Lost Weeks

    Well, hello! You have found the lost weeks of Euphoria! This is the stuff that happens between the series. Helps tie everything together nicely. Enjoy!

Year One:

Darcy's Vid Diary #2

Euphoria Christmas

Casper's Vid Diary #2

Sid's Message to Simon

Arisu Hearts Sid

Jack's Little Secret

Sid's Bedside Vigil

Ando's Vid Diary #2

Emma's Message to Ken-san

Messages to Simon

Year Two:

Nicole's Message to Shawn

Euphoria Summer

Peaches' Vid Diary #1

Home Movies #1

Casper's Distress

Shawn in Okinawa

Home Movies #2

Ando's Complaint

Fujisaki's Message to Emma

Home Movies #3

Year Three:

Nick's Progress Journal

Euphoria Christmas II

Meet Amaria

Sid's YouTube Account

Arisu in Magnolia Again

Kat's Visit Report

Sid's YouTube Account II

Emma's Message to Her Son

Lexie's Wild Night

Sid's YouTube Account III

Year Four:

Drink Mix Challenge

Brain Stew

Peaches' Vid Diary #2

Kat's New Worry

Ando Meets Ami

Arisu Loves Sid II

Simon's Progress Journal

Cassie's Plan

Shuichi's Plan

Ando + Ami II

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