behind them. Shuichi and Ando turned around.

“#Jesus, Ando!#” Emma cried. “#Who’s the DJ?!? I mean, that’s… that’s commercial Pillows and even I think that’s crap!#”

“Can’t that bad, you know,” Shuichi answered. “They’ve got sushi and gyoza!” Emma looked on with a slightly blank food.

“#Are they your mom’s?#” she asked.

“Yep!” Ando said cheerfully.

“#Let’s go!#” Emma pepped up. The trio headed inside.

“I just had the best birthday present ever!” Ando bragged as they all put their arms around each other as they walked.

“#You got back with your best mate?#” Emma asked.

“No,” Ando spoke. “It’s even better!”

Meanwhile, Simon, Sid, and Darcy drove around looking for Arisu. They pulled up to the community center. The charming bastard stopped the car. Sid looked at his friend.

“/Coming in?/” he asked. Simon turned to his pal.

“/Go find Arisu!/” he said. Sid nodded.

“/Cheers Si,/” the dullard said. He opened the car door.

“/Sid,/” Simon said quickly. The other boy turned back to him.

“/This was found under your pillow,/” Simon told him as he handed him the note that Arisu wrote to him. Sid looked at it for a moment. Then, he turned back to his friend.

“/See ya,/” the dullard said. Then, he climbed out of the car and closed the door behind him. Simon sighed. Darcy climbed out of the car and got into the passenger seat. She closed the door behind her. Her older brother looked over at her.

“/Just you and me, sis,/” he said. Darcy sighed.

“/F*****g wanker,/” she said. Simon looked at her confused.

“/Darc,/” he said. “/What are you talking about?/” She turned around to him.

“/Casper!/” Darcy answered. Her brother looked slightly defensive.

“/I tried!/” he reasoned. Darcy shook her head.

“/No,/” she said. “/Wanker!/” Simon looked really puzzled now.

“/I said sorry!/” he said.

“/Wanker!!!/” Darcy stressed to him.

“/Darcy!/” Simon said surprised. “/I liked it better when you didn’t talk!/”

“/Wanker!/” the little devil said again. She shook her head to herself. Simon stared on at her like she was a new exhibit in a museum. He sat up straight and looked in the rear view mirror. He saw Arisu walking around while her roommate puked in the garbage. Simon looked behind him quickly. He turned back to Darcy.

“/Stay here!/” he ordered her. The charming bastard quickly climbed out of the car and closed the door behind him. He walked over to the girls. Arisu looked up and noticed him.

“/Hi Arisu!/” Simon greeted her.

“Wow!” she said. “Hi Simon!” The charming bastard looked over at her roommate.

“/She alright?/” he asked. Arisu looked over at her roommate. The poor girl puked up the pot and meth into the trash bin. The Japanese girl turned back to her English friend

“The anti-tolerance pills are kicking in,” Arisu explained.

“/Bummer,/” Simon said.

“I’m leaving tonight,” Arisu announced. “Going Mongolia for the summer!”

“/Sid’s looking for you,/” Simon told her. Her face became slightly serious.

“Tell him goodbye for me,” she said. Simon at her for a moment.

“/Tell him yourself,/” he responded. Arisu felt uncomfortable.

“No,” she said. Silence passed on for a moment. Arisu forced all of her negative feelings down again.

“See ya, Simon,” she said. The girl turned to leave. Simon thought about what to do for a second.

“/No, wait!/” he said. “/I’ve got you a going away present!/” He hurried over to her as the roommate shut the trash bin. Arisu paused and turned around to him. Simon pulled out Sid’s letter to her and gave it to her.

“/I think you’ll want to see this,/” he said as he handed it to her. “/Style-wise, it could be improved, but it several clear strong points./” Arisu opened up the note and read it to herself. Simon walked away. Her roommate looked on at her. The words touched something deep inside of her. She tried to hold herself together as she and her roommate walked away.

Everyone danced like crazy at Ando’s birthday party. Jack pretty much hijacked the DJ booth and took over. Ando’s mom was fighting with the drug dealer to get back some control to her brother with no avail. Kazuma stood back and let Jack do his own thing. Ando and his friends all cheered at Jack for such a bold rescue. Shuichi and Ando danced together like idiots. Then suddenly, Yuko and some friends of her walked into the place. The group didn’t notice they were too busy enjoying the music. When the song ended, everybody cheered at Jack. Yuko tapped Emma on the shoulder.

“Excuse me!” she hissed at her rival. Emma turned around and saw the enemy glaring at her.

“Give it back!” Yuko demanded. “Hon!” Emma looked at her innocently.

“Huh?” she asked, playing dumb.

“My ring has gone bye-bye, bitch!” she hissed. “I’ve come over, all snapping!” Ando looked on at one of butch women with Yuko. She looked pretty scary indeed. Emma pretended to be shocked.

“#Well, I’ve heard that can happen!#” she said boldly.

“You looking for a touch of this?!?” Yuko snapped as she held up her fist in front of the girl. Emma still tried to act tough.

“Oh Yuko!” she said sarcastically. “We hardly know each other!” Yuko laughed out loud at the Aussie.

“You don’t want me and my bitches to gut you good!” the woman warned her rival. “Because they’ll take you lower that a dead dog’s dick!” The friends all stood together.

“Right,” Ando said. “Now they’ve lost me!”

“STOP IT!!!” a voice yelled to the brewing trouble. Ken-san raced over to them. “STOP IT, ALL OVER YOU!!! FOR F**K SAKE!!!” He made his way between them. The teacher looked over at Emma.

“Give it back, Emma,” he said. “Okay?”

“Give what back?” Shuichi asked the Aussie. Silence came between them all for a long moment. Emma reluctantly sighed.

“#Alright,#” she said at last. She reached into her jeans pocket, pulled out the box, and dragged it on the floor.

“#Sorry,#” she muttered as she knelt down to pick them up. She handed them back to her ex on her knees. Kazuma got excited.

“Ladies and gentlemen!” he announced. “We have a happy event! A really happy event, everyone! Woo!” Everyone applauded Emma and Ken on the “marriage proposal.” The romantic started up. Ken-san panicked.

“No!!!” he yelled freaking out. “No, no! It’s not that! Listen!!!” The applause grew louder and louder. No one listened at all. The teacher sighed in stress.

“#It’s yours, Ken,#” Emma said. “#If you want it.#” Ken-san looked on at her. They stared at each other for a long time. Ken-san slowly took the ring and slid it on his finger. He turned around to Yuko. He handed her the ring back.

“No,” he said. Yuko looked down at his hand. The teacher walked away sadly. Emma stood up in pride.

“#Yeah!#” she bragged. “#He loves me!#” Then, Yuko punched the Aussie right in the face. Emma fell straight to the ground. Everyone fell into panic. Fujisaki and some girls pushed Yuko away from Emma. Ando did a spinning kick on one of the bitches. She went KO really quick. Shuichi and his buddy took over fighting.

“Ando!!!” his mother screamed as the boy got thrown to the floor by another one of the bitches. As the fight intensified, Sid walked right into the chaos.

“/Has anyone seen Arisu?/” he asked loudly. One of the bitches head butted him. The dullard fell straight down to the ground. The fighting worsened from there. Fujisaki kneed one of the bitches in the stomach hard. She sank to the ground in pain and Fujisaki smiled and walked away. Shuichi walked over to aid Ando, but the bitch grabbed him by the ankle and dragged her back to him.

“Someone call the police!!!” the mother screamed. Fujisaki walked from a corner. The fighting got worse and worse. Emma lifted her head and looked around happily. She slowly lied back down.

Meanwhile, Sid read Arisu’s letter in the men’s room. Each word hurt worse than the last. He looked in the mirror in sorrow. Simon and Darcy pulled up in a street on the outside. Casper said in a bathroom stall in the ladies room crying. She had her mobile in her hand hoping for Simon to call her again. Suddenly, her phone rang. The hippie opened it up and put it to her ear.

“/Hello Simon,/” she sobbed.

“/Casper?/” the charming bastard asked.

“/What?/” the hippie asked. Simon had gotten out of the car for better phone reception. The charming bastard was on his own personal mission of love.

“/Casper,/” he said. “/I want to talk to her./”

“/I can’t hear you,/” the hippie said.

“/Casper, listen,/” Simon said.

“/Simon?/” his former bird asked.

“/Bad signal?/” the charming bastard asked. “/Hang on!/” He began walking into the middle of the street. Casper looked at her phone as she waited. She held it back up to her ear.

“/Can you hear me now?/” Simon asked in the middle of the street.

“/Simon?/” the hippie asked.

“/I need to tell you something,/” Simon announced. Casper listened on.

“/I’m a twat,/” Simon confessed. “/I don’t know why I’m like this. Maybe I can change./” Casper began to cry again.

“/I can change,/” Simon insisted. Casper cried on at his words.

“/You’re the only one,/” her ex pleaded. His girl sobbed hard on the other line.

“/The truth is,/” Simon continued. “/The truth is, I love you./” Suddenly, the charming bastard turned around when he heard a horn honking at him. Then… WHAM!!! The bus sped on screeching to a halt.

“/SIMON!!!!!!/” Darcy screamed in the car.

“/Simon?/” Casper asked on the other line. The phone went dead. “/Simon!/” she yelled again.

“/SIMON!!!!/” Darcy screamed again. She leapt out of the car and ran all the way over to her seriously injured brother.

Back in the bathroom, everything slowly wound down together.

Men in the bathroom: La, la, la, la, la, la ,la , la, la, la-a, La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la-a, La, la la la la la la la la la-a, La, la, la, la, laaa

Sid: Now that I've lost everything to you/You say you wanna start something new/And it's breakin' my heart you're leavin'/Baby, I'm grievin'

(Arisu stands outside of the clinic with her luggage waiting to go as the taxi drives up to pick her up. She is in deep conflict about Sid and leaving. Arisu gets in with her luggage.)

Sid: But if you wanna leave, take good care/Hope you have a lot of nice things to wear/But then a lot of nice things turn bad out there

(Sid walks out of the community center and pass Casper trying to call Simon.)

Sid: Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world/It's hard to get by just on a smile, girl/Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world/I'll always remember you like a child, girl

(Darcy sitting on the ground with Simon as looks to the sky in desperation. She breaks down into tears.)

Simon: You know I've seen a lot of what the world can do/And it's breakin' my heart in two/Because I never wanna see you sad, girl/Don't be a bad girl

(Casper stands outside of the community center still crying and worrying about her bloke. Inside, Ando is cuddling with his girl. Fujisaki and Jack cuddling with their dates. Shuichi and one of the bitches are close like friends now.)

Simon: But if you wanna leave, take good care/Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there/But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware.

(Sid on the bus riding home and remembering all the happy and bad times with Arisu.)

Sid: Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world/It's hard to get by just on a smile, girl/Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world/I'll always remember you like a child, girl

Back-up singers: La, la, la, la, la, la ,la ,la, la, la-a, La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la, la-a, La, la la la la la la la la la-a, La, la, la, la, laaa

(Sid gets off of the.)

Sid: Baby, I love you/But if you wanna leave, take good care

Bus Driver: Hope you make a lot of nice friends out there

(Sid walking through the city.)

Sid: But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware/ Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world/

(Emma stands outside of Ken-san’s apartment looking in. Ken-san looks out at her.)

Sid and Emma: It's hard to get by just on a smile, girl/Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world/I'll always remember you like a child, girl

Sid, Emma, and Ken-san: Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world/It's hard to get by just on a smile, girl

Sid: Oh, baby, baby, it's a wild world/I'll always remember you like a child, girl

At last, Sid found Arisu sitting on a bench looking at the city as the sun rose. He sat down and joined her. The Japanese girl looked at him. She had his letter in her lap. Arisu lightly held his hand.

“Hi,” she said.

“/Hi,/” Sid said back. Looks like the start of a beautiful relationship!

[1] Football= Soccer to the Brits

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