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Ello lovelies. Welcome to Designing Class (AKA  the Chaos and Order section). My name is Noizchild and I'll be your sensei. Mind you, the setting is in London, England. Some of the slang will be hard to follow. But fear not, I will provide footnotes to guide you along. So enjoy the British love.


An uptight lawyer falls for and marries a younger free-spirited sexually charged fashion designer. But all isn't right in Crawford-land. His grown daughter disagrees with it, his new wife is a bit much for him at times, his colleagues seem too interested in his new wife, the exes breezes in and out of their lives like the wind, and the neighbors are always snooping on the couple to learn about the wife. Can this polar opposite marriage work and last?


12/8/06: I have changed the title of the third set of links and added links to some of my work.

10/9/06: I have added even more music.

10/8/06: I have added more music.

8/16/06: I have added music.

7/4/04: I added the students, picture, and fic section.  =)

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