“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

Hectic. It all started with one little phrase.

“/It’s time!/” Nicole cried. At first, the crew didn’t get it. It took a minute for the sentence for Shawn to get before he could move. When he did, the man sat up straight on the bed.

“/Nicole?/” he asked as he wandered into the kitchen. “/What’s wrong?/”

“/My water broke!!!/” his girlfriend screamed. That set some fire under him.

“/Your water?!?/” he asked. The Goth raced over to her at the sink. Nicole sat on the floor, crying in pain. Shawn knelt over her.

“/What’s wrong?/” he asked.

“/Babes!/” Nicole whimpered. “/It’s here./”

“/Lunch?/” he asked. The Goth princess gave him the look of death.

“/The baby, you idiot!/” she screamed. Shawn’s eyes shot open wide.

“/Oh shite!/” he yelled. “/You’re not due until next week!/”

“/Well, the baby wants to come out now!/” she screamed. “/Get me to a f*****g doctor NOW!!!/”

“/Okay, okay,/” he said. “/Uh… hang on!/” He raced back to her room. The crew were all lying around in her room. They all looked up to see Shawn panting in the door way.

“What’s the matter, Shawn?” Shuichi asked.

“/Guys!/” he yelled. “/The baby’s coming!/” Everyone leapt up into attention from there. The hectic storm exploded from there.

Subject: Everyone

“/Can you stand?/” Casper asked.

“/No!/” Nicole cried. “/Ow!/” Casper and Cassie helped her up to her feet. Hiro peeked into the kitchen.

“Van’s ready,” he said.

“/Good!/” Casper said. She turned back to the mother-to-be and Cassie.

“/Let’s go,/” she said. The girls walked Nicole over to the door.

“/I hate you, Shawn!/” Nicole cried out.

“/I know,/” Casper said. “/I know./” They kept walking out the door. Shawn sat behind the wheel. He glanced over his shoulder.

“/Everyone in,/” he said.

“+Yeah!+” Lucas said.

“/Take me to f*****g hospital!/” Nicole screamed. Shawn turned to windshield.

“/Okay…/” he said. “/Let’s roll./” He put the van in the drive and drove off.

However, everyone wasn’t there to try and get Nicole to the hospital. Some people had their own problems to do with. Fujisaki waited at the subway station. He looked at the clock above him. Noon right now. Sneaking out took effort. Seguchi was staying over the Fujisaki house over the night. The boy already knew where his girlfriend was. He couldn’t take it anymore. The keyboardist just had to see her again.

Fujisaki pulled out his cell phone. He dialed her number and held the phone to his ear. The boy looked around as it rang. No one picked up on the other line.

“#WAAA!!! Ha-ha! Got ya! I’m not in, you whackers! Leave a message!#” Emma’s answer phone cheered once again. Fujisaki sighed.

“Hey Emma-chan,” he said. “It’s me. I’m coming up to see. Call me when you get this. Love you, bye.” Fujisaki hung up. The boy sighed again. Right then, the train pulled up to the station. The doors blew open and the people stepped off. Fujisaki watched as they all did so. The emotion died away from his face. Now to start his journey. The keyboardist stepped onto subway and was off to Hokkaido.

Fujisaki wasn’t the only one heading out to find his love. Emma had just left the school hospital. She had given birth three weeks. The baby was a healthy baby boy. The parents adopted him this morning. Emma couldn’t take it anymore. I’m going home!, she thought. The escape plan… well… it wasn’t much of a plan. Emma just packed up her things and left. The teachers tried to stop her, but she didn’t listen.

“You have to stay here until you have recovered,” the nurse tried to reason with her.

“#I’m just fine!#” Emma snapped. She just walked out and was gone. Not a good idea. The girl will soon realize that in a few seconds.

The van crew hit its own problem on the way to the hospital. First, there was traffic. Nicole screaming in the background didn’t help her. Shawn gripped the steering wheel while he heavily breathed in and out.

“/Damn it,/” he mumbled to himself. The cars dragged in front of him.

“/Damn it,/” he cursed again. The boy glanced over his shoulder.

“/How is she holding up?/” he asked.

“/HOW DO YOU THINK I’M HOLDING UP?!?/” Nicole screamed.

“/I know, I know,/” he said. Shawn turned back to the front. He sighed hard.

“+What now?+” Lexie asked. The Goth man shook his head.

“/Hang on,/” he said. Shawn began to slowly back up. Shuichi looked around.

“What are you doing?” he asked. The father-to-be grinned to himself.

“/Oh,/” he said. “/Just a little shortcut./” The man stepped on the gas and quickly backed out.

“/Hang on tight!/” he yelled.

“/I don’t my baby born in a f*****g van!/” Nicole shouted.

“/Relax woman!/” he shouted.

“/Relax?!?/” his baby mama shouted. “/How dare you!!!/” Shawn ignored her as he shot off into off-roading. The girls all screamed aloud.

“+Slow down!!!+” Lexie cried.

“/WE CAN’T!!!/” Nicole and Shawn yelled. She only held on tighter. Shawn floored the gas as far as it would go.

Emma wandered through Sapporo, feeling the pain of lack of rest. Three weeks can do this to me?, she thought. I’m never having kids again. She sat down on the sidewalk and panted. The Aussie looked up at the sky. So, she escaped, where to now? Maps? What were those?

“#Damn,#” Emma mumbled. “#Now what?#” Probably should go on Google Maps or something. The Aussie reached into her book bag and pulled out her phone. Thank goodness for small wonders. She pressed on the button. The smiling welcome screen greeted her. The Fujisaki wallpaper was the first thing to pop up. Emma smiled to herself. My babes!, she thought. She couldn’t wait to touch him again—in more ways than one. But then, that joy went on hold. The glow in her eyes just died.

“#What?!?#” she yelled. “#No reception?!?#” The Aussie flopped back on the sidewalk. The pretty sky mocked her now.

“Are you sure you know where you are going?” Hiro asked as he looked out the window.

“/Does it matter?/” Shawn asked. “/There’s a baby on the way!/”

“Yes, but, it’s looking all the same!” Ando yelled.

“/You have anything better?/” the driver shot back. The others went quiet except for Nicole. She gave off another scream of pain.

“/I thought so,/” Shawn said back. But then, Sid looked out the window behind him.

“/Uh… guys…/” he said.

“/What/?” Shawn asked.

“/We’ve got a problem,/” the dullard said. The Goth father-to-be didn’t get a chance to ask. He already saw the blue flashing lights and heard the sirens. Shawn cursed himself under his breath.

“/Oh jolly good!/” he mumbled. He pulled the van to a complete stop. Nicole cried out again.

“/WHY THE HELL DID WE STOP?!?/” she cried.

“+The cops,+” Lucas whispered.

“/What?!?/” she cried.

“What now?” Arisu asked.

“/What else?/” the father-to-be asked. He rolled down the window as the cop walked up to him. Shawn forced himself to grin.

“/Just give me the ticket and let us go,/” he said.

“Easy there, boy,” the cop said. “What’s the hurry?”

“/I’M IN LABOR!!!/” Nicole cried from the back.

“/Shut it back there!/” the baby-daddy shouted to her.

“/But, it’s HURTS!!!/” she screamed. “/GET THIS F*****G TICKET OVER WITH AND LET’S GO!!!/” Shawn turned back to the cop.

“/See?/” he asked. The cop looked at him with big eyes.

“Yeah,” he said. “I’ll let you off with a warning this time.”

“/Thanks,/” Shawn whispered. He drove at the speed limit this time.

By three o’clock, the mates made it to the hospital. Lexie and Casper helped the mother-to-be out of the van. They all raced to the front desk. The receptionist jerked her head up towards them.

“Oh my goodness!” she gasped. “What’s the problem?”

“Get the doctors!” Shuichi yelled in the crowd. “Our friend’s in labor!”

“/OW!!!!/” Nicole screamed. The receptionist nodded.

“Alright,” she said. The woman sprang to life to aid the mates.

The day was slowly wasting away. Emma kept wandering around the city blindly. She kept trying to find bars to connect to the internet. No luck greeted her.

“#Damn it,#” she mumbled. “#How hard is it to get a signal?#” Finally, the Aussie wandered down an alley. She looked around her.

“#Oh…#” she said. “#That’s not good…#” Suddenly, her phone beeped. Hm, the woman thought as she looked down at it.

“#I’ve got many voice messages,#” she said to herself. Emma entered the code and listened to the missed calls. Fujisaki’s pleas filled her ears. The Aussie felt her heart aching.

Sugo-kun…, she thought. The Aussie slowly sank to her knees. The tears washed around in her heart and mind. Will I ever see him again…

Shawn stayed in the hospital room with Nicole as she was giving birth. She squeezed on his hand the whole time.

“Push honey,” the nurse told her. “Push! Push!” Nicole screamed as she looked over at Shawn.

“/I F*****G HATE YOU SHAWN!!!/” she screamed louder. The Goth boy only smiled at her.

“/No, you don’t,/” he said.

“/YES, I DO!/” Nicole screamed back. Shawn kissed her on the forehead.

“/You’re doing good,/” he said. “/As for the hate thing, we’ll talk about that later, okay?/” Nicole only looked at him. Shawn turned to the nurse.

“/Keep giving her the drugs,/” he whispered. She only nodded at him.

Everyone else sat around in the waiting. Ando glanced around at his mates.

“What happens now?” he asked. Nick looked over at him.

“/Wha?/” he asked.

“I mean,” Ando went on. “What will happen to Nicole and Shawn after the baby is born?” Everyone went silent for a long time. Casper just shrugged.

“/Dunno,/” she said. “/Maybe they might just stay together for the baby’s sake./”

“/I hope not,/” Cassie said. The crew all turned to her.

“Cassie?” Shuichi asked. “Why would you say such a thing?” She only shook her head.

“/They would all be miserable if they stayed together for the baby,/” she explained. They all thought about that for a moment. True…

“So what are you saying?” Hiro asked. Cassie only shrugged.

“/They might fix things up over time, I guess,/” she said at last. Nick snorted at her. Cassie turned her head.

“/What? It could happen!/” she insisted. Nick was about to speak when the doors opened wide. Everyone looked up to see the nurse and Shawn holding the new baby. The Goth man had a huge grin on his face.

“/It’s a girl,/” he said. Everyone crowded around for a closer look.

“/What’s her name?/” Simon asked. His mate still grinned at him.

“/Amaria!/” he bragged.

Meanwhile in Hokkaido, Emma awoke to a shadow standing over her. She looked to see Fujisaki standing just inches from her, smiling.

“Hey,” he said. Emma blinked in silence a few times. No, this wasn’t a dream. Fujisaki Suguru was really here.

“#H-How did you find me?!?#” she asked. The keyboardist tried to keep himself from laughing.

“I went to the academy where you were staying,” he explained. “When they told me you had left, I figured that you were trying to go home. After asking around many people, I traced you to here.” The man held out his hand.

“Come on,” he said. “I’m taking you home now.” The Aussie smiled.

“#Yeah!#” she said, grinning. Fujisaki helped Emma to her feet and the couple walked to the train station, hand-in-hand.

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