Key Notes:

“Text”= Japanese talking

“+American English talking+”

“/British English talking/”

“#Australian English talking#”

Deep purple eyes and brown eyes watching the crowd. Nicole and Lexie watched the people cafeteria. They waited on their boyfriends. Lexie looked over at the Goth diva. She felt so small next to her. Nicole matched the definition of “it girl.” Straight A’s. Great style of clothes. Wonderful public connections. Great dancer and singer. Plus, laid back and great with her friends. But yet, something about her didn’t sit with Lexie. She had been afraid to ask it until now. It just slipped right out.

“+Nicole,+” Lexie spoke up. The English girl turned to her.

“/Yeah?/” she asked. Lexie paused for a moment. She didn’t know if she could ask it or not. Lexie swallowed a bit. Well, here goes.

“+You’re dating Shawn, right?+” the American woman asked.

“/Yeah,/” Nicole replied.

“+And he’s with Cherry right?+” Lexie asked.

“/Yeah…/” Nicole said unhappily. The American woman bit her lip. Here came the big one.

“+Are you cheating with each other?+” Lexie asked. Nicole looked at her on that one. Lexie looked away nervously. “Suddenly I wish I hadn’t asked that!” she thought. But, Nicole smiled at her warmly.

“/Yeah!/” she called. Lexie looked up surprised. Did she just confess to cheating? Lexie blinked once.

“+Sorry?+” she asked. Nicole as her wickedly.

“/I am sleeping with Shawn,/” Nicole repeated. “/All behind Cherry’s back./” Lexie looked on with shock. Nicole looked at her sweetly.

“/Aw Little Lexie,/” she said. “/It’s not a bad thing./” Lexie stared on at her. Nicole smiled at her still.

“/Aw baby,/” she said. “/It’s no big deal. He just needs a break from that hussy sometimes. That’s all./” Lexie didn’t look convinced.

“+But…+” she said. “+It’s still cheating!+”

“/Yeah!/” Nicole called. “/But Shawn really needs to get away from that cow!/” Lexie still stared at her confused. She didn’t get it. Cheating was just wrong! But, Nicole and Shawn didn’t see it that way. Speaking of which, Lucas and Shawn came over to them.

“+Hey!+” Lucas called. “+Did Nicole bore you?+” Lexie shook her head quickly.

“+No, no!+” she called out. “+Nicole’s been very nice to me!+” The boys smiled at her boldly.

“/Sweet,/” Shawn replied. The boys sat down at the table with the girls. All through lunch, Lexie felt pretty uncomfortable. Nicole and Shawn were cheating on Cherry and everyone seemed okay with it. That’s just wrong…

Subject: Nicole and Lexie

“+She actually thinks her cheating is okay!+” Lexie cried to Shuichi at his locker.

“That’s just how she is,” he replied. Lexie looked up at his face. She saw the same concern on his face that she had. He couldn’t get Nicole or Shawn either. He didn’t any of the Brits kids, Ando, or Emma. They just did as they pleased. They smoked and snorted many things. Practically drank like fish. Plus, they all slept around like rabbits. Should be avoided, right? But yet, why did Shuichi, Hiro, Fujisaki, Lucas, and Lexie still hang with them? (Sound familiar? Nick wondered the same thing too.) Still, they were all friends. Take it or leave it…

“+So now what?+” Lexie asked. Shuichi shrugged at her.

“Dunno,” he said. “Just… don’t say a word.” That didn’t sit well with either of them. But what could they do? Pointing out their sins would just be pointless. They just didn’t care. And speak of the devil! Lexie felt someone tapping her on the shoulder. Lexie quickly whipped around. Nicole stood behind her smiling.

“/Hi ya!/” she called out. Lexie leapt back startled.

“+Nicole!+” she said. “+You surprised me there.+”

“/Did I?/” Nicole asked. Lexie nodded. The Goth princess kept her smile.

“/My bad!/” she said. Lexie stared at her blinking. Nicole paced a little bit.

“/So,/” she spoke again. “/Fancy going out tonight?/” Lexie looked like a deer caught in the headlights.

“+What?!?+” she asked.

“/Come on!/” Nicole called out. “/Just a little night out of on the city! Come on, please?/” Lexie froze up some. She looked over at Shuichi for help. He shrugged some. He couldn’t help her. The woman turned back to Nicole. The Goth smiled to her still.

“/Well?/” she asked. Lexie froze up quietly. She couldn’t think. Nicole could sell a ketchup popsicle to a lady in white gloves. Lexie looked away some.

“+I’ll have to talk with Lucas…+” she murmured. Nicole turned her face to her. Lexie looked at him surprised. Nicole shook her head at him.

“/What are you twelve?/” she asked.

“+Uh…+” Lexie said.

“/You shouldn’t have to ask for permission!/” she called out. “/You’re a grown woman now! So, come on!/” Lexie stared on blankly.

“+Uh…+” she said again. Nicole moved in a little closer.

“/Come on!/” she said. “/You really do need a break./” Lexie looked away at last. She had lost to the temptress. Nicole had won her over. The woman hung her head in shame.

“+Alright…+” Lexie mumbled. The British princess of darkness smiled in joy.

“/Great!/” she called. “/I’ll pick you up at five!/” The Goth princess hugged the little sweetheart. Lexie began silently freaking out. She turned to Shuichi for help. He looked her with equal worry. He couldn’t help her at all. Once Nicole made up her mind, there was no way to change her mind. She was just determined like that! Poor Lexie just trapped now.

For the whole day, the poor American waited in worry. Nicole was a wild one just like the rest of the Brits. She and Shawn were the worst in their group of friends. They did everything. The couple smoked, drank, slept around, and partied every single day. Nicole scared her almost to death. Lexie hated to imagine what tonight would bright. At dinner, Lucas noticed her face at dinner.

“+Sweetie,+” he said. “+What’s wrong?+” Lexie looked up from her plate right away at that question. Her boyfriend kept his eyes locked on her. She looked back down at her plate again.

“+Nothing,+” she mumbled. “+Nothing at all.+” Lucas didn’t believe her at all. He knew when his girlfriend was upset about something. This was really one of those moments.

“+Are you sure?+” he asked her. “+Did one of the guys do something to you?+” Lexie looked away at those words. Lucas had his answer without trying.

“+What did they do?+” he asked. “+And who did it?+” Lexie bit her lip. Lucas had her now. If only to get the truth out of her. But then, the door bell rang. The American couple looked up at the door. Lexie went pale at that sound. “Oh no!” she thought. “She’s here!” Lucas kept looking at the door.

“+Who is that?+” he asked. He began to get up to go to the door. Lexie stopped him right away. Her boyfriend turned to her.

“+Lexie,+” he said. She looked at her boyfriend quickly.

“+I’ll get it…+” she mumbled to him. Lucas stared at her for a moment. His girlfriend waited for him to back off. Lucas slowly did so. Lexie gave him a little nod. She crept over to the door. The American woman peeked out the door. Nicole stood on the other side smiling and waving inside. Lexie’s eyes grew big in fear. “Oh no!” she thought. “She’s tracked me down!” Lexie slowly unlocked the door and peeked out.

“/Hey!!!/” Nicole called out. “/Time to go!!!/” Lexie backed away in nervous fear. Lucas noticed right away.

“+Sweetheart,+” he said. “+What’s wrong?+” Lexie looked behind her nervously.

“+Uh…+” she said. “+N-Nothing! Nothing at all!+” She quickly turned back to the door. Nicole peeked inside.

“/Hi Lucas!!!/” she called. The boy looked up right away.

“+Nicole!+” he called out. “+What are you doing here?+” The Goth princess turned to him smiling.

“/Just borrowing Lexie for a while!/” she called. “/Don’t worry I’ll bring her back okay!/” Then, she grabbed the American woman and dragged her outside. Then, the door slammed shut. Lucas stared on in silence.

“+Actually,+” he called. “+I don’t trust you with her! Give her back!+” Now, he has another problem.

Nicole and Lexie wandered the Tokyo streets. The bright lights greeted them. High life screamed out their names. The Goth princess breathed in deeply.

“/Ah yes!/” she called. “/This is the life!/” Lexie looked really scared. Nicole noticed her face.

“/Aw,/” the Goth called. “/Don’t be like that!/” The American looked nervously at her.

“+I really have to get back…+” she said. Nicole smiled and shook her head.

“/Nonsense!/” she called out. “/You need a break once in a while!/”

“+But…+” Lexie spoke up. Nicole held up her hand.

“/No, buts!/” she called. “/Got me?/” Lexie stared at in silence. She couldn’t argue with her. Nicole wouldn’t listen at all. Once her mind was mind up, nothing could change it. The poor soul found herself stuck. Lexie looked down at her feet. Nicole smiled at her richly.

“/Good!/” she called. “/Let’s go!/” The Brit dragged the American further through the streets. Lexie hoped that this would end soon. But the night had only started for them.

The girls came to a club called Ghost. Lexie could hear the music pumping from outside. She tried to escape again. But, Nicole grabbed her by the shoulder without any warning.

“/Come on!/” she called. “/This’ll be great! Trust me!/” Lexie looked up at the sky with her eyes. “That’s what I afraid of!” she thought. Nicole grinned at her boldly.

“/Let’s go!/” she called out. The Goth Princess dragged her into the club. The guard looked at the girls. He looked like a big scary vampire. The Japanese man looked pale all over. Black consumed his body all over. His nails looked like claws to Lexie. She wanted to back away in fear some. He grinned at Nicole right away.

“Hey there, Nik!” he said. “How are you tonight?” The Goth Princess grinned back at him.

“/Great!/” she called to him in Japanese. The guard looked at Lexie. She tried to hide behind the sixteen-year-old girl. The American felt so small under him. He smiled at her in a hungry way.

“Oh,” he said. “And who’s your friend?” Nicole grinned at him boldly. She hugged Lexie close to her.

“/This is Lexie,/” the Brit announced. “/She’s a newbie tonight!/” The guard grinned at the American.

“Is that true?” he asked her. Lexie couldn’t speak at all. She just nodded quickly. Silence passed over all of them. The guard grinned and moved aside slowly.

“Carry on!” he called out to them. Nicole smiled at him in a sweet way.

“Thanks, my friend!” she called. She dragged Lexie into the club. The American walked on nervously. She began thinking about Lucas again. She wondered how he was holding up on his end. Suddenly, someone snuck up behind her and grabbed her on the shoulders. Lexie whipped around in fear. Nicole grinned at her like a fox.

“/Hey!/” she shouted. “/Come on! Let’s enjoy the party!/”

“+What?+” Lexie called out.

“/Just come on!/” Nicole called out. She dragged Lexie deeper into the party. The poor soul began to worry again.

“+But what about Lucas?!?+” she cried out.

“/Don’t worry!/” the Princess of Darkness called. “/I had Shawn take care of him! So we’re good!/” They came right into the crowd. *Sweat drop on Lexie’s head* Where will it end?

Meanwhile, Lucas sat in the bar over his drink in worry. The boys had risked him off for the night. Shawn’s idea really. He, Shuichi, Ando, Nick, and Simon all came into his apartment and took him out to a random Japanese bar of choice. Lucas seemed lost in his thoughts. He held his cell phone in his hand. Lexie sat on his mind. For six years, he had taken care of her. He found out that Lexie had DID five years ago. She didn’t know that she had that disorder. And he didn’t have the heart to tell her. That’s why Lucas worried and protected her so much. He didn’t really trust too many people around his girlfriend. With good reason too. Lexie made the perfect target to be taken advantage of. Luke couldn’t have that at all. So, he always kept a close eye on her. But tonight, Nicole made that impossible. The American boy began to fear the worse. Shuichi turned to him.

“What’s wrong, Luke?” he asked. The boy shook his head.

“+It’s Lexie,+” he explained. “+I’m worried about her being in Nicole’s care!+” Shuichi smiled at him nervously. He knew exactly what Luke was talking about. The Goth Princess lived a wild nature. Lexie lived in a world of innocence. That could only lead to trouble. Shuichi bit his lip some.

“Well,” he said. “Lexie’s not naïve at least.”

“+True,+” Lucas replied. Both boys sighed. That didn’t really do much for the problem at hand. She was still stuck with the Princess of Darkness.

“/Easy now, you lot!/” someone yelled at him up above. Shuichi and Lucas looked above them. Shawn stood over them grinning. He had a bottle of Kobe Beer in his hands. “/Lexie’s in good hands!/” he boomed. “/So relax!/” That didn’t work, of course. If Shawn recommends it, look out! It could be bad for you in the end! Shuichi turned back to Luke.

“Maybe you should call and check on her…” he mumbled.

“+Yeah,+” Lucas said with a nervous nod. This is going to be a long night ahead of them.

At the club, Nicole’s popularity spread like wildfire at the club. She stood on the bar dancing and drinking. The boys all cheered her on. The sixteen-year-old Brit finished the bottle.

“/Ahh!!!/” she called out. “/Good stuff! Come on! Bring it all out, baby!/” The bar tender handed her more. Nicole began to drink up right away. Lexie watched in the distance. “This isn’t good!” she thought. “How will I get home if she’s drunk like this!” The American woman looked around some. She needed to get away before things got out of hand. Maybe she could call for help. But where to find a quiet place to make the call? Lexie looked around a little more. Finally, she spotted a bathroom. The American girl hurried away as fast as she could. Nicole wouldn’t notice a thing. Lexie made it right to the stall. She locked herself in and opened up her phone. The American hit one on the keypad and held the phone up to her ear. The other line rang on. Lexie waited in worry. “Come on,” she thought. “Pick up! Pick up! Please pick up!

“+Hello?+” a boy asked on the phone.

“+Lucas?+” Lexie asked excited.

“+Lexie?+” her boyfriend asked. His girlfriend became overjoyed.

“+Yes!+” she called.

“+Where are you?+” he asked.

“+In club Ghost!+” Lexie called. “+I’m hiding in the bathroom right now.+”

“+Is Nicole with you?+” Lucas asked.

“+Not at the moment,+” his girlfriend replied. “+She’s at the bar drinking with some men!+”

“+Figures!+” he called. Lexie sighed.

“+I might have to have someone take me home!+” she called. “+I think Nicole’s in it to get wasted tonight.+”

“+I don’t know if I can do that at the moment,+” her boyfriend replied. Lexie froze up nervously.

“+What do you mean?+” she asked. Lucas laughed a little nervous.

“+Shawn and them are holding me hostage here!+” he admitted. *Sweat drop on Lexie’s head*

“+Oh no!+” she cried. “+We’re in the same boat?+”

“+Seems that way!+” her boyfriend replied.

“+So what do we do?+” Lexie asked.

“+I don’t know,+” Lucas replied. “+We’ll think of something!+”

“/Hey,/” someone screamed out loud. Lexie looked up right away while on the phone. Nicole looked down from another stall at her grinning. Lexie’s face went pale.

“+Uh-oh…+” her voice trailed off.

“+Uh-oh?+” Lucas asked. “+What do you mean uh-oh?+”

“+Uh…+” the girlfriend spoke up. “+Nicole’s standing over me now…+”

“+Nicole’s what?!?+” Lucas asked in shock. The British girl climbed over the woman and jumped into the stall with her. Lucas heard the thud on the other line.

“+Hello?+” he asked. “+Lexie? Are you still there?+” Nicole snatched the phone out of the American girl’s hands and held it up to her ear.

“/She’s okay, Luke!/” Nicole called out. “/Just enjoy your night with the boys! Buh-bye!/” Then, she hung up the phone. Lexie watched on pale in the face.

“+Hello?+” Lucas called at the bar. “+Hello?+” He sat back stressed. Shuichi and the boys looked up at him.

“What’s wrong, Luke?” Shuichi asked. The American looked up worried.

“+I got in contact with Lexie,+” he replied.

“And?” Ando asked. Lucas sighed in distressed.

“+Nicole got the phone and hung up,+” he replied. The boys looked on with sympathy. Shawn patted him on the shoulder hard.

“/Don’t worry mate!/” he called out. “/She’s going to be fine! Lex’s is with Nicole tonight!/” That didn’t help at all! Lucas looked at his phone. “Lexie…” he thought.

In the bathroom stall, Nicole turned off the phone. She looked at her friend. Lexie stared looked nervous. The British Goth girl smirked at her.

“/Naughty, naughty,/” she said. “/No calling your boyfriend on girls’ party night, okay?/” Lexie couldn’t move at all. She found her trapped now. She couldn’t escape from her wild younger friend. All the American woman could do was nod. Nicole smirked at her.

“/Good girl!/” she called. “/Now just relax and enjoy for the night!/” Lexie nodded again nervously. Then, someone knocked on their stall down.

“Hey!” a Japanese woman called out. “Are you finished in there?” Lexie looked at her friend waiting for her to act. Nicole smirked at her wickedly. She began banging and moaning against the bathroom door.

“/Oh Lexie!/” she cried out in bliss. “/You’re so good! Oh! Oh! Ohhhh!!!/” Lexie looked as if she would freak.

“+Nicole!+” she whispered quickly. “+What are you doing?+” Her friend didn’t listen. She just could on pounding and screaming out loud. Finally, the woman outside went away. Nicole stopped and smiled at Lexie.

“/See,/” she said. “/Gets rid of pesky wankers right away!/” Lexie still looked at him uneasily.

“+Why did you have to make us sound like we were having sex?+” she asked. Nicole smiled at her brightly.

“/Cause it gets them away faster,/” she replied. “/If you say no, they’ll wait around for a long time and harass you. Besides, I just love messing with you at times!/” The American woman stared at her still.

“+Don’t do things like that!+” she called out. Nicole looked at her innocently.

“/Aww come on,/” she cooed. “/Live a little!/” The American woman sighed in misery.

“+Okay…+” she said uneasily. Nicole grinned right at her.

“/There ya go, mate!/” she called out. The Gothic princess grabbed Lexie by the arm, unlocked the stall, and grabbed her out of the bathroom. The American woman looked really worried with every step. They hurried over to the bar. Lexie became really worried there.

“+Nicole…+” she spoke up. “+I… I can’t…+” The British girl didn’t listen to her. They made it over to the bar.

“/Bar tender!/” she called out. “/More Kobe beer for me and some non-alcoholic juice for my friend here!/”

“Coming up!” the bar tender called out. Then, he got their drinks. Lexie looked over at her younger friend in surprise.

“+You didn’t get me any alcohol…+” she said. Nicole smiled at her boldly.

“/Of course I didn’t!/” she called. “/The others told me you don’t drink, smoke, or use drugs. Shuichi and Lucas practically beat me over the head about that little fact!/” Lexie begins to relax. Nicole smiled at her warmly. She pulled out a fresh fag and lights it up. The American watched her.

“+Uh…+” she spoke up. “+Could you not do that in front of me?+” Nicole looked over at her.

“/Fine!/” she called out. “/Just for you!/” The Brit put out her cigarette.

“+Thank you!+” Lexie called out. Nicole smiled at her again. She out her arm around her in a wild and tight way. The American woman winced at the smell of booze. Nicole leaned in close to her ear.

“/You know what,/” she said. “/You need to loosen up and let go of papa Luke’s hand. He babies you too much. You’re a grown woman. So start acting like it!/” She slapped Lexie violently on the back. The poor woman nearly gagged to death. The bar tender returned with their drinks. Nicole drank hers up right away. Lexie just stared over at her drink. “Lucas…” she thought.

At the bar across town, Lucas stared deeply at his phone. He looked like a lost puppy in the rain. “Lexie!” he thought in misery. He suddenly noticed a shadow standing over him. The American man slowly looked up at him. The British prince of darkness grinned at him.

“/Waiting for a call, mate?/” he asked.

“+Yeah!+” Lucas said quickly. “+She hasn’t called back since Nicole hung up on me.+” Shawn smiled and shook his head at him.

“/Aww…/” he said. “/Let me see that./” The Brit took the phone out of the American’s hand. Lucas quickly looked up at him.

“+Hey!+” he said quickly. “+Give it back!+” Shawn didn’t listen at all. He just cut the phone right off and stuffed it into his pocket.

“/There, problem solved!/” Shawn called out loud. “/I’ll be keeping your phone for the rest of the night!/” Lucas looked at him like a deer caught in highlights.

“+What’d you do that for?!?+” he yelled at him. Shawn smirked at him coldly.

“/To keep you from worrying yourself to death about her!/” he announced. “/She’s fine! Nicole is with her! She’s not going to let Lex drink or have any drugs. You and Shuichi practically drummed it into her head about Lex and drinking. So let it go!/” Lucas went quiet at that one. The Goth boy grinned at him boldly.

“/Good!/” he said. “/Now back to the bar with you!/”

“+But…+” Lucas spoke up again.

“/Go!/” Shawn said as he pushed his mate back to the bar. The American boy sighed out loud in defeat. He just couldn’t win with these guys.

Back at Ghost, Nicole continued to wow the crowd. She danced in the center of the floor while all of the boys stared at her lusting. Lexie tried once again to escape. She almost made it to the backdoor, but Nicole grabbed her from behind and dragged her back into the party. By that point, Lexie decided to just give up and stay with Nicole until the end.

“/Why run away?/” Nicole asked her at last. Lexie looked at her sheepishly.

“+I don’t belong in the party scene!+” she reasoned at last. “+I just stay at home, study, and help battered women!+” Nicole smiled at her in sympathy.

“/I know!/” she said. “/But you need to get out more. Lucas has kept you sheltered for too long. So it’s up to me to bring you out of the box he put you in and set you free into the wild. In fact…/” She leaned in close to her friend’s ear.

“/I kind of envy you in a sense,/” she said. Lexie looked at her in surprise.

“+Really?+” she asked.

“/Yeah!/” Nicole called. “/You’re still innocent. I would just once to see a little bit of innocence from time to time. That’s why I like you so much!/” Lexie didn’t know what to say at all. She couldn’t be sure if Nicole was lying or being honest here. The Princess and Darkness grinned at her again.

“/Now come on and dance with me!/” she said quickly. Lexie nodded at her some.

“+Sure…+” she said in soft surprise. Nicole grinned at her and dragged her into the center of the dance floor. The music pumped on even louder. In minutes for once, Lexie actually felt… happy!

Too bad the same couldn’t be said for Lucas. He kept eyeing Shawn’s pocket where his phone had been held hostage for the past few minutes. His worry over Lexie grew every single second. He stared over his drink in misery. Shuichi looked up and noticed.

“Still thinking about Lexie?” he asked softly. The American man nodded at him. Shuichi patted him on the shoulder out of sympathy.

“There, there,” he said. “We practically beat into Nicole’s head about Lexie and alcohol and drugs, right? As long as Nicole keeps that in mind, Lexie should be fine. Plus, Lexie’s a smart woman. There’s no way she’ll get into trouble that easily.” Lucas looked up at him in surprise.

“+You really mean that?+” he asked. Shuichi nodded. Lucas suddenly began to feel a little better now.

“+Alright,+” he said. “+But I’m still giving Nicole an earful when they get back+” Shuichi gave him a little smile.

“Yes,” he replied. “I know you well.” Then, they ordered another drink. Back at Ghost, Lexie and Nicole had become the center of attention in the club. Sean Paul guided them together with each step. Usually when Nicole danced with another girl, she liked to dance nasty with her just for fun. But since this was Lexie she was with at the moment, Nicole kept everything clean for the night.

“/You having fun, girl?/” the Goth princess asked her friend.

“+Yeah!+” Lexie called out loud.

“/I knew you would!/” Nicole said back. The girls danced on well into the night. At three in the morning, Nicole finally walked Lexie home. Lucas sat in the living room waiting.

“+So you finally give her back, huh?+” he asked.

“/That’s right!/” Nicole replied.

“+Don’t ever do something like that again!+” Lucas began to lecture again. “+You have no idea how worried you had me! Plus having Shawn and them kidnap me to a bar?!? What the hell is wrong with you?!?+” He was about to go for more when Lexie jumped in to stop him.

“+That’s enough Lucas!+” she cried. Her boyfriend looked at her in surprise.

“+Lexie?+” he asked. Lexie didn’t stop there.

“+Nicole didn’t do anything wrong!+” she protested. “+She just took me out for a good time and just to get away from being home all of the time. Is that too much to ask for? I didn’t realize it until tonight, but I do need an escape from time to time. So please Lucas, try to back off of me sometimes, would you?+” Lucas couldn’t believe what he had just heard. Was this the same woman that he had dated for five years? She’s usually quiet and shy to nearly a fault. What brought on all of this all of a sudden?

“+Lexie…+” he said at last. Nicole gracefully held up her hand.

“/No,/” she cut in. “/It’s my fault. Luke’s right. It won’t happen again./” The couple looked at her confused.

“+But Nicole, we just…+” Lexie began to say.

“/No, no,/” the Goth Princess said. “/Enjoy your night!/” Then, Nicole walked away into the night. The couple headed back to their apartment. But Lexie turned around for one last look and noticed Nicole looking back at her. The Gothic princess winked at her and walked away. Lexie looked on confused at that one. She still didn’t get Nicole at all.

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