Key Notes:

“Text”= Japanese talking

“+American English talking+”

“/British English talking/”

“#Australian English talking#”

Deep sky blue eyes looking out in bored snark. Nick looked at all of his friends. He just couldn’t understand it. Why were they all friends? Why did he even care about them? Why did they care about him? It all didn’t make sense. But yet, here they all were. Friends until they all practically died. Nick still didn’t get it though. He had been used to being alone for so long. But now…

“/Hey Nick!/” a voice rang out to him. The boy tried to ignore it at first.

“/Nick!/” the voice called again. Again, Nick ignored it. This time, Cassie popped up right in his face.

“/Hi ya!!!!!/” she called. Nick rolled his eyes at her.

“/What the hell do you want?/” he asked. Cassie grinned at him cheerfully.

“/Just wanted to say hi!/” she called. Nick rolled his eyes again.

“/Why?/” he asked. Cassie kept her smile.

“/Cause,/” she replied.

“/Cause what?/” Nick asked. Cassie climbed into his lap and cuddled up close. Nick looked to the ceiling annoyed.

“/Cause,/” Cassie repeated. “/I like you!/” Nick rolled his eyes again.

“/Yeah right!/” he mumbled to himself. Cassie looked up at him that comment.

“/But I do!/” she called. Nick sighed aloud.

“/Why are you in my lap?/” he asked. Cassie lied her head against his chest. She felt his heart beating against her cheek. She looked down slightly sad.

“/I want to be close to you,/” she murmured. Nick sighed again. Why bother telling her off? She won’t listen at all. The girl’s just like Shuichi with Yuki. Shuichi and Cassie never listen when told no.

Speaking of Shuichi, he, Lexie, and Hiro watched across the classroom. The boys snickered at them.

“They look so cute!” Shuichi called.

“Reminds of you and Yuki,” Hiro pointed out. The vocalist looked up at his pal on that one.

“Hm?” he asked. “You think so?”

“Yeah,” Hiro replied. Shuichi thought about that for a moment and nodded.

“I guess you’re right,” the vocalist replied. Hiro smiled and nodded at him. Shuichi looked over at Lexie. She sat there looking out in silence. The vocalist and guitarist looked over at her.

“Lexie,” Shuichi said. “What’s the matter?” She shook her head and gave him a little shrug.

“+Nothing,+” she mumbled at him. “+Nothing at all.+” The boys didn’t believe her at all.

“Come on Lexie,” Hiro said to her. “What’s on your mind?” The woman turned to them nervously. She shook her head at them at first.

“+It’s just…+” Lexie began. “+Casper and everyone else looks at me oddly.+” Shuichi and Hiro looked at her a little worried. She still didn’t know about the trip to Cambodia. Lucas didn’t want anyone to tell her the truth. He always tries to keep her in the dark about her mental condition. This didn’t seem like a good idea. But what else could he do? “+She wouldn’t believe me if I told her the truth,+” Lucas reasoned. The other friends weren’t too certain about that logic. But yet, they kept quiet about it for Lexie’s sake. Shuichi shrugged at her.

“I don’t know what to tell you,” Hiro said to her. Lexie didn’t seem to believe him at all at first. She just turned away in silence. The boys relaxed a little bit. However, they looked up and saw Nick glaring at them coldly. He had his fist up at them. The boys and Lexie all quickly pretended to be working again. Nick rolled his eyes.

“/Damn it!/” he muttered to himself. “/You are really killing me!/” Cassie looked up at him innocently.

“/I am?/” she asked. Nick sighed annoyed. Oh how he wanted to shovel her off right now… It wouldn’t work there. She would just get back into his lap. “Such a pain!” he thought. The boy hung his head annoyed.

Subject: Nick

In the halls, Nick looked around for students to harass. This activity made his day. Shuichi and them never understood why Nick acted like such a jerk. The British boy didn’t care. He didn’t even understand why they all became friends at first. It just sort of happened at first. He couldn’t explain why. None of them could. As far as Nick was concerned, he could be content with being all alone. Sadly, none of his friends would ever dream of doing so. Especially, Cassie…

“Did you hear?” one of the students asked one of her friends. “We’ve got a new psychiatrist coming here!”

“Yeah,” her friend replied. “I think her name is Dr. Taka.”

“Is she any good?” the first girl asked.

“She’s the best in Japan,” her friend answered. “In fact, she is one of leading doctors with adolescences and university kids!” The first girl looked at her surprised.

“Wow!” she called. “Why would a big name doc be coming here?”

“I don’t know,” her friend answered. “I heard she’s doing a study on some of the students here!”

“Ooo!!!” the first girl called. “That should be interesting!”

“I know,” her friend said. Nick rolled his eyes at that one. “Whatever!” he thought. “Probably some quack anyway!” Then, the boy headed down the hall. That’s when the harassment began.

First one up was Shuichi Shindou. He seemed to be waiting for him for hours. The pink-haired vocalist popped up out of nowhere.

“Hey Nick!” he called. “Want to go by the arcade later when I get work off?”

“/No!/” the English boy said quickly.

“Are you sure?” Shuichi asked. “You can’t be alone all of the time, you know!”

“/I’ll be fine!/” Nick called.

“You sure?” the vocalist asked again.

“/Piss off[1], would ya!/” Nick yelled out. He walked away faster. Next up, Lucas.

“+Hi Nick!+” he called. “+Let’s go play basket ball together!+”

“/No!/” Nick called. The American boy tried to follow him.

“+You sure?+” he asked.

“/Yes!/” Nick called. “/Now piss off!/” Lucas shrugged some. He walked away. Now for Ando’s turn.

“Hey Nick, old friend!” he greeted him.

“/Whatever it is, no!/” the English boy said quickly.

“Aw come on, Nick!” Ando complained. “You haven’t even heard what I’m going to say!”

“/No,/” his pal replied.”/But I have some idea!/”

“Aw come on!” Ando pleaded again. “At least hear me out!” Nick stopped and sighed aloud.

“/Fine!/” he called. “/Make it quick! I have to go home!/” Ando took in a deep breath.

“Want to go out and party with me later tonight?” he asked. Nick just walked away. Ando waved his arms in the air.

“Jack’s going to be there with some pills and stuff!” he yelled out. Nick still walked away.

“Come on!” Ando yelled out. “It’ll be fun!” Nick forced himself to keep moving. “Almost in the clear now!” he thought. Sort of…

“/Hey!!!/” a loud familiar voice called to him. He stopped and rolled his eyes.

“/What, Ace?/” he asked out loud. Cassie smiled at him brightly.

“/Just wondering what you’re doing now!/” she called.

“/Going home! If you lot[2] will let me!/” Nick shouted. Cassie’s eyes lit up right away.

“/Ooo wow!/” she called. “/Can I come too?/”

“/Hell no!!!/” Nick shouted. Then he pushed her aside and kept walking. Cassie followed behind as expected. The English boy didn’t look behind him.

“/Go away, Ace!!!/” he yelled at her. Just like Shuichi with Yuki, she didn’t listen to him. The girl just followed him out of the school. Nick began to run away to try and lose her. But Cassie ran right after him.

Nick finally managed to lose his little friend when he got to his apartment. He walked all the way into the parking lot glad to be alone at last. “Finally!” the boy thought. “Alone at last!” No, not really. As soon as he walked through the parking lot, Nick noticed at 2003 white Toyota echo parked near the entry. He froze up right away. That only meant one thing…

Aw crap, she’s here!” Nick thought. He slowly headed back to his apartment. He unlocked the door. The English boy looked around some.

“/Hello?/” he asked once. No answer at first. Nick walked in slower.

“/Hello?/” he asked again.

“/In here, Nick!/” a female’s voice called. The boy rolled his eyes to himself. “Great!” he thought. “She’s here!” She in question turned out to be Nick’s older sister, Effy. The English boy walked into the kitchen and found his sister fixing dinner. She turned to him smiling. Effy could be described as lovely. The woman could be described like Mika Seguchi, only nicer and British. Effy turned to her brother smiling.

“/Hi Nick!/” she called. The boy rolled his eyes at her.

“/What are you doing here?/” he grumbled.

“/I just wanted to check on you, Nick,/” Effy replied.

“/Right…/” her brother mumbled to her.

“/But I do!/” Effy protested. Nick groaned aloud.

“/Why?/” he asked. “/I got emancipated last year! I’m doing good on my own, thank you! I don’t need you or anyone else to take care of me!”

“/That’s why I’m worried,/” his sister spoke up. Nick rolled his eyes again.

“/Don’t try *any* of your voodoo witchcraft tactics on me!/” he yelled. “/I am not one of your patients!/”

“/It’s psychology!/” Effy corrected him. “/And I’m your sister. I’m supposed to be worried about you!/” Nick rolled his eyes again.

“/Whatever!/” he called.

“/I made you dinner,/” Effy changed the subject. Nick relaxed some. She may practice in psychology for a living, but Effy made up for that in his eyes with her cooking. It would be a nice change from all of the TV dinners he had eaten for a full year now. So, why not eat her? She’s not going to leave right away anyway.

At dinner, it went the same way. Silent and cold. Nick ate his Shepherd’s Pie silently. Effy watched like she was at work. Nick glared at her crossly. “Stop looking at me like that!” he thought bitterly. Effy lowered her chopsticks.

“/So,/” she said. “/How was your day at school?/” Nick groaned at her again. Here it comes. She always tries to engage him in forced conversation at the table. It never fails. Usually, he would fight her off. But tonight didn’t call for that. He decided to humor her.

“/Fine,/” Nick answered flatly.

“/Anything new at school?/” Effy asked.

“/No,/” her brother answered.

“/Are you sure?/” his sister asked.

“/We have a new shrink at our school,/” Nick replied. Effy’s eyes lit up brightly.

“/Really?/” she asked. “/That’s great!/” Nick rolled his eyes at that one.

“/What?/” Effy asked at that one.

“/No, it’s not!/” Nick snapped. “/I’ve already got one shrink in my life! I don’t need more!/”

“/Ah, I see!/” Effy replied. Nick took another bite of rice. His sister watched him. Nick glared at her.

“/Stop watching me eat!/” he said. Effy shrugged at him innocently.

“/Sorry,/” she replied. “/Old habit, I guess./” Nick bit more rice bitterly. He chewed and swallowed.

“/And what about your friends?/” Effy asked. Her brother looked up at her.

“/What about them?/” he asked. Effy shrugged a bit.

“/How are they?/” she asked. Nick sighed aloud.

“/Same as usual,/” he replied. Effy looked at him.

“/And that is?/” she asked. Nick shrugged.

“/The same as usual,/” he said. “/Loud, hyperactive, and f****d up! The usual./” Effy hung her head at that reply. She could never get a straight answer out of him for that one. Nick never wanted to talk about his social life with anyone. She even wondered if he had a social life at all.

“/Do these friends of yours actually exist?/” Effy challenged. “/Or do you just make them up just to get me off of your back?/” Nick looked at her as if she had lost her mind.

“/Is this a conversation or a f*****g therapy section?/” he asked.

“/Which do you want it to be?/” Effy asked. Nick hung down his chopsticks.

“/This is stupid!/” he called. He threw down his chopsticks and headed to the door. Effy watched behind him.

“/Nick!/” she called. “/Where are you going?/”

“/Just away from you!/” Nick yelled out. Then, he went right out the door and slammed the door behind him. Effy watched him slightly worried. “Nick…” she thought.

The boy made it right outside. One more moment of her talking and he would’ve snapped. He just couldn’t understand it. Why was she even here? He got emancipated from her last year to escape from her constantly worrying. But yet, she still found a way to bother and harass him without living with him 24/7. However, he could see why. Their parents died when he was ten. Ever since then, Effy constantly worried about him. But, that’s the part he didn’t get. Nick was fine now. He survived and was still alive. He did well in school. The boy ate well. Even though his friends drove him crazy, they all still cared about him. So, what’s the big problem? He needed to tell her to back off. But yet, something inside of him wouldn’t let him do that. So thus this annoying little cycle every month. However, that ended up being put to the side at the moment. Nick walked up to find Cassie standing in front of him in the parking lot! He almost knocked her down. But yet, Nick stopped just in time.

“/Ace?/” he asked in shock. “/What are you doing here?/” The crazy English girl smiled at him brightly.

“/Hi!/” she called.

“/Why are you here?/” Nick asked again. “/And how did you find my place?/” Cassie grinned at him.

“/I followed you!/” she called. “/And then I waited out here in the parking lot!/”

“/All of this time?!?/” Nick asked her in shock.

“/Yep!/” Cassie called. *Sweat drop on Nick’s head* None of his friends have ever figured out where he lived! The English boy did everything in his power not to tell them anything. But now, Cassie destroyed his one place of escape! She must be some sort of a stalker or something! That’s it! Cassie now definitely on the must avoid list. *Sigh* If only it were that easy. “Oh great!” he thought. “From one annoyance to another!” Nick sighed aloud again.

“/What the hell do you want, Ace?/” he asked. Cassie shrugged at him.

“/Just wanted to see you,/” she replied. “/That’s all./” Nick looked back at his apartment. Cassie looked on with him.

“/Is… this a bad time?/” she asked. Nick turned back to her quickly.

“/No,/” he said. “/In fact, I was just heading out. Care to come with me?/” Cassie looked at him overjoyed.

“/Really?!?/” she asked. “/You mean it?!?/” Nick held up his hand.

“/But,/” he said. “/You know the rules./”

“/I know,/” Cassie replied. “/No talking, no Andy Warhol, no groupie stories, no fantasy stuff. Just keep quiet./” Nick nodded at her.

“/Exactly!/” he called. Nick looked at his apartment again. “/Ready to go?/” he asked.

“/Yeah!/” Cassie said quickly.

“/Okay!/” the English boy called. “/Let’s go!/” He grabbed her by the hand and ran away. Cassie followed behind happily. They ran into the city. The pair slowed down the walk. They walked on in silence. Cassie looked at him slightly excited.

“/So where are we going?/” she asked.

“/Don’t know!/” Nick replied.

“/Is it somewhere exciting?/” Cassie asked.

“/I don’t know./” Nick said again.

“/Will I like it?/” Cassie asked. Nick quickly became annoyed.

“/Listen!/” he yelled. “/If you’re going to hang with me, shut up! Otherwise, go home!/” Cassie went quiet at that one. Nick nodded once at her.

“/I thought so,/” he replied. Cassie looked down at her feet. She wanted to be with Nick, but yet he treated her so cruel. Unable to know what to do, earlier she turned to Shuichi to talk to.

*Earlier in the day*

Cassie found Shuichi outside in the yard. He was waiting for Hiro. The English girl came up behind him and lightly grabbed him by the shoulder. The vocalist whipped right around to her. Cassie gave him a sweet little smile.

“Oh,” he said. “It’s you, Cassie.” The English girl looked at him slightly hurt. Shuichi noticed her face.

“Cassie,” he said. “What’s wrong?” She shook her head at him at first. Shuichi looked at her slightly odd.

“It’s okay,” he said to her softly. “You can tell me.” Cassie shrugged at him some.

“/Well,/” she said. “/It’s about Nick…/” Shuichi made a doubtful face at her.

“What about him?” he asked. Cassie shuffled her feet a bit. She looked down at the her feet. She didn’t know if she should speak or not. But she was here now. No turning back she guessed.

“/Well,/” the English girl spoke up. “/Why is so mean?/” Shuichi gave her a kind little smile. Remind him of him and Yuki in a sense. He lightly patted her on the shoulder.

“Oh,” the vocalist said. “That’s just typical of Nick.” Cassie looked up at him on that.

“/Really?/” she asked. Shuichi nodded at her boldly.

“Yeah,” he admitted. “He may not show it at times, but Nick actually does care about us.” Cassie looked at him a bit unconvinced.

“/You mean that?/” she asked him.

“Yeah…” Shuichi answered. “In his own strange demented way…” *Sweat drop on his head* “Come to think of it,” he went on. “He reminds me of Yuki when he thinks I’m being annoying…” Cassie looked at him oddly on that one.

“/Yuki?/” she asked. Shuichi looked up from his rambling.

“Oh!” he called aloud. “Nothing! Yuki’s my boyfriend and I was comparing Nick to him.” Cassie still gave him a blank stare for a moment. Then, she smiled at him brightly.

“/Oh, I see!/” she called.

“Yeah!” the vocalist replied. Both laughed out loud for a moment. They calmed down afterwards.

“/But seriously,/” Cassie spoke up. “/What am I going to do with Nick?/” Shuichi smiled and shrugged at her.

“Just do what I did with Yuki,” he replied. “Wear him down. It works just fine.” Cassie cocked her head at him.

“/It does?/” she asked.

“Yeah!” Shuichi called. “If you love someone that much, you’ll keep pushing until you get through to them.”


Cassie looked over at Nick in silence. He looked forward in silence. She felt so small next to him. But yet, the girl enjoyed being by his side. She wanted to be by his side always. No matter what. Cassie slowly reached forward to touch his hand. She lightly it touched and began to embrace it into her own. She felt herself get warm in the cheeks. Nick tried to ignore it at first. But the longer Cassie held his hand, the more it became too much. He had to get her off somehow.

“/Ace,/” he said at last.

“/Yeah,/” the girl spoke up.

“/Let go!/” Nick said. Cassie ignored him on that one. “/Let go!/” he said again.

“/Why?/” the English pretender asked. Nick sighed aloud. Once again, she wasn’t going to listen when told no. “Just like Shuichi!” the English boy thought. What could he do? She won’t listen at all. Might as well just take her with him. She’s going to follow anyway!

The pair came to a small hidden down town bar. Nick led her inside. He pushed past the beads to the bar. Cassie and Nick sat down together. The bar tender looked up from cleaning the glasses.

“Nick!” he yelled out. “So good to see you!”

“/Yeah, yeah!/” he called. “/Just get me the usual!/”

“Got yeah!” the tender called. He got right to work. Nick turned to Cassie.

“/Well,/” he spoke up. Cassie looked around some.

“/What is this place?/” she asked. Nick shrugged some.

“/Just a little spot where I like to get away from time to time,/” he replied. Cassie turned to him looking confused.

“/I don’t get it,/” she said.

“/Get what?/” Nick asked. The English girl locked her eyes straight on him.

“/Why are you being so nice to me being taking me here?/” she asked. Nick shrugged at her again.

“/Don’t know,/” he said. “/Just felt like it!/” Cassie smiled at him in a warm sunny. She’s getting through to him after all. The bar tender came back with two Kobe beers. They both drank up. One question haunted Cassie though.

“/Hey Nick,/” she spoke up.

“/Yeah?/” the boy replied.

“/How did we all become friends?/” Cassie asked aloud. Nick looked at her oddly on that one.

“/How do you mean?/” he asked her oddly. His little friend took another sip of beer.

“/Just…/” she said. “/We all don’t seem to fit together, personality wise I mean. So how come we’re all friends?/” Nick paused and thought about that for a moment. He always wondered that question himself. How could he answer her? Strangely, the right answer came into his mind.

“/We all left this strange impression on each other,/” he said. Cassie looked at him on that one.

“/Hm?/” she asked. Nick took another sip of his beer. He set it down on the bar.

“/You see,/” Nick began. “/We all were just individuals or pairs in the beginning. But then, we all slowly found each other and left heavy impressions on each other. Some good and some of them sucked. But yet, each impression was so strong that we had to follow each other around until we all came to this point where we are now, I guess. And we all have stood each other ever since, yeah?/” Cassie thought about that for a long moment. She smiled and nodded at that one.

“/Yeah!/” the English girl called. “/I guess you’re right!/” Nick nodded at her. Easy answer. And strangely, he answered his own question as well. So well done to him! A toast to the man!

Afterwards, Cassie followed Nick home. Once again, he couldn’t chase her off. By this point, Nick didn’t care. “Let her stay if she wants!” he thought with a shrug. “No point of chasing her off now!” The English boy unlocked the door to his apartment. They found Effy sitting alone in the living room. She looked up when she heard the door open wide. She saw Nick and Cassie looking back at her. The older sister clapped her hands together happily.

“/Oh lovely!/” she called. “/You’re home./” Nick had no emotion on his face.

“/Yes, Effy!/” he said. “/I’m home./” His sister looked over at Cassie.

“/Oh and who’s this?/” she asked. Cassie stepped forward smiling. Nick shot a cold glare at her warning her not to go far on another one of her crazy tall fantasy tales. But amazing, Cassie did alright.

“/I’m Cassie!/” she called. “/Cassie Nelson!/” Effy smiled at her brightly.

“/Oh, you must be Nick’s friend!/” she called out.

“/That’s right!/” Cassie replied. Effy patted the seat next to her.

“/Come!/” she called. “/Sit down and tell me all about yourself!/” Cassie’s eyes lit up from there.

“/Gladly!/” she called. The English girl plotted down next to her and they began talking right away. Nick just walked away to the apartment window and looked out of it. “I can’t stand hearing two birds talking at once!” he thought. The English boy did watch them through the reflect however. The two seemed to be hitting it off well. An interesting thought crossed Nick’s mind. Cassie would make the perfect patient for Effy. That little English girl had enough issues to choke a horse. She could give Shuichi a run for his money with her drama! Speaking of which, Nick began to suspect that the vocalist put Cassie up to persistently following him around until he broke down and loved her. Yeah! That seemed about right! “I’ll get Pocky for this later!” Nick thought to himself. But, all thoughts of revenge had been put on hold when the English boy felt someone tapping him on the shoulder. He turned around and saw Cassie staring at him. The boy sighed and rolled his eyes.

“/What is it now, Ace?/” he asked aloud. Cassie looked down at her feet a little bit.

“/Your sister seems so lovely,/” she spoke up. Nick rolled his eyes once again.

“/Yeah, whatever,/” he mumbled to her.

“/No, really!/” the English girl said aloud. “/Effy is really nice! She’s just as nice as Mia Farrow herself!/” Nick looked at her crossly.

“/Hey,/” he said quickly. “/What did I say about Hollywood and make-up believe shite?/”

“/Don’t talk about it or I would go home,/” Cassie answered in disappointment.

“/That’s right,/” Nick replied. Cassie looked out the window with him. Nick watched as a young couple across the street in the other apartment argued again for the seventh time today. The English boy shook his head at such thing. By morning, they would be kissing and making up. Just so predictable. That’s why Nick didn’t believe in love really. It’s all just a lie and annoying. He just wanted to barf every time Shuichi went on and went about Yuki. He just wanted to gag every time Hiro talked on the phone all lovey-dovey with Ayeka. He just wanted to groan every time Casper and Simon made out in public. He Just wanted to roll his eyes when Arisu stared longingly at Sid. He just wanted to scream out every time Emma talked about Ken-san. He just wanted to gripe when Shawn and Nicole made cheeky[3] passes at each other. He just wanted to sigh when Lucas and Lexie acted all sweet and close to each other. He just wanted to push Cassie away when she just to get close to him. Nick shook his head. Next to God, he didn’t believe in love at all. It all seemed like myths to keep people from topping themselves[4] in the end.

Nick’s thoughts were interrupted again when he felt someone cuddling close to him. He slowly looked down and saw Cassie with her head on his chest smiling as she began falling asleep on him. The English boy tried to wake her up.

“/Hey,/” he whispered to her. “/Don’t go to sleep on me! Hey! Hey! Hey!/” No response. Cassie just slept on him. After a few minutes, Nick just gave up. He sighed once again. Might as well let her stay like that. “She’s going to stay like that anyway!” he thought annoyed. Nick looked out the window again. He found Cassie quite annoying just like the rest of his friends. But yet, he just couldn’t get rid of her and them. They were all just determined to stay with him no matter what. Such a pain! However, Nick realized something today when he explained to Cassie why they all were friends. He would be pretty bored if left all alone. Maybe it was a good friend that his friends never left him alone. They seemed to remind him that he was still alive and real. He could either accept it or be bored out of his mind in the end. He chose the former. It wouldn’t hurt in the end, yeah?

“/Nick,/” Cassie murmured to him. The English boy looked down at her. Cassie kept her head onto his chest with her eyes closed.

“/I’m going to sign up in Dr. Taka’s experiment tomorrow,/” she said softly.

“/So?/” Nick asked. Cassie still didn’t look up.

“/Shuichi and them all wanted you to tag along with us. Simon bets that you won’t do it,/” she added in as if talking in her sleep. That one name Simon pissed him right off. He always wanted to stick it to that little git[5] any way possible. But yet, this seemed like a trap to go to that shrink. Nick quickly weighted out his options. Seemed so tempting… In the end, the desire to stick it to Simon won out. Nick was going to sign up for Dr. Taka’s little project after all.

In the morning, Nick walked through the halls to room 2-H. The other kids quickly parted the way for him nervously. The English boy smirked at them all as they did so. “Good to know I still have that touch to me!” he thought. His friends watched on surprised. They knew their plan to get him to sign up for the project would work eventually. But they didn’t expect it to work that quickly. Cassie must have done a powerful job after all. Nick looked at all of friends closely. They all went back their lockers and such quickly. The English boy made it all the way to room 2-H. He knocked on the door.

“Come in!” a voice called to him. Nick slowly opened the door. A Japanese woman in her mid-twenties sat at her desk reviewing the registrations of all the students in the projects. She had on Western-style clothes and her hair back into a long black ponytail. The woman had on no make-up. She looked up right away.

“Oh,” she said. “You must be Nicholas Trent. Your friend told me all about you. I’m Dr. Taka.” The English boy didn’t say a word. He just kept an icy stare at her. The doc studied him for a quick moment and didn’t even flitch at his blank expression. She handed him the forms and a pen.

“Fill these out then,” Dr. Taka told him. Nick took the forms and pen and sat down at the nearest desk he could find. The doc watched him the whole time. The English boy clicked his pen loudly and began filling the paper out. Dr. Taka observed him as he did so. When he had finished, Nick handed the papers back to her. He didn’t say a single word. The doc read over the paperwork for a moment. She looked up at him smiling.

“Okay,” Dr. Taka said at last. “You can go now.” Nick still didn’t say a word. He just turned and walked away. He found Cassie waiting for him outside. Her smiled annoyed him so much like a nice pretty day.

“/See?/” she called. “/It isn’t that bad, isn’t it?/”

“/Shut up!/” he replied. Cassie shrugged at him. She had become used to that already.

“/Whatever you say,/” the English pretender replied. Then, Cassie turned and walked away. As Nick watched her do so, he began to notice a strange attraction to her. He tried to shake it off, but it just kept coming back. Just like her, Shuichi, and the rest of their friends. But yet, he took it anyway. They just wouldn’t leave him alone otherwise. Might as well accept that and get on with life.

[1] Piss off= Go away to the Brits

[2] You lot= You guys to the Brits

[3] Cheeky= Naughty to the Brits

[4] Topping themselves= Committing suicide to the Brits

[5] Git= Jerk or wanker to the Brits

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