Key Notes:

“Text”= Japanese talking

“+American English talking+”

“/British English talking/”

“#Australian English talking#”

Sweet chestnut caramel brown eyes shut with sleep. Cassie slowly awoke and looked around. She was in Casper’s living room at the moment. All of her new friends were passed out all over the place. They all had a wild party last night. Fujisaki was out cold on the couch. Emma was sleeping on her stomach on the floor. Shuichi was sleeping on his back on the floor. Lexie and Lucas were curled up on sleeping on the loveseat together. Hiro was passed out near the hall entry. Cassie got up off of the floor. She just walked around the floor as if she was going to buy it. The whole place was a mess. Things were really wired like usual for them. The English girl had a stoic face the whole time. She walked out to the backyard. Ando was meditating for his morning Buddhist rituals. He was in deep concentration at the moment. He really needed some forgiveness after last night. Cassie opened the screen door and stepped out onto the porch. She watched him quietly for a moment.

“/What are you doing?/” she asked him. Ando quickly turned around. Cassie was watching at him.

“+Oh,+” he said. “+It’s you.+” Cassie looked on.

“/What are you doing?/” she asked again.

“+Meditating!+” Ando said. “+It’s what I do every morning to Buddha.+” Then, he went back to his meditation. Cassie looked on.

“/Like praying?/” she asked.

“+You can say that,+” Ando answered. Then, he picked back up again. Another thought hit Cassie’s mind.

“/Do you think he hears you?/” she asked. Ando looked up at her slightly worried.

“+I hope not,+” he said. “+Otherwise, I am screwed about those forty-two pills I nicked last night.+” Cassie nodded a bit.

“/Casper’s mum is due here this morning!/” she said. “/Should we tell her?/”

“+I don’t know!+” he said. Then he went back to meditating. Cassie went back into the house. She lightly stepped over Hiro and walked down the hall. She came into the master bedroom. Sid and Arisu were sleeping on the floor on opposite sides of the room. Nick was asleep on the floor near the bed. Shawn and his new model were sleeping together in a sleeping bag near the window. Simon and Casper were sleeping in the bed. Cassie looked around in silence. She saw Nick sleeping like a stuffed lion. A little smile came across her face. She leaned in a lightly kissed him on the forehead. One could say that she had a crush on the cynical bastard away. But, it was too early to tell. Cassie quietly left the room.

She made it to the front yard. A black sports car pulled up into the driveway. Cassie looked up and two adults got out of the car. The woman was tall and curvy. Her black hair was tied back into a ponytail today. If Casper would be a on the cover of Playboy in the 60’s, then this woman would be on the cover of Hustler magazine in the 60’s. Sixties beauty duchess described her all too well. The man with her looked like a young art student in his freshman year. Cassie smiled at them politely.

“/Hello, Mrs. Bailey!/” she greeted. The woman looked up and saw her.

“/Hello Cassandra!/” she said back to her. Then, Mrs. Bailey turned to the art student.

“/This is my new husband, Evan,/” she replied.

“/Hi darling!/” he called to her. Cassie waved at him.

“/Hey,/” she said.

“/So how are you liking Japan so far?” Mrs. Bailey asked.

“/It’s good, I guess./” Cassie replied. The woman smiled at her.

“/Aw, don’t worry!/” she said. “/This country grows on you after a while./”

“/Okay,/” she said. “/Goodbye,/”

“/Bye,/” Mrs. Bailey said. Then, Cassie began walking home to the bus stop. Mrs. Bailey and her husband went into their house.

“/CASPER!!!!/” Mrs. Bailey screamed out in anger. Ando took off running after him climbed over the back fence. The others were half-dressed and running home as fast as they could. Casper was in deep trouble now!

Subject: Cassie

Cassie was taking the bus to her new home. Her new friends had accepted her in with open arms. So far, everything had proved to be everything that she had hoped for. The school proved to be decent. She liked her house. Plus, she might have a crush on Nick. But yet, Cassie felt a little displaced. This move was so sudden. Her older sister, Laura, risked her off last week without any warning. Wisteria house was even a random buy on the market. So, it is easy to understand how Cassie had trouble adjusting. But, her thoughts would be distracted at the moment.

Her mobile buzzed in her bag. Cassie looked down and pulled it out. She flipped open her black and pink phone. She had just received a text message. Cassie read to herself quietly. “Reality” was what it said. She looked on confused. This wasn’t familiar to her at all. Then, Cassie put her phone away and pulled the chord to stop the bus. The girl rose to her feet when the bus has stopped. She quietly walked off the bus and into her new neighborhood. The walk is always a short one. Just a few minutes steps and found herself home again. Wisteria house beat out the other houses in the British slum by size. Wisteria ate up the house like an afternoon snack. Everyone in Tokyo Cram College wondered who would buy the house. They were shocked to find that the house had been bought in only eight days. They all thought it would take longer. The Wisteria House proved to be more valuable than everyone assumed. Now, Cassie lived here.

Cassie came up to the black metal gates. She pressed the call button on the outside.

“/Hello?/” a man’s voice asked on the other line.

“/Hi Gavin!/” Cassie called. “/It’s me!/”

“/Oh, Cassie!/” she called. “It’s you!/”

“/Can you let me in?/” the girl asked.

“/Okay,/” her brother-in-law said. Then, the gates slid open wide. Cassie walked through quietly. The hard gravel crumbled under her small feet. Everything looked like a silence black and white movie. She made it up to the front porch. From outside, she could hear Laura screaming at one of her business co-workers from England on the phone.

“/LISTEN,/” she was screaming. “/I DON’T CARE WHEN YOU GET THE DAMN DESIGNS IN!!! JUST GET THE F*****G STOCKS IN BEFORE THE DEADLINE TOMORROW, YOU TWAT!!! IS THAT DIFFICULT?!?/” Cassie reached into her bag and pulled out her house key. She unlocked the down and went inside. The girl found her nineteen-year-old sister screaming on the phone in the kitchen. Gavin was eating his breakfast in red embarrassed. Cassie watched them both quietly. It was always the same thing every morning. Laura would be screaming on the phone with her clients and Gavin would listen in silence. Cassie had grown used to this be now. Laura finally looked up from the phone.

“/Got to go,/” she said. “/My sister’s home./” Then, she hung up.

“/Hey Cassie!/” she said.

“/Hi!/” the girl said.

“/Come and have breakfast with us,/” Laura said. Cassie shook her head.

“/No thanks!/” she said.

“/Oh come on,/” Gavin spoke up. “/Just one breakfast bar at least./” Cassie thought about that for a moment. Then, she sighed reluctantly.

“/Fine,/” she said. Then, Cassie sat down at the table with her brother-in-law and picked a breakfast bar. She opened it up and took a bite. Gavin watched her closely. Cassie felt like she was in an interrogation room. He would never let her slip away this morning. It was always the same in the morning. Then, Laura’s mobile rang again. Gavin looked at her closely.

“/Sweetie,/” he said. “/Don’t answer that!/” Laura looked at her sister and husband with a blank look on her face.

“/I won’t!/” she said defensively.

“/I’m just saying…/” Gavin said politely.

“/He’s trying to say that you’re being rude when you answer the phone at the table!/” Cassie spoke up. Laura glared at her coldly.

“/I am not!/” she shot back.

“/Prove it!/” Cassie argued sharply yet sweet.

“/Enough, girls!!!/” Gavin called out. Both sisters went quiet. The mobile rang again. Laura kept looking at them nervously. Cassie and Gavin were still watching her. Every single morning was the same at this point. This moment was tense now. Something had to give. After a few minutes, Laura gave in and answered her mobile.

“/Hello?/” she asked. Gavin sighed in distress. Cassie slipped away quietly. She made it back to her bedroom. She could hear Laura screaming over the phone again. Cassie just ignored her like she normally did. She booted up her laptop and clicked on the internet. The English logged into her e-mail and clicked on the inbox. She had one new message. The message came from her mother in England. “New pictures of Lee!!!” the title said. A smile came across her face. She clicked on the message. Eight new pictures of her baby brother popped up. Cassie was really happy now. Lee was just born this year. Cassie was risked off to Japan before she could really get to know him. She only got to hold him once. That was like an armful of sunshine for her. Her baby brother was the cutest little thing that she had ever seen in her life. Pictures of Lee always made her day. She quickly saved them all, closed everything, and got ready for school.

Cassie made it to school on time. So far, everything was dull. The English girl looked around some. Grey and stiff was all over the place. Hm, go time to get lost in a fantasy. But where to go to today? Hollywood? Maybe… New York? Yeah, New York! But what to do there? Shopping? Naw, too dull! Sight-sighting? Due it already. Catch shows? That’s a thought! Which shows there? This was how her mind worked. So many choices. It was so hard to choose just one. Cassie created this fantasy world years ago. It all started when Laura got more attention than she did. Her older sister had so much going for her. The older English girl graduated from high school early. It didn’t stop there. Laura was an ambitious girl. She didn’t seem to know what limit was. She always just wanted more. The girl went on and started her fashion business after she finished high school. Her parents were so proud of her because of it. Cassie began to feel left out. She didn’t know what else to do. So, she started to make up this fantasy world of hers. It started out small at first. But over time, this fantasy world grew and grew. The problem was it didn’t stop growing. So now, Cassie danced between reality and dreams too often.

The English girl was enjoying her imaginary trip in New York with her trip to Andy Warhol’s latest art exhibit. She was so proud of him. He was one of her favorite artists. She just thought that he was such a genius. It was too bad he died in ‘87. If only Cassie had been born in the early seventies… The bell rang aloud. Cassie quickly returned to Earth and ran to her next class. That was how they always almost ended. She hated that so much. The girl wished she could stay in her fantasy world forever.

By lunch, Cassie made her way to the cafeteria. The whole room was brightly lit up. White and yellow were all over the wall. Everyone talked on like they normally did in the cafeteria. Cassie looked around for a moment. She found Nick sitting over by the window. The girl became overjoyed. She hurried right over to him. Nick stared out the lost in his thoughts. Suddenly, he became aware that someone was sitting right in front of him. The boy turned to see Cassie sitting right in front on him smiling. Nick rolled his eyes annoyed.

“/What do you want?/” he asked. Cassie shrugged smiling.

“/Not much,/” she said. “/I just want to talk./” Nick rolled his eyes again.

“/Fine, whatever!/” he said. Cassie smiled at him again. Silence passed. The English boy noticed something strange about her tray.

“/Hm?/” Nick asked her. “/Is that all you’re eating?/”Cassie looked down at her tray. All she had was a small cup of Ramen soup, a spring roll, and a peanut butter biscuit[1]. Cassie looked back at him.

“/I’m not that hungry,/” she said.

“/Why?/” Nick asked. “/Had a big breakfast?/”

“/No,/” she replied. “/Just a breakfast bar./” Nick was looking at her like she was crazy now.

“/That’s all you are?/” he asked.

“/Every morning,/” she said.

“/Why?/” Nick asked. Cassie moved around a bit.

“/I have to stay fit a fashion show in Paris,/” she said. Nick looked at her flatly.

“/Cassie,/” he said.

“/Yes?/” the girl asked.

“/Do you just make up stuff all of the time?/” the boy asked. Cassie shrugged again.

“/Yes,/” she said.

“/Why?/” Nick asked her. Cassie shrugged.

“/Because,/” she replied softly. “/It’s much better that way./” Nick listened quietly. Cassie pressed her lips together tightly.

“/It is how I cope,/” she went on.

“/Cope?/” Nick asked. “/With what?/”

“/With my life,/” she answered. Cassie then opened the cup of soup and picked up her spoon. She began stirring the soup. Nick watched her closely. The girl quickly became nervous.

“/You don’t have to watch me eat,/” she said.

“/I know,/” he said. Cassie looked at him uneasy as she put a spoonful in her mouth.

“/Then, why are you still staring?/” she asked. Nick shrugged at her.

“/Don’t know,/” he said. Cassie looked up at him slightly angry.

“/Please stop staring at me while I eat,/” she said. “/Gavin does the same thing to me every time I eat./”

“/Who’s Gavin?/” Nick asked being a snort. “/One of your imaginary Hollywood friends?/”

“/He’s my sister’s husband in real life!/” Cassie replied to him in a sharp way without warning.

“/Oh,/” Nick said flatly as his face dropped. The English girl took another spoonful of soup. Nick kept watching her.

“/But seriously,/” he said. “/How come you don’t eat so much?/”

“/Don’t know,/” Cassie replied. “/Never really hungry, I guess./”

“/Ah,/” Nick said. “/I see./” Cassie took a bite with her spoon. Nick was still watching her. Cassie glared on as she ate.

“/But why?/” he asked. Cassie shook her head.

“/Because,/” she said. “/My sister doesn’t care. Nobody really cares./”

“/I might,/” Nick spoke up. Cassie looked up at that statement. She didn’t say anything, she just looked at him surprised. That was the first she ever heard someone say that to her. Then suddenly, Simon, Sid and Ando joined them. The English boy rolled his eyes.

“/Oh great!/” he mumbled. “/One of them shows up, the rest appear like rats in the sewer./” Simon looked around at the pair.

“/Hello Cass,/” he said to her.

“/Hey,/” the English girl said to him. Sid noticed the girl’s tray.

“Is that all you’re eating?” he asked her confused.

“/Yes,/” she said. “/Please don’t watch me eat./” Sid looked at her puzzled.

“/Why not?/” he asked.

“/I don’t like it!/” Cassie said.

“/Oh,/” Sid replied. There was a moment of silence. Cassie ate more of her soup. Then, Nick noticed a ripe foul smell. He turned and looked at Sid.

“/Sid!/” he called. “/Do you take a bath today?/” Sid shook his head confused.

“/No,/” he said. “/I just came home. By the time I made it there, I realized it was time for school. So, I through some clothes on and ran here!/” The other boys looked at him slightly shocked. Sid looked around confused.

“/What?/” he asked. The boys didn’t say anything at all. Cassie was giggling to herself softly. Sid sat back and sighed. He could never win with these guys. Then, Nick remembered something.

“/Hey Sid,/” he said. The other English boy looked up at him.

“/Hm?/” he asked.

“/Did you ever sort it out with that drug dealer?/” Nick asked him. Sid’s face went as pale as a ghost’s.

“/No!/” he wailed out. Nick smirked at him.

“/You’re screwed!/” he said. Sid buried his face into his hands on the table.

“/I know!/” he said aloud. Simon looked at his friend as if he was psycho. Nick noticed his face.

“/What?/” he asked.

“/Why do you do that to him?/” the charming bastard asked. Nick kept his gaze.

“/Because, I’m a bastard!/” he said. “/And you’re one to talk! You always treat dullard over here like your personal whipping boy!/”

“/That’s different!/” Simon countered. “/He’s my best friend. You are just a grouchy, hateful, cold-hearted, cynical, cruel, and angry arsehole!/” Nick smirked at him.

“/Why thank you!/” he said. “/I am flattered that you think on me that way!/” Simon sighed and rolled his eyes.

“/There is no way to insult you, is there?/” he asked. Nick smiled and shook his head.

“/No way!/” he said. “/I am the king of insults!/”

“/You wish!/” Simon mumbled under his breath. “/You’re just a lonely grouch who is just unpleasant and wants attention by making dumb insults to other innocent people./” The other English boy heard him, but decided not to do anything just then. He would get him later when he least expected it. But, that was taken care of before he could even plan it. Cassie pushed over the table and knocked over a glass of punch into Simon’s lap. The boy leapt up quickly. Ando and Sid looked up at him quickly. Simon flicked the liquid not dried on him.

“+Simon,+” Ando said. “/What happened?/” Simon looked down at his trousers. A wet stain was on his crouch.

“/What do you think?!?/” the charming bastard asked aloud. “/No!!!/” Then, he hurried off to the bathroom. Sid and Ando left right away. Nick turned back to Cassie impressed. The girl gave him a little smile.

“/Oh dear!/” she said. “/I am very bad, aren’t I?/”

“/Yeah!/” Nick replied. “/Nice shot, Ace!/” Cassie smiled again.

“/Thanks!/” she said.

“/Say,/” Nick spoke up. “/You want to finish my chips[2]?/”

“/Okay,/” Cassie said. Then, Nick handed her his plate and headed off. Cassie looked down at the plate. A message was on the plate for her. “Reality” was what it said. The girl looked around confused for a moment. Nick was out of sight. Cassie began to wonder.

Simon was drying himself off in the bathroom. He was cleaning his trousers as well. The boy was pissed off at the moment. “Damn him!” he thought. “Nick is such an arsehole!!!” Sid, Nick, and Ando came to join the English boy. They all looked at the damage.

“/You look like you pissed on yourself!/” Nick howled with laughter. Simon glared at him.

“/Shut up, you little f****r!/” the charming bastard barked.

“/Just saying!/” Nick replied. Then, he laughed aloud. Ando joined in the laughter.

“+You have to admit,+” he said. “+It is pretty funny!+” The two boys laughed aloud. Simon stood back pissed off.

“What’s going on here?” the boys heard someone ask. The quartet looked up and saw Ken-san peeking out from the shower. He had just come out with a towel wrapped around his waist. Or so it seemed… The boys were all silent and trying to look away. The sensei looked at them confused.

“What?” he asked them. Then, he looked down at himself. His towel had slipped. The sensei tried desperately to cover himself again. He was humiliated. Then, they all heard a thud to the floor. The boys all turned and saw a stall door opening wide. Emma was crawling out of it with big eyes. Ken-san was really red now.

“Emma!” he gasped. “What are you here?” The Aussie girl just smiled at him. The other boys looked shocked. The girl just shrugged. She couldn’t help but to smile. Simon grabbed her and the boys ran over of the bathroom. Ken-san stood there feeling red all over.

Class was awkward as well. Ken-san couldn’t look Emma in the eye. The Aussie girl kept smiling the whole time. She got a good view this afternoon. And let me tell you, Emma liked what she saw. After class, Ken-san came over to her. The Aussie girl looked up at him innocently.

“Yes?” she asked in her best Japanese. She only learned it because of him. Ken-san blushed again. This was hard to do.

“Listen,” he said. “About the bathroom…” Emma smiled at him brightly.

“I know,” she cut in. “You look really hot!” Ken-san was overjoyed for a moment. But then, he came back to reality really quickly.

“That’s the thing!” he said. “I’m your teacher. You are supposed to look at me with respect. Not some sex toy.” Emma seemed to have stopped listening after ‘sex toy.’ She looked up at him smiling brightly.

“Well, you don’t have a nice body!” the Aussie cut in again. Ken-san blushed again.

“R-Really?” he asked. Emma nodded.

“Yeah,” she said. “Especially, that birth mark on your inner thigh.” Then, Emma got up from her desk and slid out the door. Ken-san watched after her. He seemed lost in a dream again. Then, he shook his head again. The sensei sat back pale.

“Oh god!” he murmured to himself. Emma had seen him naked. This couldn’t be good. But, his attention was focused on something pretty soon.

“Ken-san!” a voice spoke up over him. The sensei looked up. Sid was looking down at him at his desk. He looked pretty pale. Concerned, Ken-san sat up some.

“Yes?” he asked. Sid paused for a moment. He didn’t seem sure whether to tell him or not. But, the English boy figured that he had no choice back to do so now.

“I have a problem,” he said. Sid knew some Japanese even to carry on a conversation. Ken-san looked at him uneasily.

“Yes,” he said. “What is it?” Sid sat on the desk in front of him.

“Last night,” he began. “I bought drugs from a drug dealer on credit and I lost the drugs. Now, I don’t know what to do.” Ken-san looked at him pale. He hadn’t heard this one before. It was all new on him.

“Okay…” Ken-san said. “Give me a moment.” He thought about that for a second. Sid waited nervously. Time was running out for him.

“Well…” the sensei said aloud. “Return them?”

“Can’t,” Sid explained. “I don’t know where they are.”

“Go to the police?” Ken-san asked.

“And get arrested?” the English boy asked.

“Right,” the sensei said. “Replace them?”

“With what?” Sid asked. The teacher was at a loss for words.

“Damn!” he said. “You’re screwed!” Sid hung his head in defeat. He was right! He was screwed now. And Snake would have his balls by tomorrow if he didn’t do something fast. This only seems to happen to him…

Meanwhile, Nick snuck into the personal records office. It was time to be nosy again. He just loved to look up personal files of other students. Why? For many reasons. Blackmail was the main one. Curiosity was another good reason. Occasionally, it was to save another student’s ass. Today, Nick had a heavy curious buzz. The student in question was Cassie. Usually after he met someone new, the boy would try to dig up any dirt on them. Cassie was no exception to the rule this time. Nick couldn’t wait to see what kind of dirt was on this girl. He unlocked the main desk and pulled open the drawer. The English boy pulled out the files and thumbed through them until he found Cassie’s. Nick pulled it out and began reading through the contents.

So far, there was nothing exciting. Cassie was just a normal boring girl from England. No thrill there at all. It was just all boring. Nick was about to wrap up when something caught his eye. A statement to the bank kept him reading. The results were a surprising one. “Jackpot!” he thought in joy. There seemed to be more to Cassie than her spacey ways.

Meanwhile, Cassie walking the halls imagining that she was in Hollywood this time. She was auditioning for a role in Steven Spielberg’s new movie. She knew that she wouldn’t get the part. But hey, it was worth a shot! She was walking along in the halls in her imagination when she looked down from the second floor and saw Nick walking to another one of his classes. Her heart was sent into a soft flutter. She felt her cheeks growing slightly warm. The girl’s crush on Nick had grown since that message on her plate with his chips. She was convinced that he must have cared enough for her to go through the trouble. Just seeing him brought her back to reality and made her want to stay for a long time. Cassie stood close to the glass and watched him. She kept her eyes focused on him the entire time.

“/You like me,/” she mumbled to herself at him. “/Look up if you like me. Look up if you like me! Look up if you like me!/” Then, Nick seemed to look up for a second. Cassie quickly became excited. “He likes me!” she thought in bliss. But then, Nick just walked away apathetic and went on to class. Cassie suddenly felt a heavy drop in disappointment. She began walking back into Hollywood with her movie role audition. It was just as well. When disappointment came her way, it was back to fantasy land with her. Had been that way since Laura graduated early. This method of coping worked more than drugs or starving herself did. And maybe one day, she would be better than Laura. Someday…

But then, Cassie felt her phone go off again. She looked down and reached into her bag. The girl opened the phone. She got a new text message. “Reality” was one this said just like the others that she had gotten all day. Cassie thought it was Nick telling her to come back to reality and stay there. Her hopes began to rise again and she came back to Earth once again. Then, Cassie walked onto her next class.

It was going to be another boring day in Biology class. All of the students gathered around at their seats. Sid sat at his desk nervous. Today just couldn’t get any worse, could it? But sadly, it did. The principal walked into the classroom. The students looked up at him confused. Something was not right at all. The principal stood firmly in front of the class.

“Good afternoon class!” he greeted them.

“Afternoon!” the students all mumbled back to him together. The principal looked at them all uneasily.

“I’m afraid I must report that Ueda-san is out taking care of his dying mother for a whole month,” he explained. “So until he returns, Cock-san will be teaching the class!” Everyone didn’t seem to care at all. Then, the principal stepped aside and left the room. Sid looked up in a panic when the sensei walked into the room after the principal left. Snake was teaching the classroom today. He grinned at all of the students.

“Hello kids!” the drug dealer called out. He spotted Sid and smirked to himself. “Got him!” Snake thought in malice. Sid sank down in his chair in a panic. He was certainly screwed now. This was pretty bad!

Outside on the yard, Sid complained about his problems to the crew. Simon turned to the others for help.

“/So,/” he said. “/What do we do?/” Everyone was silent for a moment.

“+So, what’s going to happen if Sid doesn’t pay up?+” Lucas asked.

“/He gets his balls cut off!/” Simon replied. He winced in pain at hearing that one. Simon looked at all of their mates again.

“/So,/” he said. “/Anyone got any suggestions?/” There was another moment of silence. Shawn just shrugged.

“/Sorry,/” he said. “/I’ve got nothing for you./”

“/Same here,/” his model, Nicole, said.

“/Nice knowing you, Sid!” Ando called.

“Yeah,” said Shuichi.

“/Can’t help you!/” Casper said. Then, one by one they all left Sid and Simon all alone together. Simon turned to his friend.

“/Sorry Sid,/” he said. “/I tried./” Then, he walked away. Sid was left all alone with Arisu. She tried to hug him, but he pushed her away.

“/Not now, okay!/” he said. Arisu just stayed by him in silence.

Meanwhile, Cassie followed after Nick as he was leaving campus.

“/Hey!/” she called out to him. “/Wait for me!/” Nick tried to ignore her. But, Cassie still kept running after him. Finally, she lightly grabbed him by the arm. The English boy turned to her unhappy that he touched her. Cassie smiled at him brightly.

“/Hey!/” she said again. Nick rolled his eyes.

“/What the hell do you want?/” he asked her. Cassie kept her sweet smile.

“/I want to walk home with you!/” she said. Nick looked at her as if she was crazy.

“/Why?/” he asked her. Cassie moved her feet.

“/Because…/” she said. “/I want to be close to you!/” Nick stared at her for a moment. Then, he tried not to laugh at her.

“/Really now?/” he asked.

“/That’s right,/” she replied. Nick smirked at her again.

“/And why is that?/” he asked her. Cassie shrugged a bit.

“/Because…/” she said. “/You care about me!/” Oh, now Nick couldn’t resist anymore! He was chuckling to himself. Cassie caught him instantly. She raised an eyebrow at him.

“/Is something wrong?/” the girl asked him. Nick turned back to her.

“/Why the hell would you think that?/” he asked her. “/All I care about is me! And besides, you’re just a bored little English girl with a boring life that just makes up stories to make herself seem like an interesting person!/” Cassie was starting to feel hurt now.

“/Because…/” she said once more. “/You keep sending me text messages!/” Nick was really confused now.

“/Text messages?/” he asked. “/What text messages?/” Cassie reached into her bag and pulled out her cell phone. She showed him all forty-eight messages. Nick looked at each one of them. He then turned to her.

“/I didn’t send you these,/” the boy said. Cassie looked at him puzzled.

“/But you must have!/” she argued back. Nick shook his head.

“/You poor soul,/” he said to her. Then, he took out his phone and showed her the sent box. It was completely empty. He even showed her the trash. That was all empty too. Cassie just stood there disappointed.

“/Oh,/” she said. Nick slammed his phone closed.

“/See?/” he asked her. “/Anything else?/” Cassie looked down at the ground.

“/No,/” she mumbled.

“/Okay then,/” Nick said. “/Bye!/” Then, he walked away leaving her all alone. Cassie stood there watching. Back to Hollywood it was. Maybe a part in the movie would cheer her up.

As she walked to the bus station, Cassie realized something. Her life just sucked. Maybe, Nick was right. Maybe she was a bored little English girl with a boring life that just makes up stories to make herself seem like an interesting person. It all hurt. But sadly, it was true. Laura got all of the attention with her grades and business. She was even a newlywed at nineteen! Compared to all of that in the real world, Cassie had nothing exciting going on for her. Or so she believe initially.

Then, her phone buzzed again was she was on the bus. She tried to ignore it at first, but then she couldn’t resist anymore. Cassie reached into her bag and pulled out her phone. She flipped it open. It was another text message. “Reality” was what it said at first. But then, there was more to it. “See me as Keiko’s sushi bar.” She instantly recognized the phone. It was Nick’s. The girl’s happiness returned again. He did care after all. So, Cassie pulled the cord to stop the bus. Then, she hurried off and all the way to the restaurant.

Cassie looked around inside the sushi bar. Her heart was racing wildly. The girl found her crush sitting in a booth near the back. He was flagging her over to him. Cassie hurried over to him. Nick lowered his arm when she came over to him. A smirk came onto his face.

“/Good,/” he said. “/You got my message./” Cassie looked at him confused and slightly angry.

“/What do you want, Nick?/” she asked. The boy lightly shrugged at her.

“/Come and sit down, then we’ll talk,/” he said. Cassie just stared at him at first. Then, she did so quietly. Nick smirked at her again.

“/Now,/” he said. “/I’m only going to say it to you once. You are just a boring little English girl and that’s it. You claim that no one cares about you. But someone must, because you’re an heiress!/” Cassie looked at him confused.

“/What?/” she asked.

“/Yeah,/” said Nick. “/Well, you will be when you’re eighteen. I snuck in and read your files today. You stand to gain over 70 million pounds in your trust fund when you turn eighteen. If nobody loves you there, then I’m an Eskimo!/” Cassie sat there in silence for a long while. She just couldn’t believe it. Somebody actually cared that much to give her that much money? The girl just didn’t know what to say.

“/That much?/” she asked.

“/Yeah,/” Nick replied. Cassie sat back again.

“/So,/” she said. “/What do I do now?/” Nick shrugged.

“/Up to you,/” he said. “/Pretty little rich girl!/” Cassie gave herself a little smile. Strangely, she liked the sound of that. Then, the waitress arrived with a huge platter of sushi. Nick turned to her with a little smile.

“Thank you,” he said to her. The waitress nodded and walked away. The English boy turned back to Cassie. She stared at him in silence. Nick got her a plate and loaded it up with sushi. His little friend watched in a dull stare as she counted the food. Nick seemed to be putting on at least fifty pieces on there. The girl was a little concerned but didn’t show it.

“/Nick,/” she spoke up.

“/Yes?/” the boy asked her. Cassie kept her eyes on the plate.

“/All of that is not for me, is it?/” she asked. Nick looked up at her smiling. He didn’t say anything to her. The boy just shoved the plate to her. Then, he took the soy sauce bottle and poured some soy sauce for her. Nick pushed the tray over to her. He even handed her some chopsticks. Cassie looked at him lost.

“/Here,/” he said. “/Eat up!/” His little friend still didn’t talk. Nick smiled at her.

“/Go on,/” he said. “/It’s not poison. The chefs here wouldn’t kill their customers. It’s bad for business./” Cassie still looked uncertain.

“/It looks a little much…/” she said.

“/Sure it does,/” Nick spoke up. “/It’s the normal amount of what people eat. Now, eat up!/” Cassie began to pick up the chopsticks, but she froze again. She looked up at Nick still uneasy. He was watching her in silence.

“/Nick,/” she spoke up. “/Are you going to watch me eat?/” Nick didn’t answer at first.

“/Come on,/” he said again. “/You can’t talk your way out of dinner with me. Just eat./” Cassie froze while running out of other options to distract him. Nick was worse than Gavin. She had no choice but to admit defeat.

“/Okay…/” Cassie said at last. Then, she broke the chopsticks apart. The English girl picked up a piece of eel sushi and put it in her mouth.

[1] Biscuit=Cookie to the English

[2] Chips= Fries in English

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