“Text”= Japanese talking

“/Text/”= English talking

“+Text+”= American talking

“#Text#”= Australian talking

Grim. Arisu was lying in the hospital. It was a wild night last night. She somehow had taken too much. Sid rushed her to the hospital. He was waiting in the waiting room with Simon and the others. Hours had passed. Sid trembled while looking pale. Simon put his hand on his shoulder. His hand glanced up at him.

“/She’ll be okay,/” he whispered. His friend said nothing. He pressed his lips together.

“/You sure?/” Sid asked. Simon nodded at him.

“/You called the hospital just in time,/” Casper said.

“/Yeah…/” Sid mumbled. The room went silent. Inside, Arisu was comatose to the world. Not just out, her mind was on a journey.

Subject: Arisu

Awake. I know that I am here. I know what happened last night. I know where I am now. I don’t want to go back. I hate it back there. Jin tries to cage me in. I’m not an animal. I am a human being!

Last night. Arisu begged Sid to take her out tonight. She cuddled up close to him on her bed. Sid looked on at her.

“/What is it now?/” he asked. His girlfriend looked at him with sweet eyes.

“Take me out tonight!” she said. Sid looked at her in an odd way.


Arisu looked on at him. “I’m tired of this place.”


His girlfriend nuzzled him on the next. “I want an adventure!” Silence. Sid’s eyes trailed up to the ceiling.


Arisu took him into her arms. “Take me out tonight, please!” She kissed him on the neck again. Sid kept his eyes on the ceiling. He could already tell that this was going to head in a bad direction. But yet, she was so sweet. It was so hard to turn her away. The boy sighed hard.

“/Where do you want to go?/” he asked. Arisu gave him a soft look. She leaned in close to his ear.

“Anywhere,” the girl whispered. “Take me anywhere. I don’t care.”

“/Alright,/” her boyfriend said. Arisu cuddled up close to his chest.

“Take me now.”

Sid looked puzzled. “/Now?/”

“Yeah, now. Take me.”

Sid only patted her on the head.

I love Sid. He is so good to me. More than Jin will ever be. Sid would be the only reason I would come back. I don’t want to go back to him just yet. I don’t want to return. I’m going to stay here a while. Feels nice in this place. I don’t want to live. I can’t live.

Party in Downtown Tokyo. The couple walked into the night. Arisu smiled as she hung onto Sid’s arm. Her boyfriend looked around with a pale face. He couldn’t help but think that someone was watching them. Arisu glanced up at him.

“What’s wrong, Sid-kun?” she asked. He looked down at her.


“You seem upset.”

Sid shrugged. “/Don’t know./”

“Afraid he’s following us?”

“/No, no! Why would you assume that?/”

Arisu smiled and shrugged. “Don’t worry. He can’t follow us out here.”

Her boyfriend nodded. “/Yeah, yeah,/” Oh, how he wished he could believe that for himself. Arisu cuddled up close to him. Sid looked down at her.

“/So where are we going?/” he asked.

“Anywhere,” Arisu said.

“/Yeah, but where?/”

Arisu looked up and around them. Something finally caught her eye. The girl pointed forward.

“There!” she said. Sid looked ahead of them. A blackened one-story building ahead of them. He raised an eyebrow at the building.

“/A bar?/” the boy asked. “/You sure?/”


“/Are you positive?/”

“Yes, please!”

Sid thought about that for a moment. “/Alright./” Arisu cuddled up closer to him. She nibbled on his neck and ear lobe.

“I love you,” she whispered. Sid only smiled.

It’s so quiet here. And so cold. When I was with Sid-kun, I felt warm. He always kept me warm. Jin tries to lock me out of the cold. That’s what happened to Fujiko.

Suddenly, the hospital doors busted open wide. The mates looked up to see Jin panting in the doorway. His eyes looked possessed by the devil.

“Where is she?!?” he hissed. “Where is she?!?”

Sid pointed to the emergency room. “/In there…/” Jin clenched his teeth. He raced over to the boyfriend and grabbed him by the neck. The mates looked worried.

“/Jin, no!/” Simon yelled. The man didn’t listen. He began to strangle his sister’s boyfriend. His hands pressed onto Sid’s throat. His victim trashed around helplessly.

“This is all your fault!” he shouted. “She wouldn’t be in this position if you didn’t drag her into your crap!”

“/Please… It’s not my *gag* fault!/” he whimpered.

“I don’t want to hear it!” Jin snapped. “If she dies, you die!” The boys tried to pull him off. Jin held onto Sid’s neck with a tight grip.

“Jin-kun, stop!” a female’s voice cried. Everyone paused and looked up. Peaches stood in the doorway panting. She hurried over to the man. Jin looked at her, confused.

“Peaches-chan, what are you doing here?” he asked. His girlfriend pushed him off of Sid. The boy fell onto his back on the floor, panting. When Sid looked up, Peaches stood over him with a sneer on her face. His eyes widened with relief.

“/Oh thank you, thank you, thank you!/” he wailed over and over again.

“Shut up!” she barked. “You’re not turning my boyfriend into a murderer!” Sid groaned in pain. Jin trembled at her. He tried to jump at Sid again. Shawn, Lucas, Fujisaki, Hiro, Shuichi, Nick, and Simon tried to block him. Peaches grabbed him by the waist. Her boyfriend tried to fight her off.

“I have to make him pay!” he yelled.

“By killing him?” she asked.

“I JUST CAN’T LOSE FUJIKO!!!” Jin yelled. Everyone froze and stared at him. Hiro blinked at him.

“Don’t you mean Arisu?” he asked.

“Yes!” Jin cried.

“But, you said, Fujiko, baby,” Peaches said. It was then Jin realized what was going on.

“Oh my god!” he gasped. The man walked away and sank down in a chair. The mates looked on at him.

“/Who is Fujiko?/” Casper asked. The man just went pale.

Fujiko. It’s always about her to Jin. He knew noticed me at all.

Sid took her into the Koneko Kurai Bar. There weren’t many people there. Or at least any normal people there. Mostly Goths. They all eyed Sid like fresh meat. The boy felt himself trembling as he leaned over to his girlfriend.

“/Are you sure you want to be here?/” he whispered. Arisu nodded at him without looking.

“This place is the best,” she said back. Sid swallowed at those words.

“/You’ve been here before?/” he asked. His girlfriend didn’t answer. She only let go of him and walked over to the bar. Sid followed behind reluctantly. The bar tender looked up and saw Arisu smiling.

“Arisu-baby!” he cheered. Sid looked between the two with a drained face. “Arisu-baby?” he thought. “What the f**k is this?” The girlfriend giggled and smiled.

“Hey Junko!” she said. “Junko?” Sid thought.

“So good to see you again!” Junko said. He turned to the out of place English boy and raised an eyebrow.

“Who is this, Arisu-baby?” he asked.

“/Uh…/” Sid said. His girlfriend clutched onto his arm.

“This is my boyfriend, Sid!” she announced. Junko smiled at him, showing his blackened teeth.

“Sweet!” he said. “Drinks are on me tonight!” Arisu grinned at him as well.

“Wow!” she said. The bar tender got to work as Arisu and Sid sat down at the bar. The boy still didn’t enjoy this. Arisu gently held his hand. He glanced over at her. She gave him a little smile.

“It’s okay, Sid-kun,” she whispered. He only nodded at her. Somehow that didn’t help at all.

Jin sighed in the waiting room. “Fujiko was my other sister,” he said. “Like Arisu, she too was troubled. Fujiko, Arisu, and I were all raised Catholic. We didn’t have a father growing up and mama didn’t drink as much back then. Despite all the isolation we suffered, two of us were stable. But, Fujiko still didn’t turn out right. When she was sixteen, she became suicidal. She constantly slashed her wrists and took many pills. Momma constantly cried when she found Fujiko laid out, dying or her suicide notes on the bathroom floor.”

The man sighed aloud as he tried to fight back his own tears. “But then at eighteen,” he forced himself to continue. “Fujiko went back to the church and turned herself around. Life was good then.” He paused and hiccupped a sob. Peaches gently patted him on the back.

“Go on, it’s okay,” she whispered. Jin nodded with an aching heart.

“One evening six days before Christmas, Fujiko was coming home from a bible meeting,” he whimpered. “She had walked that road many times and nothing happened. But that night was different. Out of nowhere, a speeding truck sailed down the road and struck her down.” Jin took in deep breaths to keep talking.

“Fujiko ended up on life support for eight months,” he reasoned. “She died that summer. Her death ruined us all. Momma started drinking more and more. And then, Arisu started to act like Fujiko at sixteen!” Jin trembled as he paused from talking. He clinched his fists tightly.

“That’s why I can’t lose Arisu!!!” he cried. The man shot a glare at her boyfriend.

“This is all your fault!!!” Jin yelled. “She wouldn’t be in this mess if she had never met you!” Peaches held back her boyfriend the best that she could. Sid lowered his head.

“/I am so sorry,/” he mumbled. Everyone looked over at him.

“Sid, it’s not…” Shuichi started to say. Sid shook his head as he held up his hand.

“/No,/” he said. “/I should have told her no in the first place./” Simon put his hand on his shoulder in understanding.

“/Sid…/” he murmured. His hand only pushed his hand away.

I don’t know what I do at times. I just do as I like. It doesn’t mean I like it. I am just me. Jin doesn’t get that, but Sid does. Ha! Only thing Jin sees in me is Fujiko. I am not my sister! I am Arisu! My mom is worse, still.

Alcohol haze. Ozawa Megumi was too drunk to care anymore. Messy black hair and tired teal eyes. Arisu always stands in the kitchen in front of her and Megumi still confuses her for the daughter she lost. But, who can blame the woman? She lost her husband, daughter, and faith in steps. Megumi’s faith died the same day Fujiko did. But, nobody told Arisu any of that. Because of this, she felt like the forgotten child of the family since she was six years old.

I have this reoccurring drink when nothing else can “help” me. It goes like this: Jin and momma push me too far one night and decide to escape for good. That night, I pack up my things and ran to the bridge that leads out of the city. I stand of the edge, looking down at the water. I am just about to jump when I hear someone yell, “/No, please! Don’t leave!/”

I look up and see Sid grabbing onto my arm drawing me back. I look at him with lost hope.

“Why?” I ask. He grabs me back and holds me in his arms.

“/Because I love you!/” Sid whispers loudly in my ear. My knees go weak and I let him take me away into the shadows. He takes me all the way to his room, strips me down, and makes love to me all night.

And then, I wake.

By morning, the doctor came into the waiting room. Everyone snapped into attention. Jin and Sid rushed over to him.

“/How is she?/” the English boy asked. The doctor gave them a little smile.

“She’s awake now,” he replied. Joy rained down upon the whole room. Sid rushed past the doctor and down the hall.

“Whoa there, young man!” he heard the doctor yell. “She just got up, take it easy!” Sid didn’t listen. They boy just had to see his girlfriend again. He made it all the way to his girlfriend’s room. Arisu looked up and smiled.

“Hello Sid,” she said. The boyfriend rushed into the room and grabbed her by the hand.

“/Listen to me,/” he said. “/No more of this destruction, okay? I love you and I don’t want to lose you. So just… stop! Please?/” Arisu’s face had no real emotion on it like it normally did.

“Alright,” she said. Sid looked at her with big, confused eyes.

“/Really? You mean it?/” he asked.

“Of course, what ever you like,” his girlfriend said. Sid breathed out as the guilty burden died away.

“/Thank you,/” he said. And just like that, peace was restored within Arisu. Let’s see how long that lasts…

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