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Lucas and Shuichi were not enjoying today. Why? They were in jail. Lexie was in trouble—again. Or rather, Megan was in trouble again. Megan was another one of Lexie’s alter egos. Lucas sat there in discomfort. Shuichi came along to help. The vocalist looked over at the basketball player.

“What is she here for now?” he asked. Lucas sighed aloud.

“+Public drunkenness,+” he said. Shuichi winced at him.

“Ooo…” he mumbled. Luke nodded.

“+Yeah…+” he said. Both sat in silence. Shuichi glanced over at him.

“You need to tell her the truth, Luke.” Lucas didn’t face him.

“+No,+” he said. The vocalist blinked at him once.

“Why not?” he asked. Lucas shook his head. Then, the police came out to the men. They looked up at him. The cop looked at them both.

“Which one of is Lucas?” he asked. The American raised his hand. The cop rolled his eyes at him.

“Right…” he said. The cop turned to the doorway.

“They are here, Ms. Love,” he said. The boys directed their eyes to the doorway as footsteps caught their ears. A strawberry blonde woman stepped out to them. She had on a short, tight black leather skirt and a glitter fuchsia tube top. Megan looked like death warmed over three times. She looked over at Lucas and Shuichi. The American basketball player stood up, smiling.

“+Hi… Megan…+” he said. The woman groaned aloud with her hangover.

“+I need a cigarette…+” she mumbled.

Subject: Lucas and Shuichi

The boys managed to get Megan home after a cigarette. Both didn’t like the idea, however.

“She’s going to get sick off of that when Lexie returns,” Shuichi whispered.

“+I know that,+” Lucas whispered with gritted teeth. “+It was the all way to get her to come with us.+” Shuichi gave him a stern look.

“You can’t keep doing this,” he whispered.

“+I know,+” Lucas whispered back.

“So,” Shuichi whispered again. “Tell her the truth already!” Luke shook his head at him.

“+I can’t…+” he mumbled. The vocalist didn’t seem to buy it.

“What do you mean?” he asked. Lucas looked away some. He couldn’t speak it here. Shuichi wouldn’t understand. So, why bother?

“Well,” the vocalist pushed. “Why not?” Lucas opened his mouth to speak.

“+What are you talking about up there?+” Megan croaked. The boys didn’t even look up.

“Nothing,” they lied together. Megan looked at them oddly.

“+You sure about that?+” she asked.

“Yes!” the boys lied again. The skank only blinked at that statement.

“+Okay…+” she said. The boys breathed out in relief. They spoke no more after that. Everyone made it home just in time. Shuichi closed the door behind him and sighed. He didn’t like this game. Lexie’s DID was starting to get worse. They all knew what triggered it. Simon’s accident and the time he spent in the hospital in a coma sent Lexie down into unstable spiral. Nights in jail, one-night stands, drugs, and partying were becoming more and more frequent. Lucas didn’t seem to be helping the situation either.

“He needs to just bite the bullet and tell her the truth,” Hiro commented one day when Shuichi had to leave a recording session early to go help Lexie after she returned from being Megan. The vocalist only nodded.

“I keep telling him that,” he said. “He keeps trying to dodge the question.” Then, Shuichi went out the door. His involvement in this whole mess was cutting deep into his own life. But yet, the vocalist couldn’t abandon his friend. Lexie always turned to him when she couldn’t talk to her own boyfriend. It would just be so easy to tell the truth. But, he just couldn’t bring himself to break the bad news to her.

“I’m home!” Shuichi called in the apartment that he shared with Yuki.

“Fun with Lexie again?” his boyfriend asked. The younger man froze up surprised.

“Huh? How did you know?” he asked.

“That’s all you do these days,” Yuki pointed out bluntly.

“No, I don’t!” his boyfriend protested.

“Right…” the writer replied. “So if Lexie called you right now and said that she was lost in the worst part of Tokyo with no idea how she got there or money to get back, you wouldn’t run out there to get her back home?” Shuichi’s eyes lit up in alarm.

“What?!?” he asked. “When did that happen?!?”

“See?” Yuki replied. Shuichi looked over at him on his laptop.

“Don’t do that to me!” he yelled.

“What I can’t understand is why her boyfriend isn’t doing anything about her,” Yuki added on. Shuichi got defensive on that statement.

“Hey, he is!” the young man snapped. “It’s just…”

“What?” Yuki challenged. Shuichi found himself at a loss for words. What was Lucas doing to help Lexie?

“Uh… well…” the vocalist tried again. He hung his head in defeat. Fine time to be drawing blanks here.

Lucas had his own stress at the moment. Megan just turned back into Lexie and was now puking her guts out in the toilet. Her boyfriend shut his eyes as he stood against the bathroom door.

“+You okay?+” he asked.

“+No…+” Lexie croaked. More vomiting followed. Lucas sighed aloud. Here they go again. He hated when his girlfriend’s druggie personalities took over. Lexie had a low drug and alcohol tolerance. Megan smoked, drank, and did coke. Imagine the fun when Lexie got violently ill when she came after one of Megan’s binges. Lucas opened his eyes when it got quiet. He turned to the door behind him.

“+Lexie?+” he asked. “+You okay in there?+” No answer. The man really became worried. He knocked on the door.

“+Lexie? Lexie?+” he asked. A sinking feeling seeped into his mind. He quickly opened the bathroom door. His girlfriend was hanging over the toilet, not moving. Lucas crept over to her and tapped her on the bare shoulder.

“+Lex?+” he asked. “+Lex, are you alright? Lex? Lex?+” His girlfriend had passed out while vomited. Lucas looked up at the ceiling in distress.

“+Oh good…+” he mumbled to himself. Now, he had more work to do. Lucas took in a deep breath and pulled Lexie away from the toilet. He got her over to the sink and cleaned her off. Once the vomit was gone, Luke to her back to their room and put her to bed. She’ll be fine. Just let her sleep it off…

By afternoon, Lexie woke up. She looked and saw Lucas sitting on the bed with her. He gave her a little wave.

“+Hey,+” he whispered. Lexie blinked at him.

“+Where am I?+” she asked.

“+Our room,+” Lucas answered.

“+Where was I last night and why was I sick again?+” Lucas froze up at her questions. How could he answer them now? He shrugged at her.

“+Couldn’t tell you,+” he lied. “+How are you?+” Lexie moved her head a little bit.

“+So, so,+” her boyfriend replied.

“+Yeah,+” Lexie replied. Lucas smiled as he patted his girl on the head.

“+There, there,+” he said. “+I’ll make you some tea, okay?+”

“+Okay,+” Lexie replied. Lucas kissed her on the cheek.

“+Be right back,+” he whispered. Then, he walked all the way to the kitchen. Lexie watched as he did so. He was a good boyfriend. He was good enough to stay through her mess. Maybe she should do something for her later. Maybe…

That evening, Shuichi made it to NG Records. Hiro, K-san, Fujisaki, and Sakano all looked up. The vocalist let his eyes wander around to everyone in the room. No one spoke at first.

“Your phone off today?” Fujisaki asked. Shuichi nodded.

“Yeah,” he said. “Lexie’s at home with Lucas.”

“You sure?” Sakano asked.

“I checked with Luke and she’s fine,” the vocalist said. “Everything’s fine.” They didn’t seem to believe him… *Sweat drop on Shuichi’s head*

“Right…” he mumbled. “Let’s just get to work then.” He walked into the sound booth to start recording. To tell the truth, Shuichi wasn’t sure of his own words himself. Lexie’s condition had been getting worse. Who knows what would happen today?

Meanwhile, Lucas sat on their bed, watching Lexie. She was sleeping peacefully at the moment. Last night was a headache. Despite this morning bail out and sick episode, today looked like a calm one. Shuichi’s question echoed in the man’s mind.

When are you going to tell her the truth?” the vocalist asked him over and over. Lucas shook his head. “Not yet,” he thought. “Just not yet…” The man wanted to head out tonight, but decided not to. However, he still had a problem to deal with. How was he going to fix this without telling Lexie the truth? He looked up at the ceiling and pondered this question. “Maybe if we spent more time together…” the man thought. “That could work…” It was settled then. Tomorrow, he and Lexie would start spending more time together.

The next day started out easy enough. Lexie awoke to find her boyfriend sitting on the bed, waiting for her.

“+Hey Lexie,+” he cheered. His girl blinked at him, confused.

“+Luke?+” she asked. “+What’s going on? Did something bad happen?+” Her boyfriend shook his head.

“+No, no,+” he said. “+Everything’s fine.+”

“+Then, what’s going on…+” she said. Lucas gently took her by the hand.

“+There, there,+” he said. “+You and I are just going to spend time together today.+” Lexie still didn’t get it.

“+Why?+” she asked. Lucas smiled at her.

“+Because,+” he reasoned. “+We don’t get to do that enough.+”

“+Okay…+” Lexie said. Lucas smiled at her still.

“+It’ll be fine!+” he insisted. “+Trust me.+” Lexie thought about that for a moment. She bit her lip some.

“+Okay…+” she said at last. Lucas patted her on the head.

“+There, there,+” he said. “+You’re in good hands today.+”

“+Okay,+” Lexie said again. “+What shall we do first?+”

“+Well,+” Luke said. “+Let’s have breakfast together and then maybe go out a little. How does that sound?+” His girlfriend didn’t look to certain about that. Something still seemed odd to her. But yet, she only wanted to keep Luke happy. Maybe this is how she could repay him for all of the crap that she puts him through unintentionally. Lexie began to relax and smile.

“+Great!+” she chirped. “+I like that.+” Her boyfriend hugged her like a wild monkey.

“+You won’t regret this!+” he cheered. Lexie tried to force herself to keep smiling. Suddenly, she began to have doubts again. The woman decided to keep humoring him. What’s the worst that could happen?

Shuichi was about to head out to work when his cell phone rang. He looked around in the hallway for a moment. Good, no one was in sight at the moment. The vocalist slowly answered the phone.

“Hello?” he asked.

“+Shuichi?+” a girl’s voice asked on the other line. He recognized the voice right away.

“Lexie?” he asked. “Is something wrong?” He found this rather odd. She usually called when she was in a panic or trouble. He didn’t detect any worry in her voice.

“+Not really,+” Lexie replied. “+Is there a problem?+” Shuichi hesitated to answer at first. Should he tell her the truth right now? No, that’s Lucas job, not his.

“What do you mean?” the vocalist asked.

“+Lucas wants us to spend more time together,+” she said.

“And why is this bad?” There was a slight pause on the phone. Shuichi could hear Lexie breathing uneasily on the other line.

“+I think he’s up to something,+” she broke down and said.

“How do you mean?” Shuichi asked.

“+I don’t know how to explain it,+” she said. Shuichi put it all together in his head. “Do you really think that you can get out of the problem that easily, Luke?” he thought. Then, Shuichi came up with an idea.

“Hang on Lex,” he said. “I’ll be right there.” Then, the vocalist hung the phone and headed down the hall. Lexie breathed out and hung up on the other line. Problem fixed—for a little while.

“+Lexie, who was on the phone with you?+” Lucas called from the kitchen. Lexie looked up from the bedroom.

“+Wrong number,+” she lied.

“+Breakfast is ready!+” her boyfriend replied.

“+Okay,+” Lexie said back. Then, she hurried down the hall to her boyfriend. They sat at the table eating ramen and nori. The basketball player looked at her, smiling.

“+It’s not much,+” he said. “+But, I gave it my all.+” Lexie nodded at him as she tried to keep herself smiling. “Just get through the morning until Shuichi comes,” she told herself over and over again.

“+So,+” she said. “+What exactly are we doing today?+” Lucas shrugged at her.

“+#Whatever you like,+” he said.

“+Anything?+” Lexie asked.

“+Anything,+” her boyfriend said. She took a moment to let it all sink into her head.

“+Ah…+” the woman mumbled. They sat in silence for a moment. Then, the door bell rang. Lexie looked up like a deer caught in headlights. Lucas looked up, confused.

“+Who could that be?+” he asked. The man got up and walked over to the door. Lexie really began to freak out now.

“+Lucas, no!+” she yelped. But, it was too late. He peeked out the peep hole. Shuichi stood on the other side, smiling and waving.

“Lo Li Lo!” he cheered on the other side. Lucas opened the door, puzzled.

“+Shuichi,+” he said. “+What are you doing here?+” The vocalist looked as if he didn’t know where he was going.

“Uh…” he started. “Lexie invited me over…” He pointed over his friend’s shoulder at his other friend. As he waited her, Lexie tried desperately to hide her face from him. Lucas began to look annoyed.

“+Why?+” he asked. Shuichi didn’t even bother to ask. Lexie just lowered her face on the table. What next?

So here they were, two guys and an ill girl. Nobody was talking. Shuichi opened his mouth, but no words came out. He closed it again. Lexie pressed her lips together.

“+Well…+” she began. Her voice only trailed off from there. Lucas glared at Shuichi. Usually, the pink-haired vocalist would back down from him when the American gave him the evil eye. Oh, not this time! This game had to stop—today!

“Lucas,” he spoke up. “Can I talk to you?” The other man glared at him.

“+About what?+” he hissed.

“In private,” Shuichi added on. Silence rolled over for a moment. Lucas lowered his chopsticks.

“+Fine,+” he replied. He turned to his girlfriend. “+Lexie,+” the man said. “+Could you excuse us for a moment?+” The woman nodded at him.

“+Sure,+” she said. Both men got up and walked into the empty guest room. Lucas couldn’t hold back anymore.

“+What are you doing here?!?+” he hissed. Shuichi gave him a sharp look.

“I know what you are doing,” he said. Lucas blinked at him.

“+Doing what?+” he asked.

“You’re trying to avoid the whole problem, aren’t you?” Shuichi challenged.

“+Am not!+”

“Yes, you are! That’s why Lexie called me over! She’s worried that you are up to something.” Lucas gave him a cold, hard look.

“+What have you told her?+” he snapped.

“Nothing,” Shuichi replied.

“+I don’t believe you!+”

“Fine then, ask her yourself. She won’t have a clue what you’re talking about unless you tell her the truth.” Lucas struggled to keep down his rage. The last thing he wanted was to start a trigger for one of Lexie’s personalities to emerge.

“+Fine, I’ll go and ask her!+” Lucas snapped.

“You do that,” Shuichi told him. The American didn’t say anything after that. He just stormed out of the room. The vocalist followed after him.

“+Lexie!+” Lucas called. “+I have something to ask you.+” But when they got back to the kitchen, it was bone empty. Both boys began to fear the worst. Lucas turned to Shuichi.

“+This is your fault,+” he hissed.

“My fault?!?” he asked. “If you would just tell her the truth…”

“+I can’t!+”


“+Because she won’t believe me if I told her the truth!!!+” Shuichi stared at him, confused.

“What?” he asked. Lucas sighed as he buried his face in his hands.

“+I’m just worried she’s going to think I’m the crazy one if I tell her she has DID,+” he reasoned. Shuichi shook his head.

“That’s not true,” he countered. Lucas looked at him confused.

“+Huh?+” he asked.

“Lexie knows that something is wrong with her. She tells me all the time. She wants to know what the problem is, but she just can’t find the answer. You have to tell her the truth, Luke. Give her some answers!” Lucas looked down at his feet.

“+Can we talk about this later?+” he asked. “+We really need to find her. Lexie could be in trouble again.+” Shuichi nodded a little bit.

“Right…” he said. Then, the boys headed out the door. They looked around most of the apartment complex and outside for her. She couldn’t have gotten that far under a couple of minutes.

“+Maybe we should split up and look,+” Lucas suggested.

“Okay,” the vocalist again. The boys took the opposite ends to find their friend. Lucas went west while Shuichi went right. While looking, Lucas took a while to think about. Six whole years of this. Yet, he still couldn’t tell her the truth. He had just now began to wonder why. She wouldn’t believe him if she told him the truth. But, was that all? Lucas wondered from time to time if it was something else that was holding him back from telling the truth. He couldn’t understand what it was, though. The future, maybe? What would happen after he told Lexie that she had DID?

However, that thought was put on hold when he looked on and noticed something. Or rather someone. Lucas turned and noticed a woman standing with her back to him. This was not just a woman. He was staring at an angel. Long black hair to her waist. Neat jean carpis. This woman wasn’t wearing any shoes either. She wasn’t really doing anything. She just stood, not making a sound. She didn’t really need to do anything. Lucas had his eyes glued to her. She looked prettier than Lexie. Suddenly, the woman turned around. The American man’s face glowed in surprise.

“+Lexie?+” he asked. His girlfriend looked right at him.

“+Luke?+” she asked. The man walked over to her. He hugged her tightly.

“+Where have you been?!?+” he wailed. “+We were so worried about you!+” Lexie looked at him as if he had lost his mind.

“+What are you talking about?+” she asked. “+I just walked outside to get away from the fighting that you and Shuichi were in. You were taking so long that I decided to get out for a little bit. Why? Did something happen?+” Lucas suddenly snapped in his head. Not in a bad way as one would expect to happen. He kissed her wildly on the lips. Lexie stood there, looking shocked. Okay, she hadn’t expected all of this. Heck, she didn’t even know how to react. In the end, she just closed her eyes and kissed him back. It didn’t end there.

Lucas took his girl back to their apartment while they were still on a kissing marathon. They did get a few stares, but the couple didn’t notice. (Or rather pretended not to.) From the walk through the lobby, into the elevator, down the hall, through the front door, across the living room, down the hall again, and all the way to their bedroom, the heat broke and overflowed. He pinned her down onto the bed. The man sat up and ripped off his shirt. Lexie’s eyes were hazed over with a playful lust. Lucas leaned down and kissed her on the lips again as her chest rose and fell rapidly. Lexie just let him do as he pleased. He needed this release after all. The man deserved it for all of the crap she put him through unintentionally after all.

That evening, Lucas awoke in the middle of the night. He looked over at his sleeping girlfriend. She looked so peaceful when she isn’t running amuck. But yet, he still had that very problem on his hands. As much as the man hated to admit it, Shuichi was actually right. It would be best for them all if he just told her the truth and worked from there. But…

Lucas reached over and lightly stroked his lover’s hair. He shook his head to himself, smiling. “Sorry Shuich,” the man thought. “I will tell her, but not just yet. I have my reasons.” Lucas lightly brushed against Lexie’s warm, soft cheek.

The next morning, the door bell rang. Lucas peeked out the peep hole. Shuichi stood on the other side, waving. The American man just opened the door a crack.

“+Yes?+” he asked. Shuichi did his best to stay civil for Lexie’s sake today.

“How is she?” he asked.

“+Fine,+” Lucas replied. They stayed silent for a moment.

“You going to tell her yet?” Shuichi asked. Lucas shook his head.

“+No,+” he said. “+I’m not ready to.+”

“She has to know the truth some time.”

“+I know. I need to get myself ready for what’s going to happen after I tell her.+” Shuichi gave him a sympathetic smile.

“You’ll get there, Luke,” he said. His friend nodded.

“+Luke,+” Lexie called from inside. Lucas turned inside the apartment.

“+It’s just Shuichi,+” he said. The woman walked over to the door and peeked out. She was still dressed in her pajamas. The vocalist gave her a little wave.

“Hey,” he said.

“+You want to come in?+” she asked. Shuichi only smiled and shook his head.

“Nah,” he said. “Can’t stay long. I have to get back to work.”

“+Fair enough,+” Lucas said.

“+See ya,+” his girlfriend said.

“Bye,” the vocalist said before heading off. Well, he guessed it wouldn’t hurt to play this game a little bit longer. But after that if Lucas doesn’t speak up, Shuichi was going to take matters into his own hands.

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