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“Japanese talking”

“+American English talking+”

“/British English talking/”

“#Australian English talking#”

The Summer Festival is an exciting time, right? Well… There are a couple of problems that snowball into a bigger shite storm. At the Miles apartment is where the first flake fell. Emma woke up for the fourth time this week feeling very sick. At first, it didn’t really cross her mind that something was wrong. (She always woke up with a hangover from partying the night before.) No, this one was different. This sickness wasn’t in her head. It was in her stomach. The Aussie couldn’t figure it out.

I haven’t eaten anything bad lately,” she thought. Emma hoped that it was only a stomach bug. Sadly, it only got worse each day. Then came the vomiting. This took place in the morning for five days now. One of her co-workers noticed last night. She knocked on the bathroom door.

“Emma!” she called as she knocked on the door. “Are you okay in there?”

“#No!#” the Aussie croaked out. Then, more vomiting followed. The girl outside winced.

“Ooo,” she murmured to herself. The hostess pushed open the door. Emma sat on the bathroom floor, hugging the toilet.

“Oh,” her co-worker said. “That bad?”

“#Yes!” Emma croaked again. The hostess looked down at her.

“And you don’t know what’s causing it?” she asked. Emma shook her head.

“How long have you been sick?” the woman asked.

“#Two weeks,#” Emma moaned.

“Two weeks?”

“#Yes… Oh god, not again!#” The Aussie turned back to the toilet and threw up again. The co-worker took a moment to think about the situation.

“Anything else?” she asked. Emma looked up at her.

“#What do you mean?#” she asked.

“Well,” the woman said. “Anything else with the sickness?” Emma took a moment to think about that.

“#Well,#” she began. “#I’ve been hungry for curry and dumplings for five days now. My back and tits have been sore for three days now…#” The co-worker smiled at her.

“Oh don’t worry,” she cheered. “Kyoko was like that when she had her son last year.” Emma blinked at her.

“#Huh?#” she asked. It took a moment for it all to sink into that thick skull.

“#You think I’m…#” she began to say. Emma quickly shook her head. “#Oh no! No, no way!#” Her co-worker shrugged at her.

“You sure?” she asked. Emma went quiet there.

“Exactly,” the co-worker pointed out. She gave the Aussie a kind smile. “Look,” she said. “Just take the test and you’ll know.” Emma stared at her, quietly.

“#That all?#” she asked. The co-worker nodded.

“Yes,” she said. “That’s all there is to it.” Emma thought about that for a moment. Then, she quickly turned back to the toilet and threw up again. So now this morning, Emma had brought a pregnancy test and had just now taken it. She had to wait for two minutes to get the results. The Aussie looked at the ceiling as she sat on the bathroom floor. She exhaled in distress. “This is taking too long,” Emma complained in her head.

At last, time was up. The Aussie looked down at the stick. Her eyes widened in shocked fear. She beheld a pretty little pink plus sign before her. “No, no, no, no!” Emma thought over and over again. Oh, but yes. Emma was pregnant.

Subject: Everyone

Emma wasn’t the only one with baby problems. Nicole was packing up from dance practice that morning.

“Nicole-chan, wait!” a voice called out to her. The dancer looked up to see Saji running towards her. She stood straight as he made it over to her.

“/Saji!/” Nicole said. “/What’s up?/” The male dancer grinned at her.

“So, are you going?” he asked. Nicole grinned back at him.

“/Saji!/” she said. “/You know me better than that!/”

“Of course,” Saji said. “You’ll do great in Italy.”

“/Hell yeah!/” Nicole bragged. Then, another wave of sickness came over her. The glow from Saji’s face began to dim.

“Nicole, what’s the matter?” he asked. The British girl didn’t have to answer. She just threw up all over the floor. Saji shuddered at the display.

“Eww,” he said. Nicole sat back in misery.

“/Oh god…/” she mumbled. Saji blinked at her.

“You’ve been doing that a lot lately,” he pointed out. Nicole glanced up at him.

“/Yeah, so?/” she asked. Saji knelt down next to her.

“Sweetheart,” he said. “This has been going on for days now. You either have virus or you’re…” Nicole raised an eyebrow at him before he could finish his sentence.

“/What?/” she asked. “/Pregnant?/” Saji nodded a bit.

“It would seem that way…” he said. There was a moment of silence. Nicole quickly shook her head.

“/No,/” she said. “/I can’t be pregnant! That’ll f**k up my plans!/” Saji only shrugged at her.

“It’s a possibility…” he suggested. Nicole looked at him with big eyes of panic.

“/No!/” she yelped. “/No, no, no! No f*****g way!/” The dancer got up, grabbed her things, and raced out of the studio. That was the end, right? That suggestion refused to leave her head. Nicole was really freaking out.

What if I am pregnant?” she thought. The Goth queen tried to force the thoughts out of her mind. But, they just kept coming back. Only one way to find out…

Nicole made a quick trip to the drug store and bought a pregnancy test. She took it right in the store’s bathroom. In two minutes everyone heard, “/SON OF A BITCH!!!/” Nicole peeked out of the bathroom. All eyes were on her.

“/WHAT?!?/” she snapped. “/CAN’T BREAK DOWN IN PUBLIC?!? I’M HAVING A BAD DAY!!!” Everyone just quickly went back to what they were doing. Nicole sighed aloud. As you can guess, she too was pregnant.

Meanwhile, Shawn lied back on his bed, smoking a blunt. He came to a realization. Tokyo was starting to bore him. His mother was a drunken bitch who moped around the house because her boyfriend was in Iraq at the moment. The art club was pointless and only went over the mundane and basic things. His girlfriend was leaving for Italy soon. His other girlfriend couldn’t take a hint. He blew out some smoke.

Maybe it was time for a change in scenery. Shawn sat up on his bed. The idea of leaving town sounded sweet right now. But, not right away. After the festival, of course. A nice send off for him.

Casper had the same idea as well. She just couldn’t take it anymore. Lynn wasn’t divorcing her new husband fast enough. He was starting to be a creepy perv again. Too bad the young hippie couldn’t tell her mother. She could only see heart in her eyes. Plus, Simon didn’t seem that into her sexually anymore. Casper didn’t seem to know what to do. Oh and Tokyo was starting to smother her as well. She needed an escape rather badly. Tonight seemed to be her only window. No word if she was going to the festival or not.

Tokyo Cram College’s school festival fired up by evening. Most of the crew was there. There were a few missing pieces, however. Emma crept the building to look for Dr. Taka. (The Aussie had to be careful not to be seen by the guards or officials. She had been expelled a few months back.) She came to the Good Doctor’s office. Emma knocked on the door.

“#Doc,#” she whispered. “#Doc, are you in?#”

“Yes Emma,” a voice spoke up. The Aussie nearly jumped up startled. Dr. Taka giggled.

“It’s only me,” she said. Emma tried to relax.

“#I just wasn’t expecting anyone to be here,#” she said. The doctor nodded.

“Come in,” she said. “Take a seat.” Emma hesitated at first. She almost wished that she hadn’t even come out in the first place. But, she just needed someone to talk to. The Aussie slowly walked into the room and sat down in front of the desk. Dr. Taka eyed her for a moment.

“What is on your mind?” she asked. Emma swallowed a bit as she looked around, nervously. She firmly pressed her lips together.

“#I’m pregnant…#” she said in a low voice. Dr. Taka tried to keep her surprise down long enough to get through the session.

“Do you know who the father is?” she whispered. Emma nodded once.

“Does Fujisaki know?” she asked. The Aussie shook her head.

“Oh,” Dr. Taka said, looking at the desk. “Have you told anyone else?”

“#No,#” Emma said.

“I see,” the Good Doctor told her. She took a moment to think about this.

“What do you want to do with the child?” she asked.

“#I don’t know,#” Emma whispered.

“I see,” Dr. Taka said. There was a pause. She looked up at the Aussie.

“Do you want to call someone one?” Dr. Taka asked. Emma raised an eyebrow at her.

“#Like who?#” she asked. The Good Doctor shrugged at her.

“I don’t know, just anyone,” she replied. Emma thought about that for a moment. She nodded at last.

“#Yes, okay,#” the Aussie replied. Dr. Taka gave her a kind smile as she handed the girl the phone. Emma dialed a familiar number and made the call.

Outside, the boys were all taking shots at the bar. The bar tender kept filling up their glasses. They toasted to each other.

“Here’s the summer!” Shuichi yelled.

“Hell yes!” Ando yelled. They all toasted and drank. Yet, not everyone was in a celebratory mood. Hiro happened to look up from his drink and see Fujisaki sitting in the corner all alone. He didn’t look up for anything tonight. He didn’t even have a disapproving face. Curious, the guitarist walked over to him.

“Something wrong?” he asked. The keyboardist jerked his head up at that question. Hiro stood a couple of inches away from him. Fujisaki looked away some.

“It’s Emma…” he mumbled. “She seemed to be avoiding me today and I don’t understand why.” Hiro listened to him for a moment.

“Did you get into a fight or something?” he asked. Fujisaki shook his head.

“No,” he said. “She’s been acting sick lately. I tried to ask her what was wrong and she said she didn’t know. Now…”

“I see,” Hiro replied. Fujisaki nodded. Still, he wasn’t the only one with problems. Nicole sat in her bed in distress. Seventeen years old and pregnant. All at a bad time. She didn’t want a kid—not now or ever. What the f**k happened?

Nicole picked up a fag and put it in her mouth. She pulled out her lighter from her pocket and was about to light up. But then, Nicole paused and put the lighter down. Smoking was not good for the baby! That nagging voice of her mum wouldn’t shut up in her head. Nicole sighed aloud in distress. She looked up at the ceiling again. The Goth queen needed something.

She picked up an unwrapped condom from the nightstand and sneered at it. “Unless mother f****r!” Nicole thought in anger. Then, something else caught her eye. At first, she was thought that she was imagining a hole through the unwrapped rubber. Nicole squinted her eyes for a better look. She widened them when she saw the truth before her. Shawn had pin-pricked all of her condoms to get pregnant so that she couldn’t leave the country. Nicole now saw red.

At the festival, Simon was looking around. Lexie looked up and saw her friend. She flagged him over to her.

“+Simon!+” she yelled. “+Over here!+” The English boy blinked at her for a moment, then he made it over to Lexie and Lucas at their table. He looked around at the couple. Luke gave him a huge smile.

“+Hey!+” he said. “+How have you been?+” Simon blinked at him once.

“/Have you seen Casper?/” he asked. Lucas and Lexie went quiet and grim for a moment. The American woman lowered her eyes to the table.

“+She’s not here…+” Lexie mumbled. Simon looked at her, confused.

“/Why? Where is she?/” he asked.

“+Dunno,+” Lexie said. Simon began to look disappointed.

“/Oh…/” he said. “/I see…/” Then, the boy just walked away. Lucas looked over at his girlfriend.

“+That was the best you could do?+” he asked. Lexie shrugged at him.

“+What else was I supposed to say?+” she asked.

“+Anything but that,+” he told her. They both went quiet. Casper was still difficult subject to bring up with Simon.

“+You think they’ll ever get back together?+” Lexie asked.

“+Don’t know,+” her boyfriend said. He held her hand at the table. Meanwhile, the real shite was about to hit the fan.

“/Ando, you little shite-head!/” Nick screamed out.”/You just finished up my stash!!!/” The younger Japanese boy looked at him, confused.

“I don’t know what you are talking about!” he cried.

“/Liar!!!/” Nick yelled. “/You are a thief and liar!/”

“I didn’t touch your pot!” Ando yelled. “I swear! I swear!”

“/LIAR, I’M GOING TO KILL YOU MOTHER F****R!!!/” Nick shouted. He ran all the way after the boy. Ando panicked and fled from his mate.

“AHHHH!!!!” he screamed as he ran off. Nick chased after him.

“/Come back here!!!/” he yelled. The British boy ran after his screaming Japanese friend. Shawn walked out of the bathroom and back to the bar with his bar in his hand. He looked around at the scene.

“/What’s going on here?/” he asked.

“Beats me,” Hiro said.

“/Hey jackass!/” someone yelled at them. The boys looked up to angry Scottish man walking over to them. He stopped right in front of Shawn. The Goth artist didn’t blink.

“/Yes?/” he asked.

“/You Shawn Harrison?/” he asked.

“/Yeah,/” the Goth artist said. “/What’s it to you?/”

“/YES!!!/” the Scottish man yelled. Then, he punched Shawn right in the face. The boy fell straight to the guy. Shuichi and Hiro looked down on the ground, confused. Shawn rubbed his chin.

“/What the f**k?!?/” he yelled.

“/That’s for my brother!/” the man yelled. Shawn stared at him as if he was mental.

“/Huh?/” he asked.

“/The bloke you bitch-slapped with a bar stool six months ago!/” the man yelled. Shawn still didn’t get it at first. Then, he smirked. He laughed to himself.

“/Oh him,/” Shawn said. “/That dipstick was hitting on my girlfriend, so I had to teach him a lesson. Now, I’m going to give you what I gave him!/” The Scottish prepared to fight. Shawn leapt up to his feet and gave the man a right hook. The man staggered backwards. The rage in his eyes heated up.

“/You twat!/” he snapped. Then, he punched him back. Shawn kneed him in the groin. Pretty soon, a fight ensued. Not just with those two, mind you. Almost all of the boys on the school grounds were getting in on it. Shuichi, Hiro, Fujisaki, Lucas, and Lexie managed to get out before things got worse. Boy, did it look like a battle zone. Everyone was piled up on top of each other. The teachers had to try and break up the fight as best as they could. Many people were injured. Ten people had to go to the hospital. Seventeen arrests were made. Shawn and the Scottish man were taken away in separate cars.

In five hours, Nicole came by the jail and bailed Shawn out. He was overjoyed to see her. Too bad the same thing can’t be said for Nicole. Her boyfriend looked at her with a grin on his face.

“/Babe!/” he said. “/Thank you./” She looked at him like an ill serpent. The Goth queen slapped him hard in the face. Shawn looked at her in confused pain.

“/Ow, what the f**k?!?/” he snapped. “/What was that for?/”

“/I’m pregnant because of you!/” she yelled. “/You pin-pricked the condoms you dumbass because you didn’t want me to go to Italy! F**k you!/” Then, she stormed away from the jailhouse. Shawn smirked to himself in victory. Goal for him. He followed behind his soon-to-be-baby momma home.

Close to midnight, Emma sat alone in the apartment she shared with Fujisaki. A couple of hours ago, she talked to Seguchi on the phone and broke the news to him. He gave her an option to fix the problem. He even promised to explain the exit to his cousin. Emma had already packed. The suitcase was sitting next to her at the moment. But, could she do it? She loved Fujisaki too much for this. But would he stay around even with a kid? She shut her eyes for a moment. Maybe getting away would help her after all.

Emma slowly opened her eyes. This was her only choice right now. “I am so sorry, Sugo-kun,” the Aussie thought. Then, the girl rose up to her feet and quietly walked out the door.

Casper sat inside his mother’s car near the abandoned train tracks. She was crying on the whole drive out of the city. She finally decided to go through with it after all. Marty tried to molester her a couple of hours ago. Casper just couldn’t take it anymore. She packed her bags and drove off. Now, she was here. The hippie didn’t even say goodbye to her friends. But, now she wasn’t moving. Doubts, maybe? Casper didn’t know how to explain it or what to do?

She pulled out her cell phone and typed up text message. She stared at her screen a few seconds longer. Her hands were trembling. She almost wanted to delete the message and drive home. But in the end, Casper hit send and drove off. That was it for her.

Once Shawn got home, it was time to act on his master plan. The summer festival did him more than justice and he scored a goal with Nicole. Now, it was time to go. He packed up his things and walked up to his van.

“/Shawn!/” a voice cried to him. The Goth artist tried to ignore it and get into the van. He started to pull out when his mum raced outside and tapped on the hood. Shawn stopped the van and got out. His mum looked really hurt inside. She raced over to her son and hugged him tight. After a few seconds, Shawn pushed her off, got into his van, and drove away. He was free now. The Goth King had left the city.

Meanwhile, Shuichi and Hiro sat in the empty, chaotic mess on the festival grounds. Almost easy to believe that a war took place here.

“Shawn’s gone,” Hiro said.

“Yeah?” Shuichi asked.



“Nicole’s pregnant.”



“And Shawn is gone?”

“Yes, Shuichi. He is.” There was a moment of silence. The vocalist looked out at the view.

“Oh, that’s not good.”

“No, it’s not.” Then, their cell phones buzzed. They reached into their pockets and pulled out their cell phones. The boys looked at their screens.

“A message from Casper,” Hiro said.

“It says, ‘Don’t follow me,’” Shuichi said. He looked up at his best friend.

“Is she gone too?” the vocalist asked.

“Seems that way,” Hiro replied. They both looked at each other.

“Now what?” Shuichi asked. Hiro only shrugged at him. Now what, indeed.

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