Key Notes:

“Text”= Japanese talking

“+American English talking+”

“/British English talking/”

“#Australian English talking#”

Thick brown eyes filled with strong concentration. Fujisaki was playing for the TCC’s music festival coming up in three weeks. The sensei begged him to do it. He was taking this dead seriously. That was his natural after all. When it came to music and school, Fujisaki refused to settle for second best. Nothing was going to get in his way of achieving his goals. That was just in his nature. Plumbo-san, the music sensei, was directing the class once again.

“Okay everyone,” she said aloud. “One more time! Get this god damn piece right!” The students began to play. The oboes started up nicely. Plumbo-san was smiling.

“Good!” she called. “Remember to take in deep breaths!” The girl at the koto began to play softly and gracefully. Fujisaki kept his ears open for his cue. Timing was everything in this piece. They were playing the main part for the festival. Fujisaki naturally got picked to play the main role. He didn’t want to, but Plumbo-san insisted.

“This festival will be doomed without you, Fujisaki-chan!” she begged. “So please play in the main piece at least!” The boy sighed reluctantly.

“Fine, whatever!” he said. The music sensei looked at him overjoyed.

“Thank you, Fujisaki-chan!” she cried. The young keyboardist just rolled his eyes. Anything to stop her annoying whining! She was far worse than Shuichi! Even the vocalist couldn’t stand her at all. That said a whole lot right there. If Shindou couldn’t stand Plumbo-san, she had to be that bad!

“Yes, Yumi!!!” the sensei said aloud. “Keep it nice and pretty!” Soon, the other musicians joined in. It was a little weak. It was like the material was all new to them. Plumbo-san was getting stressed out.

“Reeds, keep up for f**k sake!” she said out loud. The music changed some. Everyone was getting better. Fujisaki drew in a breath. His part was up next. The boy began to play his part just perfectly. Sadly, him, the koto, and the oboes were the only saving grace today. Everyone else just sucked. Fujisaki tuned them out and focused on his part. Plumbo-san on the other hand, was getting pretty pissed off now.

“Keep up with Fujisaki’s playing, tubas!!!” she screamed out. “It’s not that f*****g hard!!!” The tubas tried their best to, but it was too difficult. It all began to sink from there. Plumbo-san was beyond angry now!

“OH FOR F**K SAKE!!!” she shouted out. “WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU GUYS?!? YOU ACT LIKE THIS IS THE FIRST TIME THAT YOU HAVE SEEN THIS SHIT BEFORE!!! WE’VE BEEN PRACTICING IT FOR SIX F*****G WEEKS NOW!!! ACT YOU KNOW SOMETHING, DAMN IT!!!” Fujisaki played on in silence. This was another reason why Plumbo-san wasn’t on his favorites list of senseis. Aside from whining, she cursed worse than a sailor! Now, that itself wasn’t the true problem. Plumbo-san swore right in front of her students! Pretty loudly at that. Half of her students always left her class embarrassed. Fujisaki just couldn’t wrap his mind around that little fact. “Can’t she ever try to say something nicer to us?” he thought. Finally, Plumbo-san lowered her arms. All of the musicians stopped. The sensei shook her head in disappointment.

“That was shit, guys,” she said. “What happened? You were so great yesterday!” The students all watched her in silence. Plumbo just sighed aloud.

“Just go,” she said at last. “Class dismissed.” The students all packed up their instruments and quietly left. Plumbo-san held up her hand to Fujisaki.

“Fujisaki-kun!” she said aloud. The boy stopped and turned to her. Plumbo-san sat up straighter. She was a slender woman. Her black hair came to her shoulders and was wavy. Her heavy brown eyes were always bouncing with light. Plumbo-san could win the award for most classically dressed sensei in TCC. She wore nice-looking sweaters, neatly pressed skirts, and stylish dress suits. But sadly, all of the nice clothes in the world couldn’t cover up her whiny and swearing personality.

“Fujisaki-kun,” she repeated. “I just need to run by your solo piece one more time.” That was another thing. This sensei always loved giving him solo parts in festivals like this one. He couldn’t wrap his head around that one either. But, the boy didn’t mind. (“I’m just that good!” Fujisaki told his friends when they asked him.) It was true too. Fujisaki nodded at her.

“Alright,” he said. Then, Fujisaki moved over to the keyboard and started playing. Plumbo-san smiled richly.

“Yes!” she called aloud. “F*****g great! Yeah!!!” Fujisaki had tuned her out by this point. He had learned to do so when working with Shuichi. But then, there was a knock on the door. Both student and sensei looked up from the music. The principal was looking in the doorway. Plumbo-san’s eyes lit up in bliss.

“Takashi-san!” she exclaimed. “What a surprise!” The principal had serious look on his face. He walked over to her in silence.

“Plumbo-san,” he said. “I have to talk to you.” The sensei smiled at him warmly.

“Yes,” she said. “What can I do for you?”

“There is are little bit of a problem,” he said.

“A problem?” Plumbo-san asked. “I’ll tell the students to keep the music down.”

“It’s not that,” Takashi-san spoke up. “It’s a language problem…” The sensei looked at him confused.

“Language problem?” she asked.

“Yes,” Takashi-san said. “The swearing…” Plumbo-san looked at him for a moment. Then, she perked up again.

“Oh!” she said. “I’ll talk to the students about it on Monday!” The principal shook his head.

“It’s not what I meant,” he mumbled. “But okay…” Fujisaki shook his head as well. “She just doesn’t get it!” he thought. But, who was he to argue? He was the musician and she was the sensei. He just had to go along with her—no matter what. Plumbo-san perked up again.

“Oh,” she said. “Have you heard? Fujisaki-kun is playing in the music festival this year!” Takashi-san looked at the boy smiling.

“Is that so?” he asked Fujisaki.

“Yes san,” the boy replied. Takashi-san smiled at his reply.

“Yes!” Plumbo-san bragging as she clapped her hands together. “Fujisaki-kun is the best in the whole school! And he won’t let us down this year, will you?”

“No,” the boy answered. “Why?”

“Just checking!” she called. The sensei turned back to the principal.

“Anything else, Takashi-san?” she asked innocently.

“No san,” Takashi-san replied. “That’s all.” He turned to leave.

“Call me!” Plumbo-san whispered to him happily. Takashi-san pretended not to hear her at all. Fujisaki returned to the keyboard and began playing his piece again. Plumbo-san smiled at the lovely music. Fujisaki was just always perfect with his music.

A few minutes later, Fujisaki was walking home. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed Casper. All he got was her answer phone.

“/Hey, it’s me!/” it said. “/I’m not in now, but if you leave a message, I’ll get back to you shortly. Have a good day!/”

“Casper,” Suguru said to answer phone. “My festival is three weeks and I need a new suit. Call me back!” Then, he hung up. Fujisaki suddenly remembered where Casper was. He headed right over to that place.

The trip to Simon’s house was only about fifteen minutes long by foot. Casper and Simon were on the couch making out passionately. Darcy was sitting on the floor in her schoolgirl uniform watching them. Fujisaki sat on the other side of the couch looking annoyed. He rolled his eyes and looked up at the ceiling. They always did this in public everywhere they went. Fujisaki sighed aloud annoyed to get their attention. That never really works. The keyboardist get really pissed off again.

“Oh for Christ sake!” he yelled out. “Do you always have to do that?!?” Casper looked up a little bit.

“Do what *kiss*?” she asked her friend.

“Suck Williams-chan’s face in public all of the time!” Fujisaki said aloud. Casper smiled at him some. Her boyfriend was still kissing on her face.

“Aw,” she said aloud. “But Simon loves me!” Her boyfriend kissed her again. The hippie kissed him back. Her boy leaned in close to her ear.

“/Come upstairs with me!/” he whispered to her. Casper didn’t argue with that at all. Her boyfriend took her by the hand and they both rushed up the stairs. Fujisaki looked over at Darcy.

“+They’re not going to…+” he began to say. Darcy didn’t answer him. She just pushed her tongue against her cheek in her mouth. There was giggling upstairs. Fujisaki rolled his eyes again and headed out the door. When he opened the door, Sid was standing on the other side. Fujisaki didn’t looked impressed.

“Hey Fujisaki,” Sid spoke up. “Is… Simon in?” Then, he too heard the loud giggling from upstairs. The English boy went silent at that sound.

“Oh,” he said. Then, Fujisaki pushed his way outside. He turned to Sid.

“Well, come on!” he barked. “We’ve got to go shopping!” Sid looked at him confused.

“Why?” he asked. “Doesn’t Casper do that with you?”

“Yes,” the Japanese boy replied. “But she’s busy at the moment, you’ll do just fine!” Then, the young musician walked out into the city. Sid rolled his eyes annoyed.

“/You’re do!!!/” he mumbled to himself annoyed. Then, he followed after Fujisaki.

Subject: Fujisaki

Sid and Fujisaki were in the men’s department shopping for a suit. The Japanese boy was shopping around for a new suit for the music festival. Sid was getting pretty bored.

“Why are we doing this again?” he asked aloud. Suguru turned to him.

“I need a suit for the music festival in three weeks!” he said. “Since Bailey-chan is not here to help, you’re here in her place!” Sid looked at him confused. Sure, he knew Japanese. But sometimes Fujisaki, Shuichi, Hiro, Ando, and Arisu went too fast for him. So, they would have to slow down and repeat themselves to him.

“Sorry?” Sid asked Fujisaki. The boy paused as he realized that this was Sid he was talking to. He had to simplify the speech some.

“I need a suit for the music festival in three weeks,” Fujisaki explained again.

“Right,” Sid said.

“Since Bailey-chan is not here to help,” the Japanese boy went on.

“Okay,” the English boy said.

“So, you’re here in her place helping me get a suit,” Fujisaki finished up. Sid mouthed the last bit to himself quietly. Then, it all sank in.

“Oh!” he replied. Fujisaki breathed out. Usually, he would have to repeat himself at least four times with Sid. This meant his Japanese was getting better at long last.

“Right!” Suguru spoke up. “Let’s get this over with!” The shopping began. Sid looked around bored. He wasn’t really into shopping. The boy just threw on whatever he felt like wearing most of the time. Clothes and fashion were more of Casper’s area of expertise. Fujisaki was looking for suits that looked half-decent. So far today, the selection was a small one. He never really did like clothes shopping at all. It was just a pain in the ass really. But since Casper was off banging Simon at the moment, he had to make do.

After a few minutes, Fujisaki found a nice-looking dark green suit. He was trying it on in the fitting room. Sid stood outside waiting.

“You done yet?” he asked.

“Almost,” the Japanese boy replied. Sid sighed aloud as he rolled his eyes.

Oh great!” he thought. “He’s worse than any girl!” Finally, the curtains were drawn open. Sid looked up in boredom. Fujisaki was dressed up in the dark green suit. Sid looked on silently. Fujisaki kept his serious face.

“Well?” he asked. “What do you think?” Sid shrugged a bit.

“It’s…” the English boy began. “Nice. Nice and green…” Fujisaki’s face dropped at that comment.

“Green?” he asked. “The label says brown.” Sid blinked hard at that one.

“Okay,” he said. “It’s brown, I guess…” Fujisaki sighed aloud.

“Is this fine or not?” he questioned.

“Yeah,” Sid said at last.

“Okay then,” the Japanese said. “I’ll take it.”

“Great,” his friend said. “Now we can go!” Fujisaki went back into the fitting room and changed back into his other clothes. He took the suit to the clerk and paid for it in full. Then, the boys went to the ice cream stall across from the Victoria’s Secret store. Fujisaki paid for them both as usual. (Sid doesn’t usually carry money around with him. Rather annoying, really.) They were sitting on the bench eating. Everything was quiet at first. Then, Fujisaki turned to Sid with a serious question.

“Tell me something, Wilson-kun,” he spoke up. Sid looked up at him.

“Hm?” he asked.

“Why do you always follow Williams-kun around so much even though he treats you like shit?” Sid thought about that for a moment. His pal waited for the answer. Sid shrugged at him.

“Dunno,” he replied. “He’s my best friend, I guess.”

“But why?” Fujisaki asked him. Sid thought about that as well.

“We’ve known each other since we were three years old,” he reasoned.

“Ah,” Fujisaki replied unconvinced at the answer. Sid raised an eyebrow at him.

“Why?” he asked. The keyboardist just shrugged.

“No reason,” he said. “It’s just… Simon treats you like crap.” Sid nodded.

“I know,” he said. “But he means well…” Fujisaki’s eyes narrowed at that one. He knew otherwise. “No,” he thought. “Simon does not mean well. He *never* means well!” But, Fujisaki kept that little fact to himself. What would be the point to try and tell him the truth? He would never believe him. Both boys went quiet after that and finished up their ice creams.

With the new suit out of the way, Fujisaki still had a busy day ahead of him. Bad Luck had to make more records, of course. Their debut CD went triple platinum over the last year. Their fans were hooked into them like coke addicts. And who were they to deny their fans’ requests? Fujisaki was happy to push himself and the band to be far more superior to Nittle Grasper. If only he could get Shuichi to stop goofing from time to time. That was always going to be next to impossible. Today was no exception. Lucky for him and the staff, things were great between Shuichi and Yuki at the moment. That was one less problem to worry with.

Surprisingly today, the recording was fairly decent. Shuichi was well-behaved today. Fujisaki, Hiro, and Sakano all held their breath the whole time on the safe side. By the end of recording, Fujisaki went home with one more thing on his mind to worry about. Now, he had to rehearse for the festival at school. That was going to be a big challenge as well. That evening, Fujisaki made it home. His household was an interesting one. The boy lived with his mother, father, and two older sisters. But that wasn’t it at all. His sisters, Mai and Chiyo, always had their boyfriends, and American friend, Amber, at the house. The girls were just air-headed and annoying. Mai and Chiyo wanted to be singers in the Jpop world. Lucky for all of the family, they had the talent, but sadly they weren’t very bright at all. In fact, Suguru and Seguchi barely even mentioned them at all. (Easy to see why…)

Fujisaki unlocked the door to his house and went inside.

“Hello?” he called out. “I’m home!” There was some silence at first. Fujisaki looked around for a bit.

“Hello?” he asked again.

“In here!” Chiyo called out loud. The boy rolled his eyes. Mai, Chiyo, and Amber were at it again. They were coming up with another scheme to hit it big. He could tell this was going to be a failure as well. But yet, something was telling him to go check it out. So, Fujisaki followed the sound all the way into the den. Chiyo, Mai, and Amber were all gathered around singing along to Namie Amuro on karaoke. Their boyfriends were all gathered around listening. Namie Amuro was the girls’ idol. They followed her style and every trend closely. Their obsession sickened their brother so. Fujisaki just shook his head.

“And what are you doing this time?” he questioned them. All of them looked up at him. This group was the idea of what Fujisaki wanted to get as far away from as he could. This was a sad pathetic group. Chiyo was the oldest of the three Fujisaki siblings. She didn’t seem to know when to shut up. The woman was of twenty-one and still lived in the house with her family. However, Chiyo wanted to get boyfriend. She keeps dropping hints to her boyfriend, Asato. But sadly, he doesn’t get it. But, Chiyo refused to give up no matter what. She was determined to get her career and man all at once. Mai was just as dumb as her older sister. Nineteen and a female version of Shuichi. She didn’t as much as Chiyo did, but she drove her brother insane all of the time. Together with Amber, Chiyo and Mai got on everyone’s nerves with their pointless schemes that always ended in failure. Their boyfriends weren’t much help either. They were just thuggish bums with no jobs. They just seemed to sponge off Suguru’s sisters for the money. It was all sickening to Suguru. Mai stepped forward.

“We were just practicing for the song that Amber wrote!” she answered him. Suguru raised an eyebrow at that statement.

“Amber wrote a song?” he asked trying not to laugh. The strawberry blonde sat up from the leather office chair smiling.

“Yep!” she called out. “Want to hear?” (Amber knew Japanese very well.) Suguru just shook his head.

“No thanks!” he said. Amber did not seem to listen. She turned to Asato.

“Cue up the tape!” she called. The boyfriend nodded. Then, he hit play on the tape player. The Jpop music started up right away. Suguru rolled his eyes and walked away just in time. Amber never seems to understand what “no” means when he says. She proceeds to play music samples for him even after he says. The best thing to do was to escape before it was too late.

Suguru finally made it to his room with his sanity intact. He took a deep breath. Now, it was time to get to work. The boy made his way over to his keyboard. The world was gone away from him once he got lost in his music. He was free there. His piece of choice for the festival? “Nocturne” by Chopin. Plumbo-san and Fujisaki had it out for a while. She wanted a classical piece from Europe and he wanted to play some Japanese classical music. They both settled on Chopin after a good few seconds. He didn’t mind it though. Anything to show off his talents on the keyboard. Suguru was deep into the music when he heard some loud Jpop music blaring over his. He tried to ignore it at first. But then, the noise got to be too much. So, Suguru stopped playing and headed back to the den. The girls were singing another Namie Amuro song.

The boy quickly became angry. Every single time! They were determined to be annoying over him when he tried to practice. Suguru pounded loudly on the door. They didn’t seem to hear him. The music was too loud. The keyboardist swallowed his anger. There was only one way to fix this. Fujisaki crept over to the karaoke machine and hit stop. They all looked up confused. Suguru was close to snapping now.

“Do you all mind?” he hissed. “Keep it down! I’m trying to practice for the music festival at school!” They all stared at him blankly at first.

“Okay,” Mai replied. Suguru glared at her coldly. The girls looked at him like sweet little angels.

“Aw!” Chiyo called out in a mocking tone. “Is Suguru-baby pissed off at the noise?” Suguru looked away angry. They were now being pissy over his simple little request. They couldn’t have their way now, so why should the keyboardist? It was just typical childishness of them. Chiyo stepped forward.

“Oh, just because baby brother is such a rock star,” she added on. “He thinks he is the only musical genius in the family! Such a laugh! We girls have talent as well!” Suguru rolled his eyes. “You got the musical talent part right for you guys!” he thought. “But you’re not geniuses!

“Yeah!” Amber called. “You’re such a stuck-up crybaby!” Suguru looked at her coldly. Chiyo and Mai glared at their friend as well. Mai smacked her in the head.

“Ow!” Amber cried out.

“Don’t you dare talk to our brother like that!!!” the purple-haired girl snapped.

“Bitch!” the American mumbled under her breath. That was the thing about Chiyo and Mai. They were dumb and annoying, but they stuck up for their little brother in the end. If anyone ever tried to hurt him or if he was upset, they would all come to his aid. Fujisaki rolled his eyes again.

“I don’t have time for this!” he mumbled to himself again. He was about to walk out again when he heard the door open. All of them looked up.

“Dad’s home!” Amber called. The boyfriends all looked at her like she was crazy. Amber had been so close to the family, that she just adopted herself into the Fujisaki clan. Suguru and the boyfriends found it very odd.

“Hello?” a man’s voice asked out loud.

“In here!” Chiyo called out. “We have written a new song!” Suguru rolled his eyes. “Now, we’re back to that one again!” he thought annoyed. They couldn’t get him, they could get their parents with their scheme.

Dinner was interesting in the Fujisaki household as well. The parents were busy talking about their careers. Chiyo would be trying to convince Asato to marry her yet again. Amber and Mai would be talking about the latest scheme. Their boyfriends would be talking about typical guy-stuff. Suguru would be off in his own thoughts. This family was an interesting bunch. Suguru didn’t talk much about them at all. There wasn’t much to say anyway. His parents were never around. His sisters were a joke. Tohma was the only decent member in the family. Suguru wanted to stand alone in pride. After meeting his family, it was easy to understand why.

Fujisaki felt himself being tapped back to earth. He looked up to see Chiyo looking at him all cheerful-like.

“So Suguru-kun,” she spoke up. “How are things with Bad Luck?” Suguru looked at all of the people at the table. They were all staring back at him. They were waiting for him to talk. Suddenly, Fujisaki felt better. This was one of those rare moments that they all focused on him. (Shocker, one can see.) Oh well, better make this a quick one. Suguru nodded at them.

“Good!” he said. “It’s all very good!” They all smiled at him.

“That’s great!” his mom said.

“Yeah!” Amber called. “We’re all proud of you!” They were all commenting him the rest of dinner. Fujisaki just smiled to himself. At least, his family wasn’t a complete loss. They had some saving graces at times. But, those were always short-lived. That evening, Suguru finally got to practice his solo piece for the music festival. Sadly, that was interrupted as well. The girls were playing another Namie Amuro song and singing along. *Sweat drop on Suguru’s head* “They just don’t quit, do they?” he thought annoyed. “One of these days I’m going to make their CDs disappear into thin air!” But tonight, he had work to do. Sisters or not.

Speaking of which, that reminded him. Fujisaki walked over to his bag and pulled out his cell phone. He flipped it open and dialed Casper’s number. The phone rang on the other line. The boy waited for a few moments. Then, there was a giggle on the other line.

“Hello?” Casper asked.

“Bailey-chan?” Fujisaki asked.

“Oh! *Giggle*” the hippie replied back. “Suguru, it’s you!” Then, there was another giggle. “Hey! Stop it!” Casper said on the other line. “I’m on the phone right now! Cut it out!” Fujisaki instantly became suspicious.

“Bailey-chan?” he asked. “Are you okay?”

“Yeah!” Casper replied quickly. “I’m good!” Then, there was another giggle on the phone. “No seriously,” she said. “Stop it!!!” Then, more giggles followed. Fujisaki rolled his eyes as he sighed aloud.

“Call me back when Williams-kun is *not* on top of you!” he barked. Then, Fujisaki hung up in angry stress. Casper was never any help to him when she was with Simon. That boy was such a dog though. He practically did anything with tits and a skirt. It was so disgusting. He just didn’t understand what she saw in him in the first place.

But, the boy had other things to worry about at the moment. The music festival was the first thing. He wasn’t the problem; it was the other students that were the problem. The koto player, the oboes, and the violins were doing great. Everyone else needed some work. That wasn’t going to be much help. Plumbo-san screaming and cussing at them wasn’t working either. It was only making everyone stressed even more. Nope, it was all down to good old Fujisaki. It was always the case with him. Oh why did he have to be surrounded by such half-wits?

That was only half of the problem now! Six days before the festival, Fujisaki found himself greeted by the principal and a reporter. Fujisaki raised an eyebrow. “Huh?” he thought. “What’s going on here?” He walked over to the men. Takashi-san stepped forward with his hands clapped together.

“Fujisaki-kun!” he called. “We’re so glad that you’re here!” The boy made it over to them.

“Why?” he asked. “What’s going on?” the reporter stepped forward.

“Are you the Bad Luck keyboardist, Fujisaki Suguru?” he asked.

“Yes,” Suguru answered. “Why?” The reporter perked up happily.

“Great!” he said. “I’ve been waiting to talk to you!” Then, the reporter took the boy by the arm and walked him down to student’s lounge. On the way, Fujisaki quickly put two and two together. The star was using his rock star status to get their fifteen minutes of fame for their music festival. They were worse than K-san with Bad Luck. Still, Fujisaki managed to keep a professional face throughout the whole interview. Most of the questions weren’t focused on his career or the music festival. Instead, they were focusing on his relationship with his family and being famous at such a young age. They were rather petty and annoying questions. Fujisaki was used to this kind of stuff. But it was still annoying.

That evening, his interview was on TV. Fujisaki and Casper were watching it together in her room. The keyboardist cut it off in disgusting. Casper shrugged a bit.

“So, they asked you some rude questions,” she summed up. “You’re used to it by now, yeah?” Fujisaki turned back to her.

“I know, I know,” he said. “It still makes me sick though!” Casper nodded a bit. She understood when her friend was upset. It was better not to ask sometimes. This was one of those moments. Time to change the subject. Casper looked over at the new suit Fujisaki had recently bought. She picked it up and looked at it.

“It’s a nice suit,” she said. Fujisaki looked over at her. His face didn’t change at all.

“Really now?” he asked unconvinced. Casper shrugged.

“I guess…” she said. “It’s a nice green color.” The boy looked at her as if she was crazy.

“The tag said it was brown,” he argued with her. Casper looked at him out of sympathy.

“Aw, why didn’t you ask me for help, eh?” she asked. Fujisaki looked away at that one. He wanted to say that he did ask her for help but she was too busy f*****g Simon to actually help out. But, that would just fall on deaf ears. Casper smiled at him kindly.

“Here,” she said. Then, the hippie stood up from the bed, grabbed the suit and the bag, stuffed the suit into the bag, and walked over to the door. “We’re taking this one back. I’ll get you a better suit!” Fujisaki looked at her with an eyebrow raised.

“What’s wrong with the one I bought?” he asked her flatly. Casper gave him a little smile.

“Because,” she replied in her best Japanese. “It does not suit you at all. You’re job is to look smart and my job is to look shaggable!” Casper headed out the door after saying all of that. Fujisaki looked at her like she was crazy. That was Casper for him. She may have her focus on keeping Simon happy nine times out of ten, but she had a good eye for fashion. Plus, she was so helpful to her friends. Casper was one of a friend to keep around.

“Come on!” she called out. “I can’t get you the right suit if you’re not with me, now can I?” Fujisaki nodded quickly.

“Right!” he called. Then, Fujisaki followed after her. That, there was a party at a local VIP club. Simon and co. were there. The boys were plotting to get into the club.

“/Okay,/” Simon spoke up. “/I’ll talk to the guard and show him the drugs. You just stay quiet, got me?” he asked Sid. The boy nodded at him blankly. Simon smiled at him richly.

“/Good,/” he said. Then, the boy walked over to the guard.

“Excuse me sirs,” Simon spoke up. “I am the manager of the latest girl group, Kitty Bomb. This is all my entourage behind me. My party is on your invite list. So can we all get in?” The guards didn’t change their faces at all. They looked at each other as if to discuss it just to humor him. Simon waited for the results. The guards turned back to him. The first one was smirking at the English boy. Simon waited for the results happily. The guard tried his best not to laugh at all.

“Get the hell out of here with that, boy!” he called out loud. Simon looked at him with slightly shock. It was time for plan B.

“Well,” Simon spoke up. “I’ve got drugs!” The guard laughed again.

“Take your fake drugs and get out of here!” he yelled out. Simon stood there stuck for a moment. He looked over at the rest of the crew. They were still waiting to get into the club. Simon had to think of something fast. Then, an idea popped into his head.

“Okay then,” the boy said. “I am with the Tokyo Cram College music festival and I have brought my posse with me and we want to get into the club.” The guard was getting tired of this petty childish game. It was time to make the little English boy go away. He stepped forward annoyed and grabbed Simon by the shoulders.

“Hey, hey mate!” the boy yelled out. “There is no need for that! Let me go!!!” The others quietly began to leave. This was too much for them now. Simon really struck out this time.

“It’s okay!” someone called to the guard from inside the club. Everyone looked up to see Fujisaki standing in the doorway. He was looking at his friends, shaking his head. “This idiot!” the keyboardist thought as he looked over at Simon. “He tries to scam people the fancy way and this happens! I’ve got to bail him and the others out now!” It was always the case with him and his friends at times like this. Fujisaki was always the one to fix up their misses at times.

The guard let go of Simon at those words. “Fine,” he said. “In you go!”

“Cheers mate!” the English boy said.

“Whatever!” the guard mumbled under his breath. Then, the mixed mutts all went into the club. Fujisaki went inside ahead of them. Score one for the crew of nutters. The club, Black Ghost, was kicking it into high gear tonight. All of the A-List celebs of Japan were here. It was like a party for the rich tonight. The crew all sat near the bar. Fujisaki came back with their drinks. He looked and noticed that the guys were looking closely at the scantily clad waitresses working around the place. The keyboardist rolled his eyes annoyed.

“Will you all stop looking?!?” he snapped. “You’re acting like perverts!” The boys all came back to earth. They all looked at him blankly.

“Sorry,” Shuichi admitted in a small voice. “They just aren’t wearing that much…”

“You’re dating Yuki-san, for Christ sakes!” his band mate snapped at him.

“Yeah…” the vocalist said in a half-daze as he kept looking at one of the waitresses. But then, the words sank into his head quickly and he came right back to earth again. “I mean, yeah!” Shuichi said quickly as he turned back to his drink again. “Yeah, of course! I love Yuki! I *really* love Yuki!” (There was going to be some kissing-up sex later for him!) Fujisaki turned his gaze to Ando.

“And you’re supposed to respect women’s bodies!” he barked. “Buddhist boy!!!” Ando gave him a little shrug.

“Believe me!” he said. “I’m respecting! I sure am!” He stared on at the waitresses quietly. Fujisaki rolled his eyes again.

“I can’t believe you guys!” he said annoyed. “You all are drooling over them like sick animals!” Emma shrugged at him innocently.

“#Come on Suguru-kun!#” she called out. “#We’re only having a laugh! Lighten up some! You barely get any action at all!#” Then, she reached forward to fondle him in crotch. Fujisaki quickly and firmly smacked her hand back.

“Don’t touch!” he snapped. Emma kind of laughed it off some.

“#Relax!#” she said. “#I’m just playing with you!#” She tried again with the same results. Finally, Emma sat back with defeat. “#Fine, fine,#” the Aussie girl replied. “#Have it your way! Killjoy!#” There was a moment of silence. Shuichi placed his head on the table.

“Come on guys!” he yelled out. “Why are we all bitter now? Drinks are on Fujisaki, remember?” The rest of the crew perked up at that one. The keyboardist kept a neutral face. Anything to keep them from drooling over the waitresses like hungry wolves. The party kicked up high after that. The lot mingled all with the other people in the club. Nick and Cassie sat near the corner as usual. Fujisaki was sitting on the couch watching the crew when he noticed that someone was sitting next to him. He turned and noticed a young girl sitting next to him. She was a cute-looking little thing. Fujisaki guessed that she was about his age. Her long black came down to her sides. She sure looked the part to be in this club. The girl smiled at him brightly.

“Are you Fujisaki Suguru?” she asked happily.

“Yes,” the keyboardist replied. “Why?” The girl was really happy now.

“Great!” she said. “I have always wanted to meet you! I really do like you!” The keyboardist smiled a bit.

“Thanks,” he said to her. The girl didn’t leave. She was still smiling at him.

“I think you’re cute!” this fan went on.

“Thanks,” Fujisaki said again. Call him crazy, but he sensed something off about this girl. She seemed like the creepy stalker-type. But yet, it was nice to the attention all on him for a change. So, Fujisaki humored her a bit longer. The girl scooted in closer to him. She was leaning into him as well. The boy kept his calm demeanor as long as he could. He decided to flirt back with her and see what happened from there. “Eat that, Emma!” Suguru thought. “I barely get any action, huh?

Meanwhile, Sid was sitting on another couch alone. He was looking at Casper in a desiring-forlorn way. She was the muse in his heart. But sadly, the hippie only had eyes for Simon. She made it very clear to him earlier tonight. He had decided to go over there to her and tell her how he really felt. The boy walked over to the bar where Casper was ordering her drink. He lost his nerve for a minute. But then, Sid remembered that this was his good old friend that he was trying to chat up. This should be easy. The English boy tapped the hippie girl on the shoulder. Casper whipped around quickly. Sid was looking right at her.

“/Hi!/” he said to her.

“/Hey,/” Casper said. Sid stood still in front of her for a moment.

“/Uh…” he said at last. “/I really do like it!/” Casper looked at him blankly at first. Then, she smiled at him kindly. She lightly patted him on the shoulder. The hippie shook her head at him.

“/I like you too, Sid/” she said. The English boy smiled at her statement. But yet, there was going to be more. Casper smiled at him lightly.

“/But,/” she said. “/Only as a friend and brother,/” Sid looked at her in disappointment. He should have seen that one coming. It was always the same for him. The girl of his dreams rejected him once again. It was just typical for him.

“/Oh,/” he said. “/I see./” Then, he walked back to the couch and sat down in defeat. Casper turned back to the bar to order her drink. Sid sighed in defeat. Maybe, Nick was right. He just wanted what he couldn’t have. Suddenly, Sid noticed that someone was sitting right next to him. He slowly turned and noticed that Arisu was handing him a drink. She looked so cute tonight. The glittery clips in her hair were purple and light blue. She looked like her usual Gothic Lolita. Arisu had her make-up packed on tonight. Sid looked her up and down quietly. Arisu pushed the drink closer to him.

“Here,” she said. “I bought you a drink.” Sid picked it up and took it out of her hands.

“Cheers,” he said to her. Arisu gave him a little smile. Sid drank it and turned his attention back to Casper at the bar. His crush looked on him in sorrow.

“Why do you want her so much?” she asked him. Sid shrugged at her.

“I don’t really know sometimes,” he replied. “She’s very beautiful, I guess.”

“But why else?” Arisu asked. Sid looked on quietly at first.

“She’s nice,” he said. “And I like her.” The Japanese girl didn’t speak at first. She herself was feeling forlorn herself. Sid just never noticed her at all. Arisu was in love with the boy, but he always ignored her in favor of Casper. It was just like the good old high school cliché. The nerd always fell for the popular cheerleader that never noticed him and was dating the quarterback that was cheating on her with every skank in the whole school. Why couldn’t the nerd ever fall for the shy and silent troubled outcast girl? That would be more realistic.

“What would you do if she doesn’t love you back?” Arisu asked him. Sid looked at her for a moment. His crush was looking at him with big eyes of hope. She was waiting for his answer. The English boy didn’t know how to answer at first. Then, he shrugged at her again.

“I don’t know,” Sid replied. Arisu looked at him slightly crushed now. She had no choice now. It was time to tell him the truth.

“I really did love Sid,” she confessed. “I really do.” Sid looked at her blankly at that one.

Thank you,” he said in a weak way. Then, he turned back to Casper. Arisu watched with him in defeat. Once again, her words fell on deaf ears. She lost once again.

The night went on in high-gear. Fujisaki was really bonding with his little fan. She turned out to be a sweet and normal girl. The keyboardist let the flirty side of him come out some. His fan really liked that part of him as well. The time flew by smoothly. The girl cuddled in close to him again. She looked up at him innocently.

“Want to go somewhere private?” the fan asked him in flirty way. Fujisaki smiled at her a bit. Now this was a nice offer. Maybe he should take her up on that.

“Well,” Fujisaki said to her. He was about to answer when he noticed someone standing over them. The pair looked up and saw Sid. He looked very sad. The boy seemed to be very lonely. Suguru eyed him slightly annoyed. “I’m sorry Sid,” he thought. “I don’t feel like baby-sitting you now!” The girl looked at Sid.

“Fujisaki,” she said. “Who is your friend?” The keyboardist sat up some.

“This is Sid,” he replied quickly. “He was just leaving, actually.” The girl perked up at those words.

“Actually,” she said. “He can come with us. I like being with two cute guys at once!” Fujisaki didn’t like the idea at all. But, he went along with the idea just to humor her.

“Alright,” he said. The girl smiled at him brightly.

“Great!” she called. “Let’s go!” Then, the girl rose to her feet and headed out the door. Sid looked at Fujisaki slightly confused.

“What did she say?” he asked. The keyboardist just shrugged at her.

“Just come on!” he said. Then, Fujisaki walked out the door. Sid looked on confused. “Okay,” he thought. Then the English boy followed behind. The three of them walked out of the club behind into a dark alley. The boys followed behind the fan. She seemed a bit nervous about something. Sid looked around nervous as well. Fujisaki was really suspicious now.

“Where are we going?” he asked her.

“You’ll see!” she said. “You’ll see.” Suguru really didn’t trust her now. He stayed for Sid’s sake. That boy was too stupid to fend for himself at times. Better to keep by the boy’s side. The trio made it near a dumpster. The girl froze up in her tracks. The boys stopped with her. Fujisaki watched on in silence.

“Okay,” he said aloud. “What’s going on here? What are we doing here?” There was a moment of silence at first. The girl took in a deep breath.

“I am so sorry for this!” she said aloud. The boys looked at her confused.

“What do you mean?” Fujisaki asked. “What are you talking about?” Then, there came some footsteps. The boys quickly looked up. Sid froze up in complete terror. Snake and two his thugs were waiting for them. This was all just a trap. A trap to get money from Sid for the lost drugs. The thugs rushed forward and seized the boys right away. Snake stepped forward smirking.

“Well, well, well!” he called out. “If isn’t the deadbeat runt!” The drug dealer leaned in close to him.

“So where’s my money?” he asked. The thug grabbed Sid tighter from behind. The boy gasped out in pain.

“I don’t have it!!!” he yelled out.

“You don’t have it?” Snake questioned him. The thug squeezed Sid on the back of the neck hard. The boy cried out again.

“No!” he yelled.

“So where are my drugs?” the drug dealer asked.

“I lost them!” Sid yelled. Snake glared at him coldly.

“You… lost them?” he asked.

“Yes!” the English boy cried out. Snake turned to the thug.

“Get him!” he called out. The thug began beating up on the boy. He screamed out in heavy pain.

“Stop it!” Fujisaki yelled. “You’re hurting him!” Snake turned to him coldly.

“And why should I?” he asked.

“He’ll pay you back!” Suguru yelled quickly. Snake smirked at him coldly.

“Oh really?” he asked.

“Yeah!” the keyboardist said. The drug dealer smirked at him.

“Usually,” he said. “I don’t really do favors. But, consider this a fair warning.” Then, he pulled out one of Fujisaki’s keyboards that he had stolen from the club earlier and smashed it into pieces against a brick wall. Both boys watched in worry as he kept destroying it. Snake threw the broken instrument down on the ground when he was finished. He turned back to his thugs.

“Let’s go!” Snake called. “We did enough for today!” Then, the thugs rushed off into the night. Fujisaki and Sid were left in the dark. The keyboardist turned to his stupid friend.

“You already?” he asked.

“Yes!” Sid panted out. But, it wasn’t over yet. More footsteps were coming for them. The boys looked up and saw Suguru’s sisters, Amber, and their boyfriends hurrying to them. The girls all surrounded the keyboardist quickly. Their boyfriends were all beating up on Sid.

“Are you okay, Suguru-kun?” Chiyo asked him quickly. They were all hounding on him in a rush. Fujisaki finally had to push away from them.

“I’m fine!” he called. He turned to the boyfriends.

“Guys!!!” Suguru yelled out. “Sid’s not the one who attacked us!” The boyfriends stopped and looked up.

“Oh,” said Asato. “Sorry!”

“Which way did they go?” Chiyo’s boyfriend asked.

“Down that way!” the keyboardist yelled as he pointed down the alley.

“Thanks!” he yelled. Then, the men ran after the thugs. Chiyo and Mai ran after their men. Amber turned to them.

“Don’t worry, little brother!!!” she cried. “We’ll get them! Just hang tight!” Then, she ran off to join the fight. Fujisaki and Sid were left in the dark again. Fujisaki turned back to the English boy.

“Suguru,” Sid spoke up.

“Yes,” the Japanese boy replied.

“That American girl,” the English boy spoke up. “She’s not…”

“No,” Suguru replied.

“Thought so…” Sid replied. Fujisaki helped him up to his feet. He looked over at the damaged keyboard. The keyboardist sighed aloud. Plumbo-san was not going to like this at all. You see, the keyboard was given to him by the school as a thank you for the solo part in the music festival. This was really bad. When he got home that evening, Fujisaki made a phone call to her. He waited for her to pick up.

“Hello?” the sensei asked on the other line.

“Plumbo-san!” Fujisaki called out. “I have a little problem…” He calmly explained to her about how the keyboard got smashed up. The entire time, an uncomfortable feeling was in his throat. But, Plumbo-san was very understanding tonight.

“It’s okay, Fujisaki-kun,” she said. “We’ll have the keyboard replaced just in time and we’ll pay for it as well. Just get some sleep. Okay? Good night.”

“Alright,” Fujisaki replied. They hung up at the same time. Plumbo-san sighed aloud.

“What’s wrong, Sora?” a man asked her. Plumbo-san turned to Takashi-san lying in bed with her. The music teacher turned to the principal.

“Some thugs smashed up the keyboard we gave Fujisaki-kun,” she said.

“Aw,” Takashi-san said to her. “Such a shame.”

“Yes, I know,” his secret lover agreed. “The problem is to where to get the money from to replace it.” There was a moment of silence. Then, Takashi-san slid under the sheets again. He began to work his magic on her once again.

“Maybe we could again the board for another loan…” Plumbo-san began to suggest. But then, the pleasure hit her lighting fast. Her mind went right off track.

“Oh shit!!!” the sensei yelled out. “Take me now you f*****g Osakan stud monkey!!!”

By morning, the results weren’t pretty. Snake and his thugs had beaten up the boyfriends. Their girlfriends were in the hospital with Fujisaki and Casper. Asato turned to Fujisaki.

“So sorry Suguru,” he said in pain. “We tried to get him.” Fujisaki shook his head a bit.

“It’s okay,” he said. “The school is going to replace my keyboard.”

“That’s good,” Mai said to him. Chiyo returned with some water for the boys. Asato looked up at her happily.

“Oh thank you, Chiyo-chan!” he said to his girlfriend as she handed out the water. The boys tried their best to drink up the best that they could. Chiyo, Mai, and Amber watched on happily. Casper and Fujisaki did the same. The boys drank up quietly. Chiyo smiled at her man quietly.

“Anything else, baby?” she asked. Asato thought about that for a moment.

“Yeah,” he said. He turned to Casper.

“Can I get a kiss from Casper?” the man asked aloud. Mai’s cheeks turned bright red.

“Wait, what?!?” she screamed out. Casper looked away confused for a moment.

“Well…” she said.

“Please!” Asato pleaded. There was a heavy pause. Casper finally nodded a little bit.

“Alright,” she said. Chiyo was enraged.

“You hussy!” she yelled out. The hippie didn’t listen. Fujisaki watched on slightly nervous. Casper rose to her feet and walked over to the hospital bed. She lightly kissed Asato on the forehead. Everyone watched on in silence. Chiyo looked like she wanted to kill the English girl. Fujisaki was ready to jump in and save Casper in case the murder took place. Surprisingly, everything was okay. The other two boyfriends felt left out.

“Hey!” Mai’s boyfriend called. “I want a kiss too!”

“Me too!” Amber’s boyfriend called out. Amber and Mai became pissed off at those requests. Casper just smiled and sat down.

That evening, Fujisaki walked home alone. The music festival was in two days now and he didn’t have a keyboard to use for that night. He didn’t dare take his own because of the risk with sticky fingers. Who knows how long it would take Plumbo-san to get a new keyboard in time? The boy didn’t want to have to kiss Tohma’s ass for a keyboard. So, he was pretty much stuck. For now anyway…

Fujisaki came home to find his parents busy with work as usual. He sighed and rolled his eyes annoyed.

“I’m home!” he called. As usual, there was no response. But, tonight was different.

“Suguru-chan!” his mom said. “Go clean your room!” Fujisaki paused at such a strange request. They all knew that he was a perfectionist to a fault. Were they so busy with their lives that they had forgotten that like fact?

“My room is fine!” he argued back.

“Go clean your room!” he dad repeated the information. Fujisaki sighed aloud and rolled his eyes. Forgetful and not listening; how great was that? There was no point of fighting back now. Fujisaki went straight to his room. When he opened the door, a surprise met him right away. A brand new keyboard with a red bow was right on the bed waiting for him. Fujisaki put two and two together. A little smile came onto his face. “Well what do you know?” he thought. “My parents really do care after all!

The night of the Music Festival came. Fujisaki was all dressed up in the suit that Casper helped him pick out three days ago. He was on center stage with his new keyboard all plugged up and ready to go. It was now time for his solo part. The orchestra was playing beautifully this time. The whole school had shown up to watch. Takashi-san had arranged it for the news crew to film the entire music festival because of Fujisaki’s rock star status. But, Suguru wasn’t focused on that. His was mind was focused on the music at all times. The boy was in perfectionist mode at the moment. That was just his nature when it came to music.

Outside, Snake was being dealt with. He was walking back to his apartment when a black limbo pulled up beside of him and stopped. The drug dealer looked on confused. The door opened wide. The two guards from the Black Ghost were inside. Tohma and Suguru’s dad had asked them as a favor to personally “deal” with the thug.

“Hello Snake!” one of the guards said aloud to him. The drug dealer instantly became nervous. He slowly began to back away. But, the other guard reached out and grabbed the thug into the limo. They all drove off deep into the night.

Back at Tokyo Cram College, Fujisaki was listening in for his cue. Timing was the important key to music. He knew that all too well. The boy had been trained in music for many years after all. When the cue was dropped into the music, Fujisaki Suguru played his first note in his solo.

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